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Chickens with oranges

Chickens with oranges

Wash the thighs well, remove the skin and put them to boil to remove the foam. Meanwhile, clean the vegetables and prepare them as follows: put the carrot on a large grater, cut the red onion into rounds and the white onion and cut the fish. peel and cut into rounds. When the meat no longer foams, it is removed from the water in which it boiled (which we do not throw away).

In a saucepan put enough oil to cover the bottom and put on low heat. In this oil lightly fry the white onion and when it softens add the carrot and a pinch of the meat juice. Leave on low heat until soften the carrot a little and then add the meat, red onion slices and orange slices on top. Fill with meat juice to the ingredients, add salt to taste and simmer until the oranges are melted and the sauce is reduced by half. from the initial quantity.

When it is almost ready, add the finely chopped parsley.

It is served either as a second course or as a garnish for white rice.

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