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Fish in the lake salad

Fish in the lake salad

I invite you to a delicious salad

  • 200 g smoked sprot
  • 2 potatoes
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 red onion
  • 2 eggs
  • 50 g cheese
  • 400 ml mayonnaise
  • green onion leaves
  • parsley

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION "Fish in the lake" salad:

Peeled potatoes and carrots, not too hard boiled, put them on a large grater, add finely chopped onion, salt, pepper and mix with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, then put the composition on a plate or in a bowl. Cut the fish in half, put the parts with the tail aside, and remove the rest of the bones as much as possible and put them on top of the potatoes, cover with grated cheese, then hard boiled eggs, all grated on a grater, cover with the rest of the mayonnaise, then the tails of fish dipped in mayonnaise and garnish the plate with greens.

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who knows can prepare a dietary mayonnaise from potatoes or otherwise, I do not know


to put the last layer of mayonnaise, use a posh

Pisces woman and spirituality

  • Some astrologers say that Jesus was born in the sign of Pisces. We do not know what to believe, but perhaps this is why many people born in the sign of Pisces have a great inclination toward faith.
  • Being a dual and changeable sign, the Pisces woman is always at war with her own conscience & # 8211 on the one hand towards the material side of life, towards pleasures and maybe in some cases debauchery, alcohol and other forbidden things, and on the other hand, in the extreme, the Pisces woman is eternally haunted by guilt, doubt, in a great war of conscience. The ascendant could help her reach a balance with the self.
  • Moving to the primary source of life & # 8211 God & # 8211 helps the Pisces Woman to somehow strike a balance, if not to approach the subject of religion in a clumsy way. As you never know extremes are good, you always have to strike a balance between who you are and what you want to be.
  • If a native of this sign is cheerful, sociable, likes to dress colorful to have cultural activities can not ignore these things that make her happy and suddenly become a gloomy person, dressed in dark clothes , careless, in other words to give up femininity and smile.
  • Even if there will be times when he will turn away from God, the native Pisces will return to the faith in successive waves. He will always learn something else from this phenomenon of faith.

The simplest natural remedy for hair loss. How to proceed

Castor oil can be heated a little, but you do not have to follow this step. After that, all you have to do is apply it well on the scalp, then stretch it to the tips very well, using a brush and a comb. Then cover your head with a plastic helmet or hat and let the oil act for at least 2-3 hours. Ideally, do this in the evening and let it work overnight.

The next morning, wash your head, as you normally do. After you dry your hair, you will notice that it is much silkier and shinier, it will have a natural shine. Castor oil acts right from the root of the hair, deeply moisturizes the scalp and stimulates faster hair growth.

Follow this treatment once or twice a week, and the results will be better and better. You can follow the treatment on the weekend, to make sure you have enough time. You will notice that your hair will be thicker and longer, longer and more beautiful.

Lake fish pictures

Images of a fish that appears to have a human face go around the planet, terrifying people watching the video. He walks slowly through a lake, and his every move brings a real uneasiness. Don't take our word for it, just take a look. And this is not the first time such a massacre has taken place on the millionaire's lake. Almost every year, the inhabitants of the Green Paradise and its surroundings also experience desolate images and pestilential smells. I haven't seen so many so far. It's not the first time such images have been captured. A giant, almost round fish with a diameter of 2 meters ran aground in March on a beach in California. And a few months ago, a fish with human-like teeth was caught by a fisherman in Peru. Impressive images. Hundreds of pelicans formed a living island in Galati, before flying to warm countries. They found there enough fish to stock up for a few days. Lake Brateș in Galați is a fairly isolated lake, it is not very populated, people do not make much presence in the area. In the vicinity of the nature reserve there are several objectives of tourist interest (places of worship, historical monuments), as follows: Reformed-Calvinist Church from the seventeenth century, with coffered ceiling, painted in 1752 The wooden church from the seventeenth century (), from Nicula village. It was brought from Fânațe village, Bistrița-Năsăud county

