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Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake

For the countertop: mix eggs with sugar, then add oil, water, and finally flour mixed with baking powder. Pour the composition into a round tray (d = 26 cm) and put in the oven.

For the cream: mix the egg yolks with the sugar (about 10 minutes), then add the milk gradually and put the pan on low heat, stirring constantly until the composition thickens and reaches the consistency of a cream.

We hydrate the 3 sachets of gelatin in 100 ml of cold water; after 2 minutes, add the gelatin over the egg cream and mix well. Let the cream cool.

Beat the egg whites until stiff and add them over the cooled egg cream, stirring with a spoon from the bottom up.

Mix the whipped cream on it until it hardens and add it to the above composition, mixing with a spoon, from the bottom up.

We pass the round cake tray through a stream of cold water, we cover it with a food foil, then we place the fruits we like, we pour half of the cream, then another row of fruits and the rest of the cream, and at the end we place the top.

Put the cake in the fridge for about 6 hours or in the evening until morning, then turn the cake over on a plate, carefully take the food foil down and we can cut the diplomat cake.

Absolutely delicious! :)