Boil the potatoes in salted water for 10 minutes.

Drain and cover with paprika, turmeric, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Put in the preheated oven at 220 degrees and leave for 30-35 minutes, stirring occasionally.

For the sauce, heat the butter over medium heat and mix it with the flour. We let it take on a little color by stirring frequently - 12-15 minutes. Add the soup and salt and pepper. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low to medium and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Keep warm until use.

Place the potatoes on plates, pour the sauce in abundance, then the mozzarella strips.

Serve hot.

The lesser known dishes of North America

Maybe few people know that American food means more than the combination of burgers and straw potatoes. Whether we are talking about the USA or Canada, there are a number of American dishes that many of us have not even heard of. It is important to mention that now we will talk about food from the north of the continent, because in the south we find an even greater variety of dishes, which we will talk about in another article. Obviously, all these American dishes listed here are present following a subjective selection and, of course, there are many more. But I mentioned them because we can barely find, in very few places, a maximum of 1 or 2, so those who want to offer something memorable can take notes, because we will reveal some excellent ideas!

Putin - if you have already thought about creating an improved version of french fries, you are on the right track. That's what the people of Canada thought. A sauce is added to the classic potatoes gravy and an assortment of cheese similar to mozzarella. Serve the dish with pan-fried pork or crispy bacon. A delicious preparation!

Lobster Roll (lobster sandwich) - if we think about creatures that live in rivers, surely lobster will be first on the list. It is rarely found in our country, but in places in the USA near the ocean, lobsters are found and consumed. Even in the version street food, served in a kind of ciabatta with a sweeter taste, in which pieces of lobster are added. Depending on the region, butter or mayonnaise can be added. Last time I ate something like this in New York, in Smorgasburg Square - it was great, even if I paid $ 25.

Beaver tail - is one of the types of American dishes for which those who militate for animal protection do not need to get angry. The name of the food only reminds us of this animal, especially its tail, but it is not prepared from beaver. What it is? About some flat and fried pasta, which is greased with all kinds of goodies: chocolate cream, peanut butter, bananas, powdered sugar - any sweet ingredient, depending on everyone's preferences.

Oyster soup - probably a lot of people remember the legendary scene from the movie "Ace Ventura", where a secret code was related to an oyster soup from New England (not the only funny scene in the movie, but now we will not stop on this topic ). The soup has a base of chicken soup, to which are added diced potatoes, red onions and English celery. The English term is more correct to name this preparation, because chowderis denser than a simple soup, and in the company of toast is an ideal preparation and as a main course.

Shrimp & Grits - From the huge list of American dishes, it can be prepared in thousands of ways, especially with semolina, in sweet, salty, pan-fried or in the form of porridge. In this case it is served with shrimp and the description of the cooking process ends here. Initially, the dish was consumed for breakfast, but the Americans realized quite quickly that it can be consumed as a main course.

Key Lime pie (lime pie) - Let's start with the beginning: this name refers to a dessert, in which, initially, limes from the Florida Keys area were used. Luckily for us, no one will stop us from using limes bought from the market, but it is important to know what the original ingredients were! The base is a pie counter, over which is placed a mixture of condensed milk, egg and lime juice. Simple but extraordinary in taste!

Cornbread (cornbread) - on the occasion of the trip to the USA, when I entered a place where it was served and barbeque (where there were dishes especially from the south) I got acquainted with cornbread - a garnish a little sweet, a little salty, thick, but with a pleasant texture!

Chickens and waffles- There are a number of strange combinations in life that, surprisingly, go well together. Those who like the combination of sweet and savory will also like the chicken with waffles - the name describes the dish very well. Use a sweet waffle, over which a wing, a leg or a piece of chicken breast is placed. Depending on the region, the chicken can be prepared in breadcrumbs or simply fried, but what is certain is that the preparation is even tastier if we add a little maple syrup.

It's all about asparagus

Asparagus sprouts are the young shoots of what would become a giant fern-like plant if we didn't eat them. They take a long time (3-4 years to produce from the day the seed is planted) and space (a few square feet on the plant) to increase their exalted status as a luxury vegetable.

Types of asparagus

Most asparagus in the US are green, with some purple and sweet purple varieties appearing from time to time.

In Europe, the fat, white asparagus, which is grown under buried soil or sand to keep it green, is preferred for its light and mild aroma.


