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2 Homemade Spa-Worthy Scrubs

2 Homemade Spa-Worthy Scrubs

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Who needs a spa when you have kitchen staples?

Homemade sugar body scrub

We’ve all done it — spend an unspeakable amount of money on an overpriced body scrub in order to obtain perfectly exfoliated and glowing skin. Yet, is it really worth the money? Perhaps… but you have the potential to make a scrub (or in this case, two) that's just as effective and high-quality as one from a spa, using kitchen staples you already have in your kitchen cupboard. You may never go back to the expensive kind, and why would you? Now get scrubbing and show off your homemade summer glow!

Sugar Body Scrub

-1 cup turbinado sugar

-1/2 cup sweet almond oil

-5-10 drops of orange essential oil

Mix thoroughly and store in a tightly shut container.

Salt Body Scrub

-1 cup fine Epsom salts

-1/2 cup grapeseed oil

-5-10 drops lavender essential oils

Mix thoroughly and store in a tightly shut container.

For a video tutorial and more summer ideas, check out this Kin Community Video

DIY Foot Scrubs – 20 Recipes To Pamper Your Tired Feet

You religiously follow your CTM routine without fail to make your face glow. But how often do you show this extra love and care to your feet? Just like your face, your feet too get tired after a long and busy day. And, they need extra care and attention to look their best. What if you could give them spa-like treatment right at home? In this article, I have compiled a list of simple and easy DIY foot scrubs.

But before we proceed, let’s try to understand how exactly a relaxing foot scrub or foot massage is going to help you.


Recipes For Body Scrub

You just need to add enough bath bubbles to cover this to make into a thick gloppy paste. Do all this as your water in the bathtub runs.

Another inexpensive treat is to buy a can of coconut milk and add about a tablespoon of it + Tbsp of honey and slather this warmed mixture all over while the tub runs water this is allowed to soak in.Dont worry it rinses off easily

Cap the milk for the fridge til next time or use in coffee.

I have looked a several easy recipies online and they tell you items to mix. Google: home made beauty recipes or similar (08/05/2008)

Recipes For Body Scrub

My adult daughter and I just keep a plastic container full of plain Sugar in the shower area to use to exfoliate with. It's not only super-cheap, but it works wonderfully and doesn't leave the shower slippery and dangerous! (08/05/2008)

Recipes For Body Scrub

Ditto on the granulated sugar! I just lather up my favorite soap and dump about a tablespoon or two of sugar into my hand with the lather. It makes a wonderful scrub, plus you're not putting all the "gunk" from oatmeal or coffee grounds or whatever all over your shower or tub and possibly clogging up your drain. That's why I love the sugar. It just dissolves and disappears after doing the job! (08/05/2008)

Recipes For Body Scrub

My son and I made a wonderful hand scrub for his school's trade fair. The teachers were all fighting for it! In a small jar, combine equal parts Crisco shortening and sugar. Then add a few drops of fragrance oil (we used vanilla found in the potpourri section of Wal-Mart) and stir to combine. To use, rub a tablespoon or so onto dry hands (or anywhere else). Rinse hands with warm water and dry with a paper towel. Everyone loved it so much that we put some in a little basket with a hand towel for teacher gifts at the end of the year. (08/06/2008)

Recipes For Body Scrub

Salt is wonderful to scrub your dry skin with.It not only relieves dry skin but is healing at the same time. (08/06/2008)

Recipes For Body Scrub

I exfoliate with equal parts virgin olive oil and sugar. The former posters are right, sugar is a great scrubber and the oil makes your skin soft. (08/07/2008)

Recipes For Body Scrub

My daughter is a message therapist and she uses 1/2 Epsom salts and1/2 regular salt, mixed with oils like olive oil, almond oil any kind of pure oil and a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, if you don't have essential oil you can use real lemon's, couple of squeezes. (08/12/2010)

Recipes For Body Scrub

Don't use baby oil, it contains petroleum and will dry your skin rather than soften it. Use olive, almond, even vegetable or canola with salt or sugar. I like epsom salts. (08/12/2010)

What Are Lip Scrubs Made Of?

