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Black teeth

Black teeth

Grind the yolks well with 170 g of sugar. Add margarine over them and rub well.

then add milk, flour, cocoa, baking powder and essence.

beat all ingredients well.

put the composition in a tray lined with paper and put a few pieces of walnut kernels and put in the oven.

meanwhile beat the egg whites with the sugar and add the lemon peel.

10 minutes before the baking cake is ready, take it out of the oven, put the beaten egg whites, spread it evenly over the whole surface and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. When it is ready, take it out and leave it to cool.

melt the chocolate on top of a bowl of hot water and when it is melted, place it over the cake.

10 natural remedies to relieve toothache

1. Adequate oral hygiene

One of the first steps needed to prevent toothache is to maintain complete and proper oral hygiene. One of the main causes of these pains is the accumulation of bacteria on the teeth, gums or tongue. These microorganisms must be killed in order to maintain our oral health.

How to proceed

  • Use dental floss to clean the space around your aching tooth. Removes any food residue well.
  • Brush your teeth as usual and rinse with mouthwash.

2. Parsley remedy

Parsley contains anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce discomfort and inflammation.

How to proceed

  • Chew a little fresh parsley several times a day.
  • This trick will help you relieve the pain you feel, but also to refresh your breath.

3. Remedy with salt

Salt has a very strong antiseptic effect, relieving the pain caused by abscesses or infections resulting from the decomposition of food between the molars.

How to proceed

  • Dilute a tablespoon of salt in half a glass of water. Gargle with this salt water after each meal.

4. Garlic remedy

Thanks to its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory effects, Garlic is one of the best ingredients to treat infections and toothaches.

How to proceed

  • Grind a little garlic to squeeze the juice. Apply garlic juice directly on the affected tooth and gum.

5. Remedy with black tea

Black tea has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, being rich in tannic acid. This active ingredient relieves toothache.

How to proceed

  • Put a sachet of black tea in hot water. As soon as the water has cooled, apply the sachet to the affected area.
  • To get the most out of the analgesic effect of this drink, we advise you to drink the prepared tea.

6. Alcohol remedy

It is not the sanitary alcohol used to treat wounds, but the alcoholic beverage, such as whiskey or rum. In small quantities, these drinks have an antiseptic and antiviral effect, being an easy and safe way to treat oral infections.

How to proceed

7. Remedy with whole cloves

This popular spice contains a substance called eugenol, which has a useful sedative effect to relieve toothache.

How to proceed

  • Apply the cloves directly on the affected area for a few minutes.
  • Another option is to soak the cloves in a little mouthwash and apply the treatment three times a day.

8. Remedy with lemon juice

Lemon juice has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. Thus, it can improve oral health, prevent various types of infections and relieve toothache.

How to proceed

  • Squeeze the juice of a lemon and apply the liquid on the affected area.
  • Another option is to mix lemon juice with a little salt and gargle with the mixture.

9. Onion remedy

Onion juice contains antibiotics and anti-inflammatory substances which can reduce inflammation.

How to proceed

10. Remedy with hydrogen peroxide

Toothaches caused by infections can be accompanied by bad breath (halitosis). To fix the problem, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide.

How to proceed

  • Soak a cotton swab in hydrogen peroxide and apply it on the tooth.
  • You can prepare a natural mouthwash using hydrogen peroxide (1/4 of the composition) and normal water (3/4 of the composition).
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The strychnine tree or Strychnos nux-vomica is a medium-sized evergreen tree, native to China, Thailand, India & hellip

Moringa is a genus of tree in the tropical and subtropical climate composed of 13 species. Moringa oleifera, native to India & hellip

Tennis elbow is a condition that occurs when the elbow tendons are damaged. The main cause of this problem is & hellip

The burning sensation in the chest or throat occurs when stomach acid reaches the esophagus. Poor diet, stress, exercise & hellip

Lumbar injuries can cause intense pain in the back and waist, although they can also be felt in the buttocks. Usually & hellip

In this article, we propose three remedies with turmeric for rheumatoid arthritis. This medicinal food has calming properties of & hellip

How to clean tartar from your teeth naturally

We all have problems with tartar, which settles on the teeth for several reasons: the mouth is too dry, you do not floss, you do not brush your teeth several times a day, etc. If it is advisable to go to the dentist for descaling once or at most twice a year, there are natural methods that we can use more often to get rid of tartar.

