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Mini pancakes with zucchini and bitter cherry jam

Mini pancakes with zucchini and bitter cherry jam

As the pumpkins were very raw, there was no need to clean them and remove the seeds, I just washed and cut off their heads. I put them on the large grater, added caster sugar, vanilla sugar, salt and eggs and mixed. Then I added the oil like mayonnaise, then the sifted flour and I thinned with sweet milk.

I put the pancake pan on the fire, heated it and then with a spoon I formed mini pancakes. I turned them from side to side and placed them on a plate.

They can be served simple or with jam, I preferred with bitter cherry jam, I tried one with ground walnuts, delicious in any form ...

Bitter cherry jam

I know that not all our life revolves around cosmetics, our life being much more complex and beautiful. For this reason I thought of starting a new section here on the blog, called: & # 8220Maya recommends& # 8220. I will present you small culinary delights discovered in various stores as well as tips and tricks related to the house, decorations and more. If this type of article suits you well, I will think of many more topics to present and debate. Until then, I want to open this section with the recommendation of an absolute delight: bitter cherry jam Auchan.

I do my shopping in Auchan quite often, although I must admit that in Real I often find better prices. As the Auchan hypermarket is closer to me, we get there more often. And as I told you recently in an article, it is worth giving a chance to your own brand products.

After I bought an absolutely horrible jar of magiun from Carrefour, I don't even know what brand it was, I said we had to try something else. Stef arrived at the district with jams and jams of all kinds and showed me a jar of raspberry jam. As we waited for the visit of his sister, who will bring us the natural raspberry jam, absolutely delicious, as only their mother knows how to do, I said step by step. And as I had a crazy craving for bitter cherries, I haven't eaten for years, I took this jar.

I don't know what you think, but it hurt my soul a little to give 11-12 lei for a jar of jam when I know that my mother made almost a hundred jars of jam this year. He did them in vain if it's so far away and I won't get home too soon.

After I got home and ate, I opened the jar of bitter cherry jam and all my doubt was shattered. If you have a craving for a jam like the one made by your grandmother, then don't hesitate for a moment. It is an absolutely delicious jam, sweet-sour and with whole pieces of cherries. It doesn't have gelatin in two and the percentage of cherries in the composition is 50%. I can say that I made the best choice in the last period. It is worth all the money and I give it a grade of 20.

Auchan brand cherry bitter jam was from France, and the jar has 750 gr a very generous amount. Lovers of cherries and cherries sweetness like at home mom I can go to Auchan carefree to buy jam.

Hurry to Auchan, you will also find the Auchan raspberry jam version, which I suspect is as good as the bitter cherry jam. Raspberry jam is more expensive, around 15 lei per jar.

I hope you liked the sweet and sour recommendation in this article. Next time we have prepared another absolutely delicious recommendation. If you have any recommendations, do not hesitate to leave me comments or write me an email at the address on the right side of the blog.

Nely`s Blog

Bitter cherries could not be missing from all my jams. which is my favorite sweet.

2 kg bitter cherries
1.5 kg of sugar

Wash the cherries, break the tails and remove the seeds. Then place a layer of cherries and a layer of sugar in the jam bowl until the fruits and sugar are finished. Leave the vessel covered from evening to morning. The next day it is boiled at the right heat, the foam that is formed is removed and it is boiled until the jam binds well. If a drop of syrup is placed on a cold plate and the bean syrup remains, then the jam is ready. Pour hot into the jars heated in the oven (according to the method here) and staple immediately then put in the blanket and leave until cool. It is stored in the pantry.


This jam is very good, the bitter-sweet combination is perfect. I love bitter cherries. Congratulations! Greetings from Rome! A hug! Very good. This jam would be used to make a cake. send me some :)

Pancakes with cherry jam

Maybe I'll make time next time to post a classic pancake recipe. I make the one from Mrs. Jurcovan's book (basic in any house that even has a mini-kitchen).

Anyway. I filled my pancakes with white cherry jam, from the old cherry that lives in our lovely country garden.

Apple cake

Peeled apples are given through a large grater. Mix the dry ingredients flour, semolina, powder

Cheese croissants

In a bowl, mix the cheese with the soft margarine, add the egg, baking powder and flour and knead.

Sweet and fragrant moments

I don't know if I've told you before, but my favorite among jams is bitter cherries. followed closely by that of rose, green walnuts, white cherries and then jams: apricots in the first place, then plums, blueberries, rosehip paste and. other.

Well, and because I just happened to find bitter cherries in the market, my heart couldn't bear it and I took a few.