A lip scrub contains two components: an exfoliant and a nourishing agent. The emollient or the nourishing agent provides a hydrating base for your exfoliator, making it easier to apply to your lips. These two go hand in hand for moisturizing and smoothing out your lips.

We’ve got 18 DIY homemade lip scrub recipes sans the gross chemicals. Pucker up!

Just a heads up – some of these are so delicious, you might want to eat them! But don’t do that!

Spa-worthy Diy Lemon Sugar Scrub (Makes the Best Gift!)

Making a homemade lemon sugar scrub is a fantastic gift idea for any woman (or man) in your life who adore getting the ‘at home’ style spa treatment.

If you’re not quite sure how to make your own DIY sugar scrub, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with this great recipe for makingthe best diy lemon sugar scrub. And unlike some sugar scrubs that you’ll find on store shelves, with this DIY version, you can rest assured knowing that there are absolutely no unhealthy ingredients or preservatives that went into making it.

To make this homemade lemon sugar scrub you’ll be using both the zest from one lemon, along with approximately two tablespoons of lemon juice (I like to use fresh squeezed lemon juice whenever I make this recipe).

You’ll need to mix both of those in with two tablespoons of melted coconut oil and one single cup of granulated sugar. Once the lemon sugar scrub is prepared, you can transfer it into a jar and then print out our sugar scrub gift tag if you’d like to decorate the jar with your favorite holiday decorations as well.

Home Spa Recipe for Natural Hair Conditioner

Blend up this simple recipe for a deep hair conditioning treatment that will leave your hair soft and silky. The fats in the avocado and heavy cream are rich in emollients that quickly penetrate the hair, while the honey keeps your scalp's moisture level at an optimum balance -- not too dry or too oily -- and acts as a natural antibacterial agent.

1 avocado, peeled and cut into chunks

2 tablespoons heavy cream

Mix ingredients in a blender. Comb mixture through freshly washed hair. Wrap head in plastic (a grocery bag will do), and cover with a towel. Let sit for 15 minutes, and rinse well.

* Excerpted from Chick Living: Frugal and Fabulous, by Kris Koederitz Melcher. Reprinted with permission of Conari Press. Copyright 2005.

Home Spa Sugar Scrub and Honey Hand Wrap

Soothe itchy, dry, winter-chapped hands with this richly emollient hand wrap.

Mix olive oil and sugar to form a paste. Massage over hands to lightly exfoliate then rinse with warm water. Warm honey in microwave and apply to hands (be careful -- don't let it get too hot!). Wrap hands with plastic wrap, and relax for 30 minutes.

* Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North, Ariz., Avon, Co.

Home Spa Coffee Body Scrub

If the smell of freshly brewed coffee perks you up in morning, try inhaling an entire shower full of Joe! Massage oil smoothes and moisturizes, while coarsely ground coffee and raw sugar or sea salt rids your body of dead, flaky skin cells.


2 cups of coarsely ground coffee

1/2 cup raw sugar or sea salt

2-3 tablespoons massage oil (such as sunflower, jojoba, or apricot kernel oil)

Mix all ingredients together. Take a hot shower to moisten your skin and open pores. Using wide, circular motions, rub the scrub onto your skin with strong, even pressure. Shower off, pat skin dry, and apply a thin layer of your favorite body lotion. Then get ready to start your morning!

* Courtesy of Spa Index.Com and Spa Senjakala, Malaysia

Spa Treatment Shower Therapy

A long hot bath can be a dreamy way to relax and unwind. But what if your self-pampering time is limited, or, horror of horrors, you live in a house without a tub? Enter the aromatherapy shower, a simple technique that comes to the rescue of harried women who bathe standing up.

To try it yourself, take an extra washcloth, wet it, and scent with four or five droplets of your favorite essential oil. Tuck the washcloth into a corner on your shower floor, and let the water run hot for minute or two to steam up the room and disperse the scent. Then step out of your clothes and into a cloud of scented steam. Breathe deeply, exhilarating in the blissful smell.

