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Massive 50-Person Brawl Breaks Out at Infant’s Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Massive 50-Person Brawl Breaks Out at Infant’s Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Police were called to break up a huge brawl inside a Chuck E Cheese in Pittsburgh during what was supposedly a 1-year-old child’

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What is it about animatronic mice and fast food pizza that puts grown-ups on edge?

It’s all fun, games, and dollar store prizes, until someone throws a punch. Police were called to intervene after a 50-person brawl broke out at a Chuck E Cheese in Pittsburgh during a 1-year-old’s birthday party, according to CBS.

In the end, two of the exceedingly classy adults were arrested — a man for public intoxication and a woman for initiating the fight that quickly escalated into all-out pandemonium. Just months prior, Chuck E Cheese announced that it added booze to its menu, which in hindsight may not have been the smartest idea.

According to police, the fight broke out between the child’s mother and the child’s father’s girlfriend, who allegedly began swinging at each other outside the restaurant. According to Chuck E Cheese, no violent altercations ever actually occurred inside the restaurant/party space where children were.

“On Sunday at our North Hills location, two women began arguing and were quickly escorted out of the restaurant,” Chuck E Cheese’s statement said. “The disagreement never turned violent, and once outside the building, police handled the situation, so our staff could continue tending to our guests and parties. Chuck E. Cheese’s does not tolerate behavior that may negatively affect our guests’ experiences.”

This is not the first time we’ve seen this happen: Just a few weeks ago a fight broke out in Connecticut, and this one was caught on video. The birthday party venue has a notorious reputation as a “hot spot” for adult spats.

Watch the video: Babydaddy on a rampage at chucke cheese (January 2022).