In addition to the fact that you need to floss and brush your teeth properly, with the right toothpaste and toothbrush, you can also try natural remedies that can help remove tartar from your teeth. E.g:

Salt and baking soda help remove tartar

Both ingredients are good for removing tartar and teeth whitening. You can mix the two ingredients in equal parts or you can use one with the same effect. Simply dampen your toothbrush and brush it with the composition, then you can brush your teeth. Do not do this more often than once a week or once every two weeks because it can affect your tooth enamel.

Apples or other hard fruits

Apples are especially good for tooth problems - even for removing tartar. After the meal you can eat a fresh apple, especially if you can't brush your teeth. You can also eat other strong fruits, which can have the same beneficial effect.

Rinse your mouth with black tea to get rid of tartar

Black tea also contains a little fluoride, which protects your teeth by stopping the multiplication of bacteria that cause cavities and tartar. Rinse your mouth regularly with black tea to prevent tartar formation. One downside of black tea is that it can stain your teeth if used too often.

Rub your teeth with orange peel

Orange peel is rich in vitamin C, which can kill bacteria that multiply on your teeth and lead to the formation of tartar. It is enough to brush your teeth with the inside of an orange peel before going to bed. Repeat two or three times a week.

The benefits of black sesame seeds

Due to its rich composition & phytochemicals and other valuable nutrients, with important properties for the proper functioning of the body, black sesame can bring a lot of benefits when you include it in your diet. Here are some of the benefits of some scientific studies:

  • antioxidant properties & ndash Black sesame seeds are an important source of antioxidants (especially sesame and sesamol) and other polyphenols that protect the body against oxidative stress which, if prolonged for a long time, could trigger the development and development of chronic diseases such as diabetes. , cancer and cardiovascular disease. They can also prevent cell damage and have an anti effect-& icircmbătr & acircnire.
  • gives bone health & ndash The considerable calcium and zinc content of black sesame seeds can support and maintain bone mass, preventing the appearance of diseases of the skeletal system, such as osteoporosis. It can also strengthen and facilitate the development of the skeletal system in children.
  • maintain heart health - Black sesame seeds are rich in magnesium which helps prevent hypertension. Also, polyunsaturated fats as well as sesame lignan contribute to maintaining normal blood pressure & icircn normal parameters. The phytosterols in black sesame contribute to lower LDL cholesterol, lowering the incidence of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.
  • potential anticancer properties & ndash According to studies, especially the compounds sesame and sesamol in the composition of black sesame possess some anticancer properties. This research has highlighted the ability of these micronutrients to combat oxidative stress and regulate various stages of the cell life cycle, as well as some signaling pathways, all of which play an important role in stopping the development of cancer. Sesamine has an important role in the prevention of cancer, as well as in the onset of apoptosis (death of cancer cells) and in autophagy (removal of damaged cells).
  • maintain the youth and beauty of the skin & ndash the seeds, as well as the oil obtained from sesame seeds contain certain beneficial nutrients for the skin and hair, such as: fatty acids, zinc, iron, tocopherols. They can protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, prevent wrinkles and irritate the skin. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and removes toxins, protecting it from damage of any kind.
  • supports the proper functioning of the digestive system & ndash The fatty acids in sesame seeds lubricate the intestines, while the high fiber content can stimulate intestinal peristalsis. In this way, eating black sesame can prevent constipation and indigestion and can relieve some symptoms caused by irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids and other gastrointestinal disorders. Grinding sesame or soaking the seeds overnight can help improve digestion and assimilation.
  • tonic, energizing supplement & ndash sesame seeds are recommended in cases of chronic fatigue, in periods of convalescence and devitalization. The rich content of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients makes a single tablespoon of sesame seeds (possibly refined and transformed into a powder) to be enough for the body to feel energized and invigorated.

