We sift the flour and place it in a bowl.

Heat the milk a little, add a pinch of salt, sugar, yeast and a tablespoon of flour and mix. Leave covered with a towel for about 10 minutes.

In the sifted flour, make a hole in the middle, grate the lemon peel, squeeze the juice, put the yolks, the oil and mix them there, bringing a little flour. We also pour the milk and start kneading with our hands or it can be kneaded with the robot. Depending on the flour you use, you may need to add more water. You need to have a cake-like dough, non-sticky and fluffy.

Knead for about 15 minutes, cover the bowl with a clean towel and let it rest and rise for about half an hour, in a warm place.

Until then, prepare the filling: crush the cottage cheese with a fork or mixer, add eggs, sugar, lemon peel, rum essence and mix well. Taste to see if you still need sugar. If the cheese is soft add 1-2 tablespoons of semolina. If you want you can add 50 g of raisins soaked in rum essence.

Prepare a tray and heat the oven.

Remove the dough from the bowl on the work table sprinkled with flour. We spread a sheet that is not very thin (about 0.5 cm thick), we cut the squares 10x10 (it has nothing if there are corners, we will be able to gather them anyway). On each piece of dough we put a spoonful of cheese. We tighten the corners, as if we were lifting something from all corners, we tighten and twist. Press the dough well and be careful not to leave any cheese uncovered with the dough. Place each piece in the tray with the corners facing down.

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