Related images: koi fish water nature lake 435 Free Images of Carp. 156 237 4. Lake Fish Fishing. 3 2 0. Fish Crap Koi Lake. 14 12 1. Fish Pond Fish. 19 12 0. Goldfish Sad Fish. 7 11 0 Fish species. See all species of fish, lakes and ponds in Romania, fisherman's guide, accommodation, fishing parties, opinions and comments Scientific name: Tinca tinca Popular name: lin-de-lac, fish tiganos, linus Main features: Length: 25-40 cm rarely reaches 70 cm Weight: 1 kg rarely reaches 2-3 kg more. Lipan. Scientific name: Thymallus thymallus Popular name: thyme, copper Main features: Length: 30-35 cm rarely reaches 40.. The body is fusiform, has a hydrodynamic shape, but can be flattened dorsoventrally. It consists of 3 parts: head, trunk and tail. Fish have 2 types of fins: Pairs (pectoral and abdominal) and unpaired (dorsal, codal and anal). The pairs have a stable structure, consisting of bone parts of the scapular and pelvic girdle from Pixabay's vast library of public domain images and videos

Those who want to throw the fishing rod in the lake pay a fee of 75 lei for 12 hours, and for 24 hours the rate is 125 lei. Marius Ioniță, pond administrator: I provided the fishermen with those gazebos that they use in terms of shade or rain shelter, the grill to fry and the fish. The Piranha fish was caught last weekend, in the waters of the Firiza dam in Baia Mare. The fisherman took some photos of him and says that he heard that it is not the first catch of this kind in the lake, according to Last night when I went fishing I had the opportunity to catch a Piranha at the Firiza dam, I heard that several fish were caught, it's a surprise for me. a over with a scary shape was caught in images a lake. The aquatic animal has a face. A video that caught the fish went viral on social networks, informs .. The creature seems to have a human face. it has a nose, a mouth and two eyes, while the body belongs to one over normal, writes Daily Star .. Internet users were scared Health and Fitness Freedom & gt Lifestyle & gt Health and Fitness Which fish is better - which fish has the fewest bones. By Petre Dobrescu, Monday, June 3, 2019, 08:59. Last update Monday, September 16, 2019, 20: 3 Spectacular images captured by a passer-by Nov. 20. 2019. Pig carcasses, found in a lake in Covasna 10 Nov. 2019. Piranha fish caught from a lake in Maramureș: There are tourists bathing - PHOTO 01 Jul. 2019. Sex in the pool, a bad idea: What are the dangers you are exposed to.

The fish was caught at the end of last week, and apparently. it was not a singular one. Several fishermen have landed a few more specimens of piranha, writes mm. Last night (n.r. Sunday evening, July 21) when I went fishing I had the opportunity to catch a piranha at the Firiza Dam lake - Enter now and read about the lake on - We have over 57 articles only about the lake. | IMAGES WITH LAKE Three men of Romanian origin were detained after fishing for fish all night in a protected area using May. 22 Jan, 15:48

One of the many great free stock images from Pexels. This photo is about colorful fish, fish, duck The free high-resolution photo of water, lake, lake, feed, fish, animal, goldfish, koi, carp, appear, taken Canon EOS 1100D 03/02 2017 The picture taken with 55.0mm, f / 5.6s, 1 / 100s, ISO 800. The image is free of copyright under Creative Commons CC0 One of the many great free stock images from Pexels. This photo is about catch, achievements, summer

Most beginners start by buying an aquarium and a few species of fish. After a few days, the problems that separate the disinterested from the real aquarists begin. To have an aquarium you must be aware of the species of fish in the aquarium, food, decoration, substrate, plants, maintenance, equipment, and more. An aquarium is not just about having some fish in a water. / VIDEO / Dead fish floats on the water of a fish farm on the left bank of the Dniester. Fishermen in panic. Desolate images on the shore of a lake, which belongs to a fish farm. Dead fish and unbearable smell in the area

A bizarre mutant blue fish has been observed in a lake in North Carolina, USA.Some images posted on YouTube show what appears to be a creature that looks like a bright, blue fish near the surface of Gaston County Lake, filmed earlier this month. The video was posted on YouTube on a channel called Disclose. fish - Enter now and read about fish on - We have over 65 articles only about fish. | B1.r Zaga Zaga Land, also known as Delta Siretului - an enchanting corner, an oasis of relaxation and reconnection, a fairytale land worth visiting and discovering Downloads Pictures: underwater, green, fish, swimming, lily pad- , fin, koi, fish lake, marine biology 5184x3456,5515