Some tips on choosing oils: Citrus scents -- lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine and orange -- are wonderful mood lifters, as are essential oils of bergamot, rosemary, and cardamom. If you're more in need of mellowing out than pepping up, pick soothing scents like lavender, clay sage, sandalwood, chamomile, pine, and vetiver.

* Excerpted from Mom Spa by Jennifer Sander. Copyright © Fair Winds Press 2006.

Natural Eye De-Puffing Treatment

If your eyes are red and puffy from a long day spent squinting at the screen, lie down with your feet up and use one of the following treats to soothe and de-puff your precious peepers.

This is a simple 3-ingredient recipe.

Sugar scrubs are a fantastic way to exfoliate and aid dry skin. I&rsquom going to show you how make an easy body scrub in about 5 minutes, with essential oils and a few ingredients you have in your pantry. It&rsquos the perfect DIY project for essential oil beginners!


  • 15-20 drops of Lemon Essential Oil
  • 1 cup of white or brown granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup of Jojoba carrier oil (or olive oil or grape seed oil or any other cooking oil you have on hand)
  • 1 small mason jar or other container

Rocky Mountain Oils Jojoba Carrier Oil
Buy Here

How To Make It:

  1. Mix all of the above ingredients in your container.
  2. Use a wooden spoon or stainless steel cutlery to mix (avoid plastic utensils).
  3. Aim for a grainy, crumble-like texture.
  4. The next time you shower, use about 1-2 tablespoons of the sugar scrub to rub all over, for silky smooth skin.
  5. It&rsquos simplest to use your body scrub in the shower, so that you can easily rinse it off when you are finished.
  6. Rinse well.

NOTE: Since this DIY recipe does not include preservatives, it&rsquos best used within 1 to 2 months.

Peach Facial Scrub

A peach facial scrub is unique, has a great scent, and is packed with skin-renewing benefits. Just combine a cup of fresh, peeled, and mashed organic peaches and 3/4 cup of honey with 3/4 cup of brown sugar and a few drops of your favorite oil. Be sure to use it all or share it with friends in the next few hours due to the limited peach shelf life.

Peaches are a surprising beauty powerhouse in the fruit world. Like many fruits, they naturally contain alpha-hydroxy acid, which acts as a mild exfoliant. Not only does this break down dead skin cells, but it also helps new cell turnover. When used regularly, this simple scrub will leave your skin smoother, prevent blackheads, and lead to a clearer, brighter complexion.

Alpha-hydroxy acids are a group of acid compounds, most often derived from plant-based sources, which work to exfoliate the skin. They come in a variety of types (like glycolic and lactic acid) and differ in size, and subsequently, penetration and potency.  

Relaxing CBD Scrub

Infused with CBD, this mask is the perfect wind-down at the end of a long day. Ivy Oakes, director of customer experience at Populum says it's a great anti-inflammatory, which could curb redness and razor burn if applied pre-shave.

  • 1 cup brown pure cane sugar
  • 3 Tbsp organic jojoba oil (increase for the right consistency)
  • 2 droppers full of Populum's 250mg Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil or 1 dropper of Populum's 500 mg Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
  • 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

Add jojoba oil to the sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time, mixing as you continue to add to create the right consistency. Next add the CBD oil and lemon—the consistency should be like thick sand. Apply liberally in the shower or bath for invigorating and exfoliating treatment.

Jojoba oil is a natural oil produced from the seed of the chinensis plant, a drought-resistant shrub native to southern Arizona, California, and Mexico. It mimics natural sebum and conditions and seals moisture in the skin without clogging pores or exacerbating acne.  

Pick the right mask for your needs

Certain ingredients can give your skin different benefits. Honey, for example, helps dry skin retain moisture and naturally relieves redness, inflammation and irritation, Burnes said.

Another great ingredient that most people have on hand is apple cider vinegar, which can help fight acne by dissolving dead skin to fight bacteria and prevent buildup.

And if you’re looking for a way to get an all-natural peel, Burnes suggested trying a face mask that includes fruit, which is a natural form of alpha hydroxy acids.