Asparagus is harvested from March to June, depending on your region. At the beginning of the season the spears can be as thin as pencils towards the end of the season, heavy, meatier spines become available. Note that the thickness does not indicate sensitivity at all, which is related to how the plant is grown and how soon it is consumed after harvest, rather than the size of the spears. Thin or long-stored asparagus can be hard and without fresh flavor, fat spears can be remarkably sweet and delicate.

Purchase of asparagus

Buy asparagus as soon as possible after harvest. Farmers and shops that buy from local producers are the best bets for extraordinary specimens. Look for smooth skin, bright green color, compact ends and freshly cut heads. Look for asparagus, which is just as green (or purple or white, in the case of purple and white varieties) as soon as possible, to increase your chances of biting your spear.

Note that 1 tablespoon of asparagus is usually between 12 and 15 spears, will make 2 to 4 servings and will produce about 3 cups of asparagus.

Asparagus storage

Some people recommend storing asparagus as you would make flowers in a pot of water. This is not always practical and storing them in a plastic bag wrapped in delicate pieces works well.

Remember: the faster you eat, the better the flavor.

Preparing the asparagus

Whether it is thin or greasy, you will need to cut the asparagus before cooking. The quickest and easiest way is to hold your heads and bend the spear until it breaks somewhere in the middle, everything from the middle to the top will be delicate enough to eat easily. For less waste and a more elegant presentation of thicker spears, try baking asparagus.

Cook Asparagus

Asparagus can be cooked in many ways - fried, grilled, steamed, boiled, pan-fried, fried - and how to prepare it depends on your taste as much as asparagus. In general, however, thinner spears are better for frying, grilling, frying, frying with pasta and even eating raw in salads. The thicker asparagus is traditionally left whole so that its delicate texture and texture can be appreciated. Try steaming it with butter or hollandaise sauce, or blanching and cooling it with a vinaigrette or other dressing. The first asparagus of the season? Try to be lightly steamed with lemon juice. Do you like that? It's spring.

Asparagus recipes

Try some of these recipes the next time you come home from the market with a bunch or two of asparagus:

The 50 best southern restaurants in America

There is nothing better than a good southern meal, whether you throw away milk biscuits, pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, good old-fashioned barbecue, shrimp and wheat or all of the above (with some sweet tea, please) .

In search of the best southern food imaginable, Open Table asked users to vote for the top 50 restaurants in the southern United States. The results are overwhelming - and, surprisingly, some Nordics may not have to travel far to find delicious southern fares. Read on for the full list (but beware, you'll be hungry).

Abel Brown
Augusta, Georgia

The Masters House also houses this elegant southern kitchen and oyster bar. Abel Brown's menu changes daily (!), But featured all sorts of southern favorites, including slow-smoking pork shoulder, white GA shrimp and wheat, and just about any variety of oysters you could want.

Washington DC.

This contemporary Louisiana fish house is a rare find in our nation's capital. Led by the chef Jeff Tunks , president of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, Acadiana serves Bayou favorites, as only one with intimate knowledge of the region's cooking styles, such as their pacifying oyster boy (pictured below), can do.

Castaniu, Alabama

Channeling the look of an elegant yet comfortable stone cottage, Acre delivers incredible flavors from the chef David Bancroft , which was nominated for the prestigious James Beard Foundation Award for Best Chef: South. With twists of the southern classics, including fried chicken quail and sweet corn donuts, it's no wonder Acre did the cutting for Southern life The best list in the South in 2018.

Alligator soul
Savannah, Georgia

This elegant downtown Savannah restaurant has been consistently named one of the city's most important dining options since its inception in 2003. Alligator Soul's unique vibration comes in part from its location in a former underground grain house (c 1885) and partly from attention to detail in every dish - including their alligator bouquets and Etta James, an organic gin cocktail infused with cucumbers and organic blueberries, effervescent citrus and fresh blueberries, all covered with a cucumber wheel .

Charleston, South Carolina

This luxury Charleston restaurant offers a true dining experience with a menu full of seafood (see crispy flat, blackened sleep and half-shell oysters), as well as traditional southern favors, including stuffed eggs and greens. I wouldn't say no to mashed potatoes with goat cheese!

Flowering branch, Georgia

Foodies will find a seasonal contemporary rotating southern menu at Antebellum, an 1890s-style home-built restaurant (complete with a porch) just outside Atlanta. A recent favorite is wild Alaskan halibut, served with summer vegetable risotto, legacy tomatoes, green salsa, milk pearls and pickled radishes.