Human-faced fish, seen in the lake

  1. Fish dishes, for the whole family, on the terrace on the lake. On the terrace, guests can enjoy selected fish dishes. See here images from the secret wedding! Miruna Sfârlea and her mother ask for help, both with serious cancers. Again a huge number of coronavirus cases. 48 people have died in the last 24 hours
  2. The fishermen from Maramureș. Whoever fishes on the AGVPS Maramureș ponds realizes the lack of fish. the time when this phenomenon was in.
  3. Fishermen have removed thousands of dead fish from a lake in the western Mexican city of Guadalajara, the BBC reports. Local media claim that at least 40 tons of fish have been found in Lake Cajitian, but local officials say the death of fish is a natural, cyclical phenomenon that occurs in
  4. Images from the DN1c Halmeu-Rastoci road. The lake was populated with fish, and several species of fish were fished. The lake is also a leisure area, with accommodation and a restaurant with a terrace. Accommodation in Călinești Oaș.
  5. LILIA CARAUȘ, TV8 REPORTER: Those who came to this lake the other day were very surprised to find this Saharan picture.

More images caught in the waters of Loch Ness, by an Apple satellite, set on fire by specialists, being taken over by numerous publications. A creature that looks like a over of huge size was photographed using the maps found on the iPhone In This Article: If installing fish in a pond requires some minimal precautions, in practice success is very often at the end of the road! Some tips for a lively pool! The creation of an outdoor pond often aims to establish a series of fish that will lead to life and the color of stagnant water Accommodation Colibita - map with accommodation offers in Colibita: prices, photos, phone numbers, addresses and online booking without intermediaries Any pictures, catches, the biggest fish, etc.? Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Press another +/ to open this menu. Facebook. E-mail or mobile: Lac. Lake of Tibi To the north of the city of Buzau there are still solid dams, a four-kilometer long accumulation lake at Berca and three small hydropower plants, in Cândești (Pi = 11.45 MW), Vernești (Pi = 11.8 MW) and Simileasca (Pi = 11.7 MW). A small dam was built between Cândești and Pleşcoi

Romanian poachers slaughtered on a lake in Italy. Three men of Romanian origin were detained after fishing for fish all night in a protected area using several power cables, informs The Romanians boiled fish water on Bugeac Lake, incredible images Hansaru Lake (925 m alt.), Ivanetu Massif, Buzau Mountains, is a slippery lake and is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the Carpathians Clean, encyclopedia, reproduction, fishing techniques, area, aquaculture, recipes, fishing places, where to catch. - Fishing stories

Mondsee (Lake of the Moon) is a lake in Upper Austria in the geographical region of Salzkammergut, located near the larger Lake Attersee. of the Nordic Alps. Mount Drachenwand (Dragon's Wall) on the south bank of the. Crazy news • Saturday, April 28, 2018 VIDEO Shocking images! A mutant, bright blue fish filmed in a lake. A bizarre mutant blue fish was spotted in a lake in North Carolina, USA Alert! Carnivorous fish found in a lake in Maramureș! People often come to bathe in the area. A fisherman from Maramureş went fishing in the area of ​​Lake Firiza and experienced a real shock! The man managed to catch a Piranha fish, known for being a carnivore! The man did not hesitate to show everyone the proof Spectacular images from the Glacier Cave under the Slags The Glacier Cave under the Slags from the Apuseni Mountains is home to the largest permanent underground lake in Romania. The protected cave, known as the Cave-aven, is located in ..

VIDEO Shocking images! On the lake of Țânțăreau lie tons of

  • Ecological disaster in the Green Paradise complex. Inspectors from the Sanitary Veterinary Directorate took water samples to find out if the fish were poisoned with any substance, as it is supposed, or died electrocuted by poachers, who allegedly threw electric wires into the water, or maybe the cause could -they even represented the discharges from the lake, which simply suffocated.
  • Crazy news • Saturday, July 21, 2018 VIDEO Impressive images! This is the largest catch in the world. A series of impressive images were captured on a boat engaged in fishing at the highest level
  • The planet does not need us to survive, on the contrary, it would be completely different if it did not have our presence. Man, in favor of technology, ends up polluting the oceans and harming the lives of animals, believing that all power is in his hands. The world is a real box of surprises and every day it surprises the being [
  • Picture on acrylic glass is a perfect idea to decorate modern interiors. It is an original solution and an interesting alternative to traditional wall decorations, such as glass panels or decorative glass for the kitchen. Printing on acrylic glass attracts attention.
  • Sleep, encyclopedia, reproduction, fishing techniques, area, aquaculture, recipes, fishing places, where to catch. - Fishing stories
  • This property has created perfect spaces.
  • Mass intoxication at the Military Brigade No. 1 in Balti. Several soldiers arrived at the hospital. Several soldiers of the No. 1 Motorized Infantry Brigade of Moldova, from the Land Forces of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova, deployed in Balti, arrived.