6 cures for toothache

Toothaches are most often caused by caries.

Other possible causes are: tooth fracture, an affected filling, a bacterial infection inside the tooth or a gingival irritation.


Cloves should not be missing from the spice or medicine cabinet.

We can use them in case of cold and flu, fever, indigestion or toothache.

They have natural antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Their ability to soothe pain is due to the eugenol content.

This compound helps relieve pain.

If you have whole cloves in the house, chew a clove on the affected tooth site, slowly, to release the oil.

And clove essential oil can be used. Mix 15 drops of clove essential oil with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Soak a piece of cotton wool or gauze in the oil obtained and apply directly on the painful tooth.

The cotton swab is left to act until the pain subsides.

Or massage the sore gum and tooth with the oil mixture.

Ginger and cayenne paste

Two other spices that can be helpful for toothache are ginger and cayenne.

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, and cayenne contains a compound with analgesic properties, called "capsaicin".

Studies have shown that this substance prevents pain messages from reaching the brain. Capsaicin prevents the onset of pain.

A paste can be made from ginger and cayenne powder. The two powders are mixed in equal amounts. Add a little water to make a paste.

Soak a piece of cotton wool or gauze in the paste obtained and apply on the aching tooth.

Rinse mouth with water and salt

Salt water is an extremely useful combination for oral health.

Rinsing the mouth with a saline solution cleans and disinfects the oral cavity, reduces tissue inflammation and thus pain.

Mix 1 teaspoon of salt with 1 glass of water. Heat the solution until the salt crystals dissolve completely.

Once cooled, it can be used to rinse your mouth. Insist on the painful tooth region for at least 30 seconds.

In the end, spit out the solution. You can repeat the procedure whenever you want.

Compressed with black tea

Black tea contains tannins - compounds with astringent effect, which can help reduce pain.

Put 1 sachet of black tea infused in a cup of boiling water. Let stand 5 minutes, then remove the sachet.

After the tea has cooled, rinse your mouth with it for 60 seconds.

The herbal sachet made from tea can be used as a compress. Apply on the sore tooth and hold for a few minutes.


Myrrh is one of the most effective remedies for mouth ailments (mouth ulcers, oral lesions, toothache)

It has antiseptic, antimicrobial, astringent, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

Put 2 ml of myrrh tincture and ¼ teaspoon of salt in a glass of water.

The resulting solution is used as a mouthwash.

For severe toothache, soak a piece of cotton wool in myrrh tincture and apply directly to the affected area.

Another variant of use is this: put 1 teaspoon of myrrh powder to boil with 2 cups of water for 30 minutes.

The obtained tea is strained and left to cool. Then add 1 tablespoon of tea in half a glass of water and mix. Rinse your mouth 6 times a day with the obtained solution.

Applying a cold compress is the easiest way to relieve inflammation, bleeding and pain.

Wrap a few ice cubes in a thin handkerchief and apply the compress on the cheek that corresponds to the painful place.

Or you can just use an ice cube, which you can apply directly to the affected tooth.

The compress is held for 15 minutes, after which it can be changed.

1. Virgilio Marin, Say goodby to toothaches with these natural cures, Herbs.News:
2. Marc Bosquet, Cloves, 500 natural recipes for health and beauty, Nicol Publishing House, Bucharest, 2014, p. 42

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Cake & # 39 & # 39 black teeth & # 39 & # 39 as I do :)

Today I dared for the first time to make a cake that my friend's mother has been making for years and we are not tired of eating it.
So I took my heart in my teeth and went to work after of course I respectfully asked for the recipe.

Black tooth & # 39 & # 39 & # 39 & # 39;

- 4 yolks
-200gr sugar (I used powder)
-150 gr butter
-200 gr flour
-3 tablespoons cocoa
-100 ml of warm milk
-1 baking powder
-a pinch of salt
- an envelope of vanilla sugar

- 4 egg whites
- 150 gr powdered sugar

- 2-3 tablespoons of milk
- 100 gr powdered sugar
-2 tablespoons cocoa
- 100 gr butter
-3- 4 drops of vinegar.