Atchafalaya Restaurant
New Orleans, Louisiana

This Big Easy restaurant offers quite southern, slightly sophisticated dishes, in a building that first functioned as a grocery store, then a bar, which undergoes a few more transformations before becoming the modern restaurant that pushes the borders, which is today Atchafalaya. With a menu ranging from gumbo of turtle sausage and alligator to bananas that feed waffles, Atchafalaya has something for every eater.

The Boil Waverly
New York, New York

All on board for authentic Cajun / Creole seafood, including crayfish flying directly from Bayou's Louisiana daily plus lobster, shells, shrimp, several types of crab legs and more. You may want to bring your own backpack, because things might get a little rough.

New Orleans, Louisiana

It's no surprise that New Orleans is leading the pack when it comes to southern food, and Boucherie is taking a southern appreciation of food to a whole new level. With contemporary twists on old favorites - think of mussels with greens and french fries - it's impossible to starve here.

Brennan is from Houston
Houston, Texas

The southern hospitality at Brennan’s in Houston is almost as memorable as their food. Since opening as a sister restaurant at the famous Commander's Palace in New Orleans more than 40 years ago, Brennan's self-described loving band of misfits has served an unforgettable personalized dining experience - such as their infamous adoption of bananas, seen in the action below.

Cafe Dupont
Birmingham, Alabama

head Chris Dupont has brought the freshest local ingredients to its eponymous cafe since opening its first inaugural location in Springville, Alabama, where Dupont will pick his own blackberries and buttons from the fields of local farmers and growers. Now housed in a renovated shop window dating back to the 1870s in Birmingham’s historic North End, Cafe Dupont remains a hot spot for all things local, fresh and southern.

A post shared by Cafe Dupont (@cafe_dupont) on September 13, 2019 at 7:14 PM PDT

Carrollton Square
New Orleans, Louisiana

Refined food. Careful source. Expertly trained. This is the Carrollton Market mode and shows in every offer from the modern southern bistro, from good enough oysters and golf shrimp risotto to biscuits and leftovers (beef tail leftovers, i.e.) and poutine brunch.

About 1886
Charleston, South Carolina

Along with a wine list with over 325 bottles, Circa 1886 offers an excellent dining experience located in the original carriage house of historic Wentworth Mansion in downtown Charleston. Here you will find local seasonal ingredients - with the exception of antelope, a local fave from a Texas farm.

San Antonio, Texas

Housed in a renovated historic building first built in 1904, Cured lives up to its name, with a beautiful range of cured foods, from acacia to pickles. The name of the restaurant has a personal meaning for the chef Steve McHugh , a three-time James Beard Award finalist and cancer survivor.

Cypress Restaurant
Tallahassee, Florida

Florida's status as a southern state could be debated, but there's no doubt that Cypress serves some truly delicious flavors, whether they stick to traditional southern dishes or give fresh spin to cuisines around the world.

Distilled at the Sire Hotel
Lexington, Kentucky

It is safe to assume that a unit called Distilled could serve a fine drink or two - in this case, more than 50 varieties of bourbon and more than 10 types each of scotch and rye. (After all, Kentucky is the bourbon country, but you'll also find cocktails, beers, and wines if straight liquor isn't your game.) You won't be thirsty at Distilled, and you won't be hungry with a curry-running menu. of lentils on short ribs.

Dogwood Southern Table & Bar
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dogwood owners Jon and Kim Dressler say that we are here to feed you well, to treat you well and to leave happy. If it's not southern hospitality, we don't know what it is. And they had brunch!

Austin, Texas

head James Robert promises to give you the most memorable Sunday dinner at Fixe in Austin, Texas, where there can never be too many biscuits (or evil eggs, or sweet pickles of tea or crunchy sleep with kimchi necklaces - we could go on).

High Street Caffe & Vudu Lounge
West Chester, Pennsylvania

Sometimes you find a great Creole fusion where you least expect it: Pennsylvania. This funky restaurant serves a wide variety of foods, including wild boar, ostrich, kangaroo and alligator racks, but is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Highball & Harvest
Orlando, Florida

Located at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Orlando, Highball & Harvest serves only the best Southern food, from Benedict’s pork belly and milk pancakes for breakfast to watermelon, shrimp and wheat salad for dinner. And don't forget to check out their cocktail menu!

Highlands Bar & Grill
Birmingham, Alabama

James Beard Award-winning chefs Frank Stitt and Pardis Stitt form a fierce team as co-owners and operators of husband and wife Highlands Bar & Grill. Its roots in the French culinary scene and its growth in the Persian culture focused on food bring a certain I do not know what to the dishes and the southern atmosphere that the couple gladly creates in their home state.