This fish has been known to aquarists for many years. It is able to decorate with its presence absolutely any aquarium. This calm and gregarious fish, with a life expectancy of 10 years. Keep it should be a group of 4-6 people. A large, hungry angelfish can eat a small fish, such as neon Piranha fish in Maramureș. Is global warming to blame? The piranha fish was caught in a lake in Maramureș at the end of last week. The toothed fish was caught in the Firiza-Baraj area of ​​Baia Mare, and the fisherman who boasts of this strangeness says that it is not the first time such a fish is seen and caught Knowing this and to prove that there are many other things mysterious in our world, we will now show you 15 images that we think will surely surprise you and you will come to realize that you know almost nothing about the nature around us

The 48-year-old man allegedly boarded a boat, on the IT lake, outside the town of Mangalia, in pursuit of some people he suspected of stealing fish from Inului Lake. At one point he was electrocuted in the boat, and then the boat capsized and the man drowned Rebel hair, therefore, need more foam and nail polish for hair. We recommend that you spray it with spray or even a simple hair with water, so that they become docile and a good fit. Also not out of fashion and in 2020-2021 year easy beautiful hairstyles for long hair, based on the ponytail It is a fish closely related to the tomato (Scardinius erythrophthalmus), but smaller than this, it reaches only 11 , 5 cm species endemic to this place, a fish adapted to the existence in thermal waters of 28-34 degrees C, which does not survive in waters with a temperature lower than 20 degrees Do you want to discover the most beautiful places to visit in Romania? Here is an inspirational top with 20 tourist destinations in our country that you should not miss. Whether we admire nature or architecture, Romania boasts beautiful places Description. The nature reserve (established in 1966) was declared a protected area by Law No. 5 of March 6, 2000, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, No. 152 of April 12, 2000 (on the approval of the National Spatial Planning Plan - Section III -a - protected areas) and covers an area of ​​26 hectares

The most popular hobby is now at your disposal! Join the more than 15 million fishermen who have already played Fishing Clash and start catching fish species in one of the most realistic offline fishing games to date. Now is the best time to go fishing! Sport fishing as a lifestyle Try the most popular sport in the world with. El niño pez - The fish boy. Distribution Carlos Bardem, Inés Efron. Directed by Lucía Puenzo. Synopsis El niño pez: Lala, a teenager from an exclusive neighborhood in Argentina, is in love with Guayi, a 20-year-old girl A visitor to a village in southern China had a surprise discovery when he saw a carp in a pond that appeared to have a human face. Posted on November 13, 2019 by admin in International // 0 Comment Spectacular images with the extreme weather phenomenon you are at sea, if you want to fish, you can go fishing in the lake, if you want to see pelicans. Tourist: I don't know how long I'm staying. I don't even want to know how long I'm staying. We fish part of the fish. We have our own Italian, here, at Gura Portiței. The fish is 100%.

Accommodation Poiana Mărului - map with accommodation offers in Poiana Mărului: prices, photos, phone numbers, addresses and online bookings without intermediaries The locals hope that the water will return and the now arid place will become a lake again. According to local news, Lake Peschera is (or was) a water 200 meters wide and 9 meters deep, in a forested area of ​​Ostashata, a village in the Perm region (Russia), near the Ural Mountains. , of fishermen. Created for them online fishing game, where you can catch exotic fish. On our site you can play fishing games at any time Lac Brateni. 3.1 K of appreciations. All that we have described so far are the results of 10 years of hard work, since this fishing arrangement began to be managed by be

The human fish appeared in a lake and was filmed

When the show's host, Christine Lampard, asked her where she came from (coronavirus no.), Dr. Yan said she came from a Chinese-controlled laboratory in Wuhan. From January until she had to flee China in In April, the researcher continued to study the virus, she said. Dr. Li-Meng Yan said he intends to launch. At 13.30 I had 49 fish on the counter so the frequency, not necessarily the most spectacular was ok (a fish caught and released in 4 minutes and a few seconds.) I fished until the evening at 18.00, and the frequency improved considerably after 15.00, but I didn't keep the fish on the counter for the simple reason that I didn't. You can talk to nea Iașca to arrange a walk on the lake with one of the owners of motor boats in the locality. I mention here that the old legends with the Lipovans who fill your trunk with fish or take you on a boat all day for a bottle of brandy, are simple inventions or are no longer relevant. Whatever the cause, the hole formed should be enough. great to drain the entire lake so fast. So far, no one has reported seeing water or fish elsewhere in the area. Why are some lakes dry. If the area is like Linn County, Oregon, the water could return