Thumbnails attached

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 2 Lau

Mix the butter (at room temperature) with the yolks and sugar (mixed with the vanilla sugar) until they become a foam.

Mix in a bowl flour with cocoa and baking powder and it is good that the mixture is sifted
[attachmentid = 40640]

I have a sieving utensil so I used it to slowly add the mixture to the composition.

Add alternating flour with warm milk

and you get this cream that will be preferably placed in a baking tray greased with margarine and lined with flour

Thumbnails attached

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 3 Lau

I used the oven tray with silicone foil. a slightly smaller tray would have been needed and the countertop would have come out a little higher

bake the countertop for 20 minutes: the first 10 minutes on higher heat (I set it in half, my oven does not measure the temperature, it is on gas) and 10 minutes on low heat (I set it to minimum)
Check with toothpicks, turn off the oven leaving the tray inside to heat.

Thumbnails attached

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 4 Lau

Put a pan of boiling water on the stove and in it the clean bowl in which the egg whites are poured and the foam (& # 39 & # 39bat & # 39 & # 39) is mixed hot.
Add slowly incorporating 150 g of powdered sugar at all times.

remove the tray with the worktop and place the egg whites on top of the worktop.

Put the tray back in the oven to keep it warm

Thumbnails attached

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 5 Lau

On the stove, in a saucepan put:
- 2-3 tablespoons of milk
- 100 gr powdered sugar
-2 tablespoons cocoa

and mix on the fire until they become a thick, bubbling cream.
Remove from the heat and gradually add 100 g of butter and 3-4 drops of vinegar. Mix well and pour hot on the cake.


Thumbnails attached

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 6 Lau

Nervous that the sauce wasn't enough, I garnished it with chocolate flakes

The cake is normally put on the balcony to cool and cut after 12 hours

But I didn't have the patience and I cut a piece so that I could present it and especially the taste

And when I have a better device I will be even more satisfied

Thumbnails attached

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 7 Munteanu_20159

# 8 baby

# 9 Lau

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 10 baby

# 11 Aramis

# 12 Rebel

# 13 Lau

A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

# 14 Alis

# 15 Ali- Elena

Hello and good luck to you, dear girls & # 33
Congratulations for the work done in the kitchen and for the effort to share your delicacies with us.
I've been following you for a while, but I kept quiet and stole as much as I could (I mean recipes).

Everything I've tried so far has been amazing. Thank you.

I also made the recipe last night. It's a boo. Very fluffy and fine. Or delicacy.
It was good last night, too, according to my friend (who couldn't make him understand that he had to wait about 12 hours), but in the morning he was more settled and the ingredients got better after a night of luuung sleep.

Unfortunately, I don't have a camera (yet), but I hope you take my word for it.

Have a good and sunny day.

One flower for each & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

7 recipes with chicken breast - for those who do not have much time for cooking!

What could you cook if you have little time, but you are very hungry? We offer you some solutions: 7 simple recipes with chicken breast!


The meat comes out very juicy and tasty! The cooking time is about 10 minutes. We include it in salads or serve it as an appetizer. It is also delicious with any garnish. You can place it on a slice of bread and pack it.


-mixed peppers - to taste

- granulated garlic - to taste

Any spices are suitable for this recipe! You can use spice mixes for chicken, sun hops, black pepper + garlic or Provence herbs. It always comes out delicious!

Method of preparation:

1.Cut the chicken breast into a few longitudinal slices. Beat them lightly with the meat hammer.

2. Grease the baking paper with melted butter. Then sprinkle with dried onions and garlic cloves. Add salt and ground black pepper. Place a slice of meat on half of the paper, then cover it with the other half.

3. Fry the meat on a dry, very hot pan: 3 minutes on each side. The meat is ready! The pan remains clean.

4. Try to prepare a salad with chicken breast prepared in this way. Cut the meat into pieces and combine it with marinated cucumber strips and marinated onion crescents. Season the salad with Greek yogurt and mix well. It is also delicious with mayonnaise.