Style The complete A-to-Z guide to skin care


After you put it on your hands and/or feet, do you immediately rinse off or let it set for awhile? Thank you.

Yes, I rinse it off right away.

Love them tied with raffia! Loved the green colored one! Keep ’em coming!

I just had to try this right away! It’s awesome! I used vanilla and mint, smells divine and my hands are so soft.

I’ve kept mine for several months. I’m sure it would go longer.

They are so pretty and really do make skin soft. I made Lavender Sugar Scrub, but also want to make Pumpkin Pie and Cinnamon and Vanilla. YUMMY smelling.

I love homemade sugar scrubs and it never even dawned on me to give them as a gift. Well duh! Ha, ha! I keep a jar of lemon and sometimes mix up orange next to my kitchen sink and it is wonderful to get a scoop and scrub it in after handling stinky foods (onions, fish, etc.). The citrus kills the smell and the sugar scrubs my hands so soft. Thank you for all of the wonderful and frugal Christmas (or any time of year) gift ideas!

Brenda your mentioning scoops made me think to tell everyone to save all those scoops that come in different things. The smaller ones work so nice to use with things like the body scrubs, the next size bigger work great for homemade hot chocolate and the large ones I use in things like rice, cornmeal. I check to see what the measurement are on these by filling them with water and then pouring it into a measuring cup. Usually they are 1/4 cup so which comes in handy when you need to measure the cornmeal etc.

I made the Cinnamon and Vanilla Sugar Scrub last night and it smells so good. You can use sugar scrubs on face and neck too. Also you can use brown sugar, which has benefits of making pores smaller and polishing skin. Jill, you’ve been kind of quiet lately. Miss your chattiness!

Hey Bea I’m still here. I am heading to Colorado in a week to see Tawra and all so I am getting ready for that. There are a ton of things I need to do before I leave plus I have been working extra hard trying to get a new Crock pot Menus book done.

Add to all that I have been getting my dough ready and things for gingerbread men. There are some days I can’t remember what season I am in. It’s close to Halloween but I am getting things ready to bake for Christmas and writing menus for summer. I come up from my basement after writing all day and don’t know if I will see the sun shining, leaves falling or snow.

I have still been reading and posting things though. Tawra usually doesn’t post so much on the blog but has been popping in more the past couple of days so that may be why it seems like I haven’t been here as much.

I’m worn out enough today that I think the rapture would be a very pleasant surprise. :) :)

I just missed your cheeriness Jill. I’m happy that you are going to see Tawra and your other grandchildren. They must be excited. I also think time is flying. Halloween is almost here and once that comes Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to come SOOO fast. It’s a hectic time of year. So glad you are still checking in here. Your posts are such fun to read and in some ways I’m glad the Rapture didn’t happen yesterday as some were predicting.

I didn’t know someone had predicted it for yesterday Bea. I have lived so many years now and have heard so many predictions I don’t worry to much about them now. I guess I know I’m ready to go so am not worried for myself personally only for those who aren’t.

I agree with you. By the time the middle of Oct. hits I feel like I am on roller skates going down a big steep hill. Each year I keep saying I am going to slow down a little but it hasn’t happened yet. Oh well keeps me out of mischief I guess and I love the holidays especially Christmas. It’s like I have said before I really think Heaven is going to be like Christmas magnified all the time.

Yes Jill, There was some preacher predicting the Rapture yesterday. Many people unfortunately believed him and quit their jobs months ago, sold homes, and spent their money to help “save” people with billboards and literature etc., only to be fooled. Actually this preacher first predicted it to happen this past May, but when it didn’t, he claimed October 21 was the date. I listen to Christian radio and other Christian denominations were trying to tell people not to believe any of this because Scripture says “Nobody knows the day or hour. Not even the Angels, only God the Father.” It’s sad people believe false prophets.
Yes, I too love Christmas. I’ve been seeing so many Christmas things in Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Walmart, that it’s getting me in the Christmas spirit already. Christmas is such a loving and giving time of year. Like you said like Heaven will be.