Impressive images

  • water fish river lake large animal eps ai. Related searches. free vector free water lily Blue house vector Blue mosque free vector blue whale free vector vector blue uniform free free chef Free vectors blue uniform fragment max = 211 free blue ribbon free vector art.
  • A bizarre creature was caught in a lake in China. It is a fish, which would have a face similar to a human face, according to the Daily Star. It is a fish that had a face similar to that of a human, nose, mouth, eyes, and the body like a normal fish.
  • Coloring pictures with the Holidays: Educational drawings. Spring Summer Autumn Winter . Coloring pages with Flowers. Fruit coloring pages. Food coloring pages. Coloring pictures with sweets. Valentine's Day. Trinket. Mother's Day. Earth Day. Easter - Easter Eggs - Easter Chicks - Easter Bunnies - Easter Animals.
  • A bizarre creature was caught in a lake in China. Witnesses were speechless, saying they had never seen anything like it. It is a fish that had the face similar to that of a human, nose, mouth, eyes, and the body like a normal fish
  • Early in the morning, when there is still peace around, the fishermen take the boat on the lake and catch fish with the prostovol. First of all, you have to be lucky to catch fish because it is no longer found in the arrangements, as it used to be. You start, pray to the One from Above and throw the fool
  • registered by the Bacău Regional Center for Ecology. The mating song and dance are specific to this time of year. believing they had caught a huge fish. 5 hours 8

Pike Lake - Wikipedia

  • 22. Interior lake and dream arrangements at Chivu's wedding From July 6, Cristi Chivu will have a red card for girls. Chivu and Adelina Elisei have decided to take the decisive step: the two will get married this summer, on July 6. The event will take place at Stirbey Palace, in a dream setting, as the two want
  • If I were to put things on the fastforward, in 2007 I would be on the shores of the ponds eager to show the world that I know how to catch fish. I relied on the words (or rather the writings) of x-ulescu and used the drop down mount when fishing on a hard substrate, or those of y-ulescu, who had recommended blowback to me for suspicious carp.
  • • Fish finders with side images are usually more expensive than those who find images below. Although worth the extra expense, fishermen live in the real world and everyone has a budget. • These fish finders do not provide a definite picture of the things under your boat
  • The last lake in this system is Saima in Finland. Lake Baikal The lake area is 31,722 square kilometers. In terms of depth, Baikal ranks first among all other lakes in the world - 1,637 meters in the deepest place. The length of the tank is 636 km and its width is 80 kilometers
  • In Eskisehir you can spend time in Sakaryabasi where there is a spring lake and fresh fish restaurants, where you can also find traditional Turkish dishes. Eskisehir | Eskișehir is a city in northwestern Turkey and the capital of Eskișehir Province
  • Game Back To School: Fish Coloring Book online. In the new game Back To School: Fish Coloring Book, you will return to primary school and participate in a lesson.
  • The famous fresh fish dishes that have fully contributed to the fame of these places but also the delicious dishes of the traditional Romanian and Lipovan cuisine can be served at the restaurant of the holiday village. The rooms on the island with terrace and pontoon on the lake - modernized, are equipped with 1 bed.

, 4 km from the center of the district, surrounded by forested hills, rocky lands and small alluvial plains Piranha fish caught in a lake in Maramureș 22 July 2019 15:09 A fisherman from the north of the country was surprised to catch a fish piranha native to South America If a portion of fish can go up to 2 € - depending on where you serve it - a portion of fish amounts to 30-50 €! Of course, I refrained from such a luxury. Only once did I have the chance to eat a fish cream soup. No fish, though. with the taste of. Good and cheap

Balta Isvoarele is a former fish pond, without tax and security, wild. Here, there is a car with fishermen. Her wildness fascinated me. I felt barefoot through the thick grass and as a child on the hills from my grandmother Hotel Piscul Negru offers you accommodation on Transfăgărășan in the best conditions. Here you will find double, triple rooms and apartments at prices from 250 lei

