Traditional recipes

Pogacele with smoked scallops, leeks and garlic

Pogacele with smoked scallops, leeks and garlic

Fresh yeast is soaked in a little warm water with sugar and then add flour, lard / margarine, yolks, sour cream together with the other ingredients. Mix well and make a fluffy dough that will hit the table a few times, knead more a little with clean hands and then leave to rise for about an hour in the heat.

Then it is spread with the flour-stained rolling pin so that a thin sheet of about half a centimeter does not stick and then the mashed potatoes are prepared. , onion and garlic a little hardened in the pan to soften and then grind the pepper with lemon, give a powder of kotanyi pork spice and mix everything.

The obtained paste is spread over the dough, then folded like a roll and cut with the mouth of the glass. Sprinkle cumin, bake in the oven on both sides and serve warm or cold, I prefer them cold with beer or wine. From a little dough I made a few with cheese and for the little ones and they really liked it!

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