It's a very good looking dish. It can be served even on festive meals. The guests will be delighted, and the housewife - satisfied! In summer, when fresh vegetables are found in abundance, you can prepare this dish almost daily.


-Provence herbs - to taste

-chicken spices - to taste

Method of preparation:

1.Wash the chicken breast and put it in a bowl. Season it with the chicken spices and a little oil, spreading them with your hands over its entire surface. Let it marinate for 10 minutes.

2. Peel and cut the vegetables into pieces. You can use any vegetables you have on hand (frozen ones are also suitable in winter).

3.Put all the vegetables in a bowl. Add the herbs of Provence, salt, ground black pepper and a little oil (to reveal the flavor of the spices).

4. Fry the meat on a dry pan, over high heat: 2-3 minutes on each side (enough to form a brown crust).

5.Add the vegetables and place the pan in the preheated oven to 200 ° C. In this case, a removable tail pan would be useful.

6. Bake the food for 25-30 minutes.


The simplest recipe: meat cooked in aluminum foil. It is ideal for mayonnaise salads!

1.Place the chicken on a piece of aluminum foil.

2.Salt it and cover it with foil.

3.Bake the meat for 30 minutes in the preheated oven to 200 ° C.


Perfect for vegetable salads!


Method of preparation:

1.Place the chicken on a piece of aluminum foil.

2. Season it with salt, ground black pepper and herbs from Provence. Cover it with foil.

3.Bake the meat for 30 minutes in the preheated oven to 200 ° C.



Method of preparation:

1.Place the chicken on a piece of aluminum foil.

2. Season it with salt, granulated garlic, paprika and sun hop. Add a little oil and spread the spices on the surface of the meat, using a silicone brush.

3. Cover the meat with aluminum foil. Bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 200 ° C.

If you want, you can let the meat cool in the oven. This makes it tastier! Since it does not take up much space, you can bake it with other dishes (a pudding, for example).


We love this recipe, due to its speed and the result obtained! Cook in 15 minutes. The meat comes out juicy, tender and very, very tasty (with a slight buttery aroma)! No marinades and spices required!


Method of preparation:

1. Melt the butter in a suitable pan. Add the chicken breast and fry for 5 minutes.

2. Turn it over to the other side. Cover the pan with a lid and continue to fry the meat over low heat until ready (about 8-10 minutes). The meat will be smothered in butter, without absorbing the fat and becoming juicy and tender.

3. Remove the meat from the pan and sprinkle with salt and ground black pepper.

You can serve it with any garnish. Even salads with this type of meat are tastier (compared to those cooked with boiled meat).


It is delicious with mashed potatoes, pasta or any porridge. The meat comes out tender, buttery! And, most importantly, it prepares quickly!


-2 tablespoons fermented cream

Method of preparation:

1.Cut the meat into the right pieces. Transfer to a saucepan.

2. Season with salt, ground black pepper. Cover with boiling water and bring to a boil.

3.Add the onion cut in half, the garlic cut into pieces and the cream. Stir.

4. Cover the bowl with a lid and simmer the food over low heat for about 20-30 minutes.



Method of preparation:

1. I cut the chicken breast into longitudinal slices.

2. I heated the salt in a pan and placed the slices of meat on it. I fried them for 2-3 minutes on each side. During frying, I seasoned them with a little ground black pepper.

The salt peeled off the meat slightly. When I tasted it, I found that it came out too salty. That's why I washed it with a little water. As a result, we obtained the ideally prepared meat: salty and very juicy. Perfect for salads!

Simple Siwak toothpaste

Method of preparation:
Mix the powders in a bowl and then add the essential oil. Stir thoroughly. In order to obtain a finer powder, xylitol is previously transformed from crystals into powder with the help of a pestle mortar.
The obtained composition is transferred to a glass jar.

Wet the toothbrush and immerse in the jar of powder. Brush your teeth as usual. During brushing, you can also take powder on the brush, if necessary.
Dental hygiene powder can be used daily instead of toothpaste.

An oral hygiene powder for cleaner, brighter teeth and fresh breath.
Siwak powder has recognized purifying and sanitizing properties, gently cleanses teeth, helps whiten teeth, remove dental plaque and eliminate bad breath, strengthens gums and helps reduce bleeding gums.

