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Quick dessert cake with yogurt cream and peaches

Quick dessert cake with yogurt cream and peaches

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For starters I prepared the countertop. The top is actually a layer of ground biscuits. I ground the biscuits, mixed them well with the melted butter and put them in a round shape with a detachable bottom, leveling well with my hands.

I put the tray in the fridge for an hour.

I made the cream like this:

I cut the peaches into pieces and mixed them with the yogurt.

I kept 100 ml of the juice from the compote to hydrate the gelatin. I put the gelatin in the juice and kept it on low heat, stirring constantly until it became translucent. The temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. If you do not have a thermometer you can check with your finger that it is hot but bearable. Otherwise, the gelatin breaks down and does not do its job, meaning it no longer binds and strengthens the composition.

I let the gelatin cool a bit and then I added it to the yogurt.

I mixed the whipped cream well with 150 gr. powdered sugar and then combined it with yogurt and peaches. I mixed well. I immediately took the form out of the fridge and put the cream over the biscuits.

I let it cool until the next day when I removed the detachable ring after I gently peeled it with the knife on the edge of the tray so that it would not break and detach easily from the tray.

I decorated it with candies, butterflies, sugar paste hearts and wafer flowers to look cheerful.

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