Will instant coffee work for the mocha spice recipe??
Try to save money and I have the instant coffee already. :)

Christina I am not sure if it would or not. I would say make up a little and see what happens. I can’t think it would make a difference.

Can these scrubs be stored in a container that isn’t airtight? I don’t have any jars the right size, but I do have a really cute honey pot that rarely gets used. I think that would be really cute next to the sink, but I don’t know if the scrub would dry out or get mouldy or something like that. Thanks!

Sarah it might dry out a little but what you could do is make 1/4 of the recipe and see how that works not being covered. Plus it depends too on how much you use it. If you use it quite often then you might be ok but I would just cut the recipe down and see how it works.

I see everyone has used sugar, but you stated salt can be used. Has anyone made these with salt? Wouldn’t salt be cheaper?

We have used both. You can take and do some figuring on what you pay for them and see which would be cheapest for you.

I just did a cinnamon and sweet orange essence and it is great. Little tip save the little spoons from the kid size single servings of ice cream for scoops for small jars it works perfect!

Super idea Tammy. Good excuse for me to start eating more of those cute ice creams too. :)

That is always a good thing to have to eat more ice cream. Oh and now I can’t get my 4 year old to stop wanting to wash her hands because she says they smell in her words YUMMYLICIOUS!)

I’ve seen a similar recipe that involves epsom salts and body wash (meant for the face, not the hands).

I always use sugar as a basis for a scrub. Imagine rubbing your hands and feet with a salt based scrub and finding a small cut or damaged cuticle – OUCH. Somehow, even a lemon sugar scrub isn’t so irritating if I have a little cut, not sure why…but I only had to try the salt one ONCE to say never again!!

The epsom-salt one I referenced was designed for the face. But I would like to try the sugar-scrub.

Made the Vanilla Cinnamon and LOVE it! It was fast and easy! I buy my sugar in the bulk foods section, so something like this is extremely cost effective for gifts. My daughter just had to have expensive emergency dental work done and it drained our Christmas savings. This recipe will help so much, as we can’t afford to buy gifts for friends and family this season. Everyone like the personal touch anyways! Thanks for the GREAT ideas on scents & packaging!

I received one of these as a gift from a parent at the school I work at. I keep it at the sink to scrub my hands with. My hands are no longer dry and scaly. They are soft and smooth. I love it!

I just retired. I absolutely LOVE this idea. Great for gifts, and Mother’s Day is coming up too. A rose scent would be nice.

These are all great! Baby oil will clog pores though and make you break out.

This has been an old wives tale for many years. Baby oil doesn’t clog your skin any more so then lotion does. You get clogged pores because of improper or not often enough cleansing. Clogged pores usually happens in the case of teens not properly cleaning their pores on their faces. I don’t usually use this on my face although I don’t know why you couldn’t.

Before I rinse conditioner off my hair I rub baby oil into my skin. It does not clog pores. I worked in a Dr. office and it is what one of the Dr.’s told a patient to do for her horribly dry, flaky, cracked skin. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. If I do not do it my skin is so dry and itchy.

I use the baby oil too Stella and I love it. Because I put it on before I turn the shower off and get out it doesn’t leave me feeling as oily and then I don’t have to mess with putting on lotion when I get out of the shower. I just recently have been using olive oil in the same way too. I kind of use them back and forth. You are right too. My skin is so much drier if I don’t do this.

So happy that you get to go see your kin folk! that in its self is a blessing. I can’t believe it is Oct aleady and yes I too am getting ready for all those busy weeks ahead. I have finished my Christmas shopping and this weekend I am going to get hubby to help me check out the Christmas lights to make sure they work. I know it sounds a little early but I have to do what I can on the days I am feeling well enough. It is already 81 degrees here and this is supposed to be Fall! Go figure. also you can get some oil of peppermint at your local drug store (ask the pharmsey)) to add with the sugar for the sugar scrub. It works great Have a blessed one!

I would think carefully before using salt. Men used to rub salt into their wounds so they could brag on their manly scars. I don’t want that happening to anyone by accident.