IMAGINE BOMB WITH MADALINA MANOLE, JUST BEFORE SUICIDE! IT'S JUST NOW! HOW THE ARTIST STAGED HER OWN DEATH. A fish that appears to have a human face shocked people who caught him near a lake in China, in a village near Kunming. The video was posted on the internet and went viral Lake Brateni. 3.2K likes. All that we have described so far are the results of 10 years of hard work, since this fishing arrangement began to be managed by be

Lake - page 3, Details about Lake. Read more about Lacquer Hand Hygienic Gel - Clean your hands without soap or water. Ideal when traveling. Recommendation for use: put a little gel in the palm The waters are full of mysteries, which is confirmed by Lake Firiza in Maramureș. This time, it is not about the beauty of the aquatic universe, but about a shocking and dangerous event, in the waters of the dam being discovered Piranha fish. Piranha fish, in Firiza lake from Maramureș Alert in Maramureș county! A fisherman from the north of the country [

Balta Grivița is located right in sector 1 of Bucharest and separates the neighborhoods of Bucureștii Noi and Vatra Nouă. The access on the pond can be done either by car, through B-dul Laminorului no. 165 A (in the curve with Brick Factory Street), or by public transport - RATB lines 205,304,460,461,69 What surprised the Apple satellite in a famous lake in Scotland (VIDEO) Photo Gallery More images captured in the waters of Loch Ness , by an Apple satellite, set on fire by specialists, being taken over by numerous publications. A creature that resembles a huge fish was photographed. Animal coloring pages are pages where the images are drawn in black and white . We need to color it according to its requirements. It makes children learn the real reality of the world. Children learn to understand animals, birds, fictional characters, etc. School teachers use coloring pages to teach children. Arriving at the shore, we boarded a safari car to go to Letea Forest - the northernmost subtropical forest in Europe and the only oak forest in the world grown on a maritime ridge .. Letea Grind is the largest in the Delta Danube. It includes the villages of Letea, CA. Rosetti, Stistofca, Cardon and Periprava. The grind was colonized with Ukrainian breeders.

Over 400 free images with Carp and Fish - Pixaba

După o perioadă de timp acest sistem a fost înlocuit cu un sistem centralizat cu apă de Dunăre, beneficiind de canalul de irigat Izvoare-Giubega, iar lacul a rămas ca baltă de pește ce a fost populată cu diverse specii de pește, fiind cunoscută de mulți amatori de pescuit din județele învecinate Gradina cu Licurici este o locatie pentru evenimente in București, amenajata pe malul Lacului Morii, într-un ecosistem de tip delta, variind de la vaste specii de păsări pana la vidre, pești, libelule si broscute. Biodiversitate in Bucuresti la doar cativa kilometri de centrul orasului Potrivit site-ului, apa acumulată în lac se scurge în gura amenajată special la o adâncime de 213 metri şi, doar într-o secundă, gaura de scurgere ar putea goli o întreagă piscină olimpică.. Un posesor de donă cu ceva mai mult curaj, a decis să arunce un ochi cu ajutorul aparaturii sale în gura de scurgere, iar privelistea este hipnotizantă

Specii de pesti - lacuridepescuit

Cabinetul de miniștri a avut astăzi o întrunire nestandardă: au înlocuit birourile din clădirea Guvernului cu un loc, la iarbă verde, în apropierea unui lac din Chișinău. Prim-ministra Maia Sandu Pescuitul păstrăvului într-un râu sau lac este foarte pașnic și plăcut. Obțineți toate echipamentele, montați-le și îndreptați-vă către cel mai apropiat lac sau râu cât mai curând posibil pentru a prinde păstrăv. Pași Partea 1 din 3: Pregătirea pentru pescuit

Salata de raci

V-am promis nu demult, atunci cand v-am povestit cum se pregatesc racii, ca voi reveni si cu retete cu raci. Iata ca nu v-am lasat sa asteptati prea mult si azi va ofer o reteta de salata de raci, usor de facut, rapida, cu aspect festiv dar mai ales delicioasa. Ce-mi place cel mai mult la salata asta este ca am folosit aproape 100% ingrediente romanesti: rosii proaspete de gradina, telina, ceapa rosie, maioneza dintr-un ou proaspat de la Cenei si bineinteles racii suculenti proveniti dintr-un lac din Romania. Doar cateva picaturi de vodka finlandeza au vorbit alta limba, dar de ele ne putem si lipsi, pana la urma :).