1.5 kg bitter cherries weighed without seeds, 1.5 kg sugar, an organic lemon.

Wash the cherries, remove the seeds, place in a bowl with the sugar and leave for about 10-15 hours.
Wash the lemon well and cut thin slices with the peel (remove the seeds) and mix in the cherry composition with sugar.

After resting (10-15 hours) place the pot on low heat, stir from time to time. remove the foam when it forms and boil for about 5-6 hours.

It is tried from time to time if the jam has been bound, dripping from the juice on a cold plate and if the drop remains bulging it means that the jam is ready. Do not boil it too much so that it does not bind too hard.

Meanwhile, prepare the jars as follows: wash them well and leave them in the hot but off the oven for about 2 hours, then take them out, and when the jam is ready, fill them, put the lid on and turn them upside down. .

Cover the jars with dry towels to cool slowly and leave them like that until the next day when you can put them in the pantry.

or you can give them as a gift to your loved ones :)

This jam is excellent both simple and as a garnish for pancakes, waffles, puddings, papanasi with sour cream, ice cream, creams, etc.

Grandmother's appetite and I wish you an excellent week!


Oh but what a delight .. I'm sure I like it too. hello and good day

Hello, Stefania :) Thank you and good day!

What a delight! and how beautifully packaged! Congratulations!

Gorgeous labeled jars! They got me ready :)

Dana, hello and compliments for all the delicacies prepared with so much devotion and patience! I must admit that I have a strong craving for this black cherry jam that I have not touched since I left Romania. nor of cherries and of larch very heavy and very rarely I receive a branch.
Thanks for visiting and commenting, and I bought ice cream with strawberry and pineapple flavors, so it's not a recipe. I am going to make a cake from the same ice cream that I like and I find it ready made, I don't waste my time in the kitchen making it myself.
I kiss you Dana and I hope you post when you have the time and desire some photos with Bucharest, more precisely the Palace Hall and the surrounding blocks of flats and Dr. Taberei, Pta. and Moghioros Park, Favorite, Horizon, which I don't even know if they are called that. pup, pup
(p.s.or you can email them to me, if you still have my address.)

This year, my source, that is a cherry from the forest, did not bear fruit. Last year I did it too. It is my favorite jam!
It looks very good and the pictures are very beautiful!

Hello, Nina.
Thanks for the comment. I just got an ice cream machine in the hope that I will be able to more easily satisfy my appetite for the delicious dessert, only that, following the instructions, I find that it is quite laborious. I will post more impressions after I try it.
I talked to my husband and I hope that this weekend we will get to take the pictures you want and which I will send you with great pleasure.
Pa-paaa and I wish you a beautiful day!

Dear Maya, it was a surprise for me to find bitter cherries in the market. I arranged with the saleswoman to bring me a few more kilograms these days to make another row, because this jam is also my favorite, not to mention how much joy such a jar causes when it is given :)

Good evening! We also tasted one of the wonders prepared and given by you (cherry jam). Foaaaaarte good. Romanian flavor and on our Italian table. Is the illustrated recipe the same for cherries ??
Thanks a lot!
What an interesting, engaging blog!

Super, it looks like I know how good it is, I do it every year. You could tell me, where do you get those jars, that I melted for their sake. Next year I will have the bitter cherries from my cherries, I have 5 and I love them, they are planted by me, this year they had 5-6 cherries. I visit you because I like your blog. Congratulations!

I'm glad you like my blog, Anonymous!
I received the jars and, unfortunately, I couldn't find others to buy the same.
It seems that there were a few lots in the supermarket imported from the Turks.
Until next year, I hope to find a supplier of jars, as it seems that I found bitter cherries :) :)

a sensationally good sweetness, and the fff beautiful presentation.

I also like the strongest bitterness of bitter cherries and I'm looking for the recipe to try to make myself, but I don't understand why I can't find them anywhere and how many jars do I get out ?? It would have been a useful indication.

Mini pancakes with zucchini and bitter cherry jam - Recipes

excellent. but where can I get bitter cherries?

As far as I know, bitter cherry jam can be made in spring - wild cherry is very widespread in our country, if you put sweet and large cherry seeds in the ground, the tree that will grow will be a wild cherry, meaning bitter. These spring fruits are fully found in the markets.

We make this jam once every 3-4 years (only my mother eats, but daily) and there is no house for our relatives and acquaintances not to have something like this in the pantry. I never imagined that there might be someone to ask me where to get bitter cherries :) In our country it is as common as tomatoes or potatoes.

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