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Dessert cake with biscuits and blackberry cream

Dessert cake with biscuits and blackberry cream

Wash the blackberries and boil with the sugar until reduced. They are crushed with the help of the vertical mixer and passed through a sieve. Allow to cool.

Put the gelatin in a saucepan, mix with 100 ml of cold water and set aside.

In a large cake pan, moistened and lined with foil, place a row of biscuits soaked in raspberry syrup diluted with 150 ml of water.

Mix 300 ml of whipped cream, then incorporate the condensed milk and blackberry jam. From this cream take 200 g for decoration, which is kept in a casserole in the refrigerator.

Put the gelatin on the fire until it becomes liquid, then pour it over the remaining blackberry cream and mix.

Place a layer of cream over the biscuits in the tray, then fill with another layer of biscuits soaked in syrup, again a layer of cream, and finally another layer of syrupy biscuits.

Wrap the cake in foil and place in the fridge until the next day or until the cream is well set.

After that, mix the remaining 200 ml of whipped cream and decorate the cake with it, along with the previously kept blackberry cream.

Also, fresh blackberries and roinita leaves can be used for decoration.