Preparation time: 00:15 ore
Timp de gatire: 00:01 ore
Timp Total: 00:15 ore
Numar portii: 4
Grad de dificultate: Easy

Ingrediente Salata De Raci:

  • carnea de la 24 de raci fierti (coada si clestii)
  • 1 salata verde mica, de preferinta creata
  • 350 de grame de rosii (3 rosii medii, 2 mai mari)
  • 1 ceapa rosie mica (60-70 de grame)
  • 2 tulpini de telina
  • 1/2 de legatura de patrunjel
  • 2 linguri de maioneza
  • zeama de la 1/2 de lamaie
  • 1 lingurita de mustar picant
  • 1 lingura de ketchup
  • 1 varf de cutit de nucsoara
  • 2 linguri de vodka (optional)
  • salt and pepper

Preparation Salata De Raci:

1. Rosiile se cresteaza usor (doar coaja) si se oparesc 30 de secunde in apa clocotita, apoi se trec imediat intr-un vas cu apa rece. Se decojesc usor de pielita si se indeparteaza miezul cu seminte, taindu-se in bucati potrivite pentru o imbucatura.

2. Se spala bine salata si se zvanta cu servetele de bucatarie absorbante, apoi se rupe in bucatele. Pulpa rosiilor se pune intr-un castron impreuna cu tulpina de telina taiata felii fine si 1/2 din ceapa rosie tocata. Maioneza, ketchupul, mustarul, patrunjelul verde tocat fin, nucsoara, restul de ceapa rosie, 2 linguri de vodka (optional), sare, piper si zeama de lamaie dupa gust se amesteca omogen intr-un castronel, pregatindu-se un dressing racoros, cu gust picant si placut.

3. Jumatate din dressing se amesteca omogen cu rosiile, telina si ceapa rosie.4. Se trece la asamblarea salatei, care se poate face la fel de bine in boluri sau pe farfurii, eu am ales sa o aranjez in cupe pentru ca mi se pare ca arata mai festiv: se pune cate o lingura de dressing la baza, apoi se imparte in fiecare cupa/farfurie/bol cate putina salata verde. Se stropeste cu dressing si se aseaza clestii de raci. Se imparte salata de rosii si telina, apoi restul de salata verde. Se stropeste din nou cu dressing si se aranjeaza cozile de raci.

5. Dupa preferinta, se decoreaza salata cu putina verdeata (eu am pus afila) si se poate completa cu cate o felie de paine prajita. Este gata de servire si va asigur ca va fi un aperitiv foarte apreciat.

Doua idei de dressing pentru salata

1. Amesteci bine iaurtul cu mustarul.
2. Peste ele, adaugi uleiul si zeama de masline.
3. La sfarsit, condimentezi cu sare si piper, dupa gust.

Transforma banalul dressing salata intr-un festin

Ingrediente necesare pentru dressing pentru salata:

- 4 linguri ulei de masline
- 3 linguri otet de mere
- 50 ml de apa
- marar
- busuioc
- salt
- pepper

Cum prepari dressing pentru salata?

1. Amesteci uleiul cu otetul.
2. Adaugi apa si busuiocul.
3. Condimentezi cu sare si piper si adaugi mararul.

Aceste doua retete de dressing pentru salata sunt rapide si foarte gustoase. Good luck with that!

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Salata Pesti in lac - Rețete


ZEYTOON PARVARDEH este o salata specifica regiunii nordice a Iranului (SHOMAL).

De cate ori ajung in Iran, trebuie sa ajung si la SHOMAL, care, situat la sud de Marea Caspica (cu o altitudine care coboara 28m sub nivelul Oceanului Planetar), este strabatut de un lanț muntos ingust, dar foarte inalt, numit Alborz (Elburz).

Acolo unde, mergand pe sosea, in stanga poti admira Marea Caspica in toata splendoarea ei si in dreapta, o priveliste mirifica a lantului muntos Alborz, culmile lui fiind acoperite cu zapada, pe tot parcursul anului.

In aceasta parte a tarii, pajistile naturale si padurile ocupa mari suprafete. In tinuturile de la nord de Elburz, terenurile agricole sunt utilizate indeosebi pentru cultura cerealelor, plantatii de ceai si orezarii. Aspectul peisagistic este foarte impresionant. Daca mai adaugam ca acolo se gaseste cel mai bun orez basmati, cele mai minunate salate cu masline, pesti in toate formele existente: proaspeti, uscati, marinati, in saramura… este imposibil sa nu va doriti sa descoperiti magia pitorescului Shomal, unde am descoperit si minunata Zeytoon Parvardeh.