Chefs and co-owners Chris and Idie Hastings brings their unique blend of Southern, French and Californian cooking styles to the Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, one of the first farm-to-table restaurants east of Mississippi. Take a look at their menu and you'll see why Chris won the James Beard Best Chef: South Award in 2012.

Ida Claire
Addison, Texas

Billed as South of Ordinary, Ida Claire offers an hour of vinyl each week and a lovely outdoor garden (including a vintage Airstream trailer and a garden bar). You’ll find lovely pieces of traditional southern dishes at breakfast (try pork belly biscuits), lunch (bath over the pimento cheese burger) and dinner (start with crayfish corn fritters) - not to mention brunch and the list of cocktails.

Kitchen Notes - Omni Nashville
Nashville, Tennessee

From incredible southern staples from farm to table, made from recipes passed down for generations in an unbeatable location in downtown Nashville, Kitchen Notes has it all. (Two words: Biscuit Bar.)

(Kitchen Notes - Omni Nashville)

The King's Kitchen
Charlotte, North Carolina

Founded in 2010, this non-profit restaurant is a southern cuisine with a local mission. King's Kitchen is partnering with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Dream Center and other area ministries to provide jobs and living - skills training, social etiquette workshops, financial management guidance and employment opportunities for community members dealing with the lack of shelter, poverty, dependency and other employment risk factors. In addition, 100% of the profits from the amazing, local menu of the restaurant are intended to feed the poor.

Langdon’s Restaurant
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

You'll find all the Lowcountry classics (oysters and shrimp, anyone?) Mixed with global flavors (such as Hawaiian hahi tuna with Asian salad water, avocado and ginger vinegar) on the menu at Langdon Restaurant, the only recipient of the AAA Four-Diamond Award Award to Mount Pleasant.

Highlands, North Carolina

Set in the elegant Old Edwards Inn and Resort in the Highlands, with stunning views of the wine garden, Madison’s serves only the freshest farm-to-fork meals. Guests can enjoy their luxury fare, with the sound of a waterfall and mountain breezes, through the open windows of the inn, weather permitting.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Mandolina is committed to the next level of local food with Chef Sean Fowler Mandolin Farm, a farm in North Raleigh, where Fowler and his team plant and harvest both rare and on-demand ingredients (think of lots of eggs for the weekend brunch). Speaking of brunch, they took everything from dough waffles to a pork madame to everyone's favorite weekend meal.

Chef Sean Fowler at Mandolin Farm. (Josh Manning)

Maple Tree Inn
Blue Island, Illinois

Self-taught chef Charlie Orr opened its doors at the Maple Tree Inn in 1975, moving to the Cajun / Creole kitchen after starting to study it while looking for a cure for a hangover. Now, the next generation of the Orr family prepares all their food at home, including jambalaya, smoked andouille sausages, étoufée and more.

Merrick Inn
Lexington, Kentucky

There are walls in the walls of the Merrick Inn, which was first built before the Civil War and once served as a mansion for one of Kentucky's most famous horse farms - the home of the famous Exterminator, winner of the 1918 Kentucky Derby and Merrick, the purebred who won 62 races and named the inn. Today, the remodeled building has been run by the Murray family for more than 40 years, and the menu features such southern classics as Maker’s Mark shrimp and fried green tomatoes.

Midtown Cafe
Nashville, Tennessee

Next to Nashville’s famous Music Row, you’ll find the charming, casual Midtown Cafe. Ask about their free shuttle from the city center between rounds of French toast, chicken biscuits and baked shells with poppy brie lobster and cheese.

Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Mozelle's promises: we have the wine you want to drink and the food you want to be able to make. Sold!

Choosing a restaurant in the French Quarter may seem like an impossible task, but know that you can’t go wrong with Mr. B’s Bistro. Mr. B lives up to his culinary reputation with eliminations like gumbo ya ya (with a super-dark roux with spicy chicken and gumbo andouille) and creole bread pudding with Irish whiskey sauce.

Muriel’s Jackson Square
New Orleans, Louisiana

Also located in the heart of the French Quarter - the selection is truly incredible! - is Muriel's Jackson Square, housed in an incredibly historic building with roots dating back to the founding of New Orleans in the early 1700s. Once a private residence, today the unit has a luxurious yet intimate feel, which fits perfectly with its dying menu.

Olde Pink House Restaurant
Savannah, Georgia

Adjacent to the historic Planters Inn is Olde Pink House, the only 18th-century Savannah mansion and one of the hottest places to enjoy Lowcountry cuisine in the distinct southern town. With live entertainment every night and a full southern menu (plus cocktails you've never even heard of), Olde Pink House respects its reputation for greatness.