Do you know those colorful strips of toothpaste? Here's what they say

Modern man reads the composition of processed foods very carefully to avoid aspartame and glutamate. But few people know that they should pay attention to the composition of the toothpaste.

I don't know how many of you have noticed this, but there is a colored stripe on the tube of each toothpaste. This color has a special meaning. A single color means a very important thing. You will find more details about the meaning of the colors on the toothpaste in the following lines.

When you buy toothpaste, follow the colored stripe at the bottom of the package. It is best to choose one that has a green or blue stripe.

There are four types of colors that represent:

  • Green & # 8211 natural content. This color indicates that only ingredients of natural origin have been added to the toothpaste.
  • Blue & # 8211 natural content with active substance. There are natural and medicinal ingredients in the composition of the blue square toothpaste.
  • Red & # 8211 natural content + chemical content. Both natural and chemical ingredients are found in red square toothpaste.
  • Black & # 8211 purely chemical reaction. The black square or rectangle indicates that the toothpaste is full of chemicals.

Next time you buy toothpaste, make sure you check the colored stripe carefully. Stop just checking the smell and power of toothpaste to clean stains from teeth. There are other things to look out for.

Now that you know all these things, you will definitely be more careful when you go to buy toothpaste.

Dan Negru brings the legends of Romania to our homes

Dan Negru will bring us the legends between us, but also the lost legends. Until now, he only wrote on the Internet, but now he is determined to tell us the most beautiful stories about the great Romanians he met.

"I can tell you that I had invited Mr. Sabin Bălașa several times. She told so many important things in the makeup booth. When I entered the set, I didn't manage to get the important things out of him.

To be clear, he told me how he painted the "Hall of Lost Steps" at the age of 30, but also many others. Following such experiences, I thought of making up for lost time. The idea of ​​Legends came to me, my "anti-memorial" project ", Dan Negru explained for

"You will see Gheorghe Zamfir, who tells a lot of interesting things, starting with the way he wrote the music for 'Once upon a time in America'. People know that Zamfir wrote the music for one of the most important films in the history of world cinema, starring Robert de Niro. Robert de Niro was zero in ‘Once upon a time in America’ without Gheorghe Zamfir's panpipe! ”, Pointed out the Antena 1 star.

Luni, 5 aprilie, va fi difuzat primul fragment din cea dintâi ediție a show-ului „Legende”, iar pe 12 aprilie vom vedea interviul integral, primul invitat al lui Dan Negru fiind Ilie Năstase. Următoarea emisune îl va avea ca protagonist pe Gheorghe Zamfir.

Mascara negru

Method of preparation:
Se adaugă ingredientele fazei A și fazei B în câte un pahar termorezistent mic. Se plasează fazele pe baie de apă și se încălzesc până ce faza A se topește și devine omogenă (cca. 70°C). Pe parcursul încălzirii ambele faze se amestecă.

Se îndepărtează paharele din baia de apă. Se transferă conținutul fazei B peste faza A și se amestecă energic timp de 3 minute. Apoi, pentru a accelera răcirea, se plasează paharul pe un vas cu apă rece și se continuă amestecarea încă cca. 3 minute.
Peste compoziția răcită se adaugă pe rând ingredientele fazei C, cu amestecare temeinică după fiecare.

Transferul în tubul de mascara: se extrage preparatul cu ajutorul unei seringi (fără ac) de regulă este nevoie de repetarea operațiunii. Se plasează vârful seringii în orificiul tubului de mascara și se împinge pistonul lent astfel încât preparatul să curgă pe peretele interior al tubului de mascara iar în lateral să poată ieși aerul. Pe parcurs se poate bate tubul de masă, astfel încât preparatul să ajungă la baza tubului.

Oferă genelor un aspect elegant, volum moderat și rezistă destul de bine pe parcursul zilei. Se aplică pe gene de două ori. Nu este rezistent la apă.

Video: Ελάτε να παίξουμε με το οδοντιατρείο της Play-Doh! GR edition (January 2022).