Aceasta salata se prepara cu ierburi aromatice din regiune, dar eu va ofer o reteta in care se folosesc ingrediente existente in Romania.

ZEYTOON PARVARDEH este un preparat care permite imaginatiei sa jongleze in voie, in care se pot adauga condimentele si ierburile preferate. Dupa descoperirea unor noi combinatii, astept sa-mi impartasiti experienta voastra. )


  • masline verzi - 300 gr
  • ceapa rosie - o bucata
  • rodie - o bucata
  • concentrat/bulion de rodie - 80 gr (se gaseste in magazinele orientale sau in hypermarket)
  • miez de nuca - 60 gr
  • ulei de masline - 50 ml
  • usturoi - 1 bucata (optional) - eu prefer, de cele mai multe ori, varianta fara usturoi, deoarece daca se prepara cantitate mai mare si nu se consuma intr-o saptamana, usturoiul schimba gustul, iar compozitia devine amara!
  • menta uscata - o lingurita
  • piper - un varf de lingurita
  • sare - daca maslinele care se folosesc nu sunt deja sarate


In prima faza, se spala maslinele si se lasa la scurs, apoi se tin intr-un recipient cu capac ermetic.

Ceapa rosie se curata si se taie julien (cat mai fin posibil).

Miezul de nuca se macina fin, cu ajutorul unui blender sau mojar.

Daca se foloseste usturoi, se piseaza fin, identic celui folosit pentru mujdei.

Se adauga apoi toate ingredintele in recipientul in care sunt maslinele si se amesteca bine, pana se obtine o compozitie omogena.

Se pastreaza la frigider 2-3 zile, amestecandu-se din cand in cand, pentru a se omogeniza cat mai bine compozitia. Dupa cele 2-3 zile, salata este potrivita pentru servit.

Se coc vinetele. Se curata si se scoate miezul. Se pune la scurs intr-o strecuratoare (de plastic nu de metal). Dupa ce s-au scurs bine, se toaca cu un tocator de lemn sau se pot mixa la robot. In acest caz adaugam galbenusul in timpul mixarii.
Se pun vinetele intr-un castron unde se adauga uleiul si sare dupa gust. Pentru cine doreste mai dietetic poate fierbe un dovlecel, care se adauga in vinete in timpul mixarii.
Se spala rosiile si se sterg cu hartie absorbanta. Se taie cate un capacel la fiecare. Se scoate miezul cu o lingurita. Se umplu rosiile cu vinete, se adauga capacelul. Se fac cate doi ochisori din maioneza si se pun boabe de piper.

Pe un platou se pune salata spalata si scursa bine, rosiile si in mijoc ceapa verde.
Se pastreaza la frigider pana in momentul servirii.

Salata pentru Pasti cu cartofi

Preparation time: 35 minute
Dificultate reteta: redusa

Necessary ingredients:

- 4 cartofi medii
- 4 oua fierte
- leurda
- 5 ridichi
- seminte de in
- masline
- salt
- pepper
- olive oil

Prepararea salatei pentru Pasti cu cartofi

Pune cartofii la fiert. Taie ouale fierte si ridichile rondele, apoi taie leurda in bucati mici si amestec-o cu putin ulei de masline. Dupa ce s-au fiert cartofii, decojeste-i cand inca sunt fierbinti si taie-i rondele.
Intr-un bol amesteca cartofii, ouale, leurda, ridichile. Adauga maslinele intregi si semintele de in, apoi pune sare si piper dupa gust.

Scrumbie la cuptor, in pergament, reteta simpla si rapida

Scrumbie la cuptor, in pergament, reteta simpla si rapida, care poate fi facuta si de catre o gospodina incepatoare. Nu se face fum in casa, iar rezultatul este delicios. Reteta scrisa si video pas cu pas.

Ce ingrediente folosim pentru reteta de scrumbie la cuptor, in pergament?

Pofta buna, sa fiti sanatosi si fericiti in fiecare zi!

Va invit sa urmariti si reteta video aici:

Rețete cu Gina Bradea » Retete » Scrumbie la cuptor, in pergament, reteta simpla si rapida

Video: Fish Mayonnaise Salad by Elsa - Ψάρι Μαγιονέζα Σαλάτα της Έλσας (January 2022).