Thank you for sharing these recipe ideas, Tawra! I have been gifted a sugar scrub before that was luxurious, but didn’t know how to make them myself! I’ll have to pass on your ideas to my readers at!

Thanks for passing them on!

I was looking at gifts to get my mom for her birthday coming up this month online at Bath and Body Works. I remembered while searching that I had always wanted to try a sugar scrub but I didn’t want to pay $17 for something that might make me break out with the sensitive skin I have. I’ve just made the cinnamon and vanilla recipe and used it on my hands. Fantastic, I just love it! The dogs enjoy it too, they’ve kept sniffing and licking my hands when they visit me. I’ll be making lots for Christmas and birthday gifts very soon! Thanks again!

Hi, I am new to making things instead of buying, and I need to know if regular sugar will work or do I need to get something specific? I have read several recipes and some call for coarse sugar and some for cane, etc. These sound wonderful and I am looking forward to using them!

Regular sugar will work fine. I like to keep things simple and inexpensive so going out to buy special sugars or anything kind of defeats that.

Thank you so much! I am super excited to get started! :) I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas this year!

Thanks Grace. Holler if you have any questions.

I was just wondering if the sugar would dissolve if it sat for a week or 2? ive read on other places about using citrus, to keep that from happening. Is it necessary?

I’ve never had it dissolve.

I noticed that the sugar in mine dissolves right away when I go to use it but the recipe I used called for equal amounts oil/sugar. Having ratio of two parts sugar to one part oil is probably way better!

I love this idea but everyone is talking about it working on hands but will it also be ok as a body scrub?

Yes it will work as a body scrub.

I take care of an elderly, Alzheimer patient that has excessively dry skin. When I took over her care about 3 months ago, her skin was so dry and had been scratched to bleeding… I started right away with giving her “sugar” baths. I take some regular granulated sugar and mix it with her bathing product, then wash and massage this into her skin. I rinse her off well with nice warm water, being sure to wash all of the sugar solution off of her. I follow up while she is still a bit damp with some coconut oil that I massage into her now glowing skin. The visiting DRs & RNs cannot get over how healthy her skin now is. I truly feel that this sugar bathing has been a Godsend to this poor lady’s suffering of ITCHING! So glad that I had used this on my own dry skin many years ago and do like to pass it along to others! Very happy to help in some small way to my charge, too, along with a good, healthy diet of home cooking… (Well, that is another subject! -). )

I was just wondering if there is a difference if you use essential oils or extract in sugar scrubs. Also, I have read in many other places that people add a little food coloring in the scrub this doesn’t dye your skin does it?

Tonya there is a difference between essential oils and extracts but in scrubs you can interchange them. As far as the food coloring goes yes it will dye your skin but usually the couple of drops called for in most recipes is so small that by the time they are diluted with water even more it doesn’t usually hurt.

I tried the cinnamon/vanilla scrub on my whole body, and I have to say I am impressed! I have a large scar on my foot that usually needs to be moisturized 2 or 3 times a day to keep the skin from splitting. After I started using the scrub in the shower in the evenings (and it smells so damn good!), I started to notice I only needed to put extra moisturizer on the scar in the morning and that was it. Plus… no more soap residue left behind. :D

Thank you for this great resource! I made two batches tonight to celebrate Administrative Assistant day tomorrow…I experimented and added some high end lotion samples… reducing the oil by a 1/8 and the result was desirable! I appreciate your hints and the opportunity to make a useful, Eco-friendly gift.

I eat lots of pesto and drain off the olive oil. I use it as skin lotion. Yes I guess there are teeny bits of garlic and cheese in it, but it doesn’t smell like that.

I’ve also tried the following recipe:

2.5 cup sugar
1/4 cup baby oil
1/4 scented body wash

Do you have any suggestions for helping keep the mixture from separating after it sits overnight?

Megan you can add emulsifying wax which you can get from amazon. You can google it and maybe find it in other places that are handier for you.

Watch the video: DIY Spa Night At Home (July 2022).


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