Preserved restaurant
St. Augustine, Florida

The preserved restaurant lives up to its name, located in a house once occupied by the president Thomas Jefferson His great-niece Maria Jefferson Shine and her husband in 1892 - one of the oldest houses in the area, with the original structure (first built between 1865 and 1885) still intact. There is history around you at Preserved and great food (not to mention Sunday brunch!).

Dallas, Texas

More than a fresh approach to old-fashioned southern booths, Rapscallion claims a custom, dry-aging refrigerator that blesses premium pieces of meat before being grilled on a custom pecan (or roasted over) grill. a custom pecan toaster). In addition, the entire menu (except oysters) is halved for service workers every Tuesday.

Restaurant IRON
Pensacola, Florida

One of the best dining options in downtown Pensacola began as a luncheon just on a golf course and quickly became the self-contained southern cuisine that is today the IRON Restaurant. Everything here is a cut on top, such as PB&J grade A foie gras (with pistachio butter, local blueberry jam and shock flowers, BlueJay muffin and milk punch cinnamon) and the old smoked decorated with - what else? - a thick slice of bacon.

Restaurant R’evolution
New Orleans, Louisiana

The revolution continues at R’evolution Restaurant, where Cajun and Creole preferences mix with what Chef John Folse call Louisiana swamp floor pantry (think of alligator, frog, kumquat and crayfish). Brave souls will want to try Death by Gumbo, a quail gumbo with a whole quail, semi-deboned, stuffed with oysters, andouille sausages and rice.

Restaurant Rebirth
New Orleans, Louisiana

Being the only stop in the warehouse district for the Creole fare from the farm to the table, Rebirth Restaurant brings a whole new meaning to soul food. Their attention to detail knows no bounds - they even squeeze their own cane juice for simple syrup, cane vinegar and Creole mustard icing.

Root and bone
New York, New York

Although not a southern city, New York is, of course, home to some of the best grub in the world, including the honest southern food found at Root & Bone in East Village, Manhattan. They even make Thanksgiving reservations for hosts and hostesses who are not so gifted among us.

RT restaurant
Alexandria, Virginia

After more than three decades of business, RT’s Restaurant boldly claims to serve the best Creole and Cajun food outside of Louisiana and have a damn good menu to show it off. With oysters, shrimp and crayfish in abundance, we would be happy to raise a chair here.

Rx Restaurant
Wilmington, North Carolina

Focusing on southern cuisine based on ingredients, the people at Rx Restaurant are dedicated to the attention of local farmers and food in their creations. Located in the historic drugstore building in downtown Wilmington, they also keep seasonal food and beverage offerings so you always get the best of the best.

With branches in Atlanta, Alpharetta and Smyrna, South City Kitchen is a staple in Georgia - and there are many things to love in every location after more than 20 years in the game.

State of grace
Houston, Texas

The mission at State of Grace is to hurry up in our free time - to slow down and remember all the places we've been, while eating piles of delicious food, of course. How could you go wrong with Sunday Dinner and the Oyster Room menu?

Owned by the team of husband and wife cooks Jason and Julia Scholz , Stella’s Bistro takes its name from the late Stella couple’s beloved dog, whose sweet spirit lives in their cooking and service. Here you will find all the southern favors - including fried gourd from the horizon and a cute and bloody Mary.

Buffalo, New York

Even in Buffalo, diners can experience hearty southern-style meals made with high-quality local ingredients. Toutant, named for the chef James Roberts 'Great- Grandfather The capture and fishing camp, serves it with the best of them.

Urban Grub
Nashville, Tennessee

Housed in a renovated car wash in Nashville’s modern 12 South neighborhood, Urban Grub perfectly blends the best old traditions and new southern food trends. With freshly made homemade pasta, a complete meat curing room, a beer garden and an oyster bar, the food will be more than happy here.

Willa Jean
New Orleans, Louisiana

Willa Jean's name is not the only distinct part of the south of the unit, a restaurant and bakery in New Orleans with a menu that includes a section detailing the situation of the biscuits. Visitors will also want to check out the pastry and coffee situation, plus cookies and milk (!).

Yardbird has already made a name for itself in the fame of southern food in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas and Singapore. The people here honor the southern roots as they expand to put new twists on the old classics, such as for their foot brunch, healing the soul.

Causes of gout

Gout is a complex condition caused by one or more factors. The disease can occur as a result of a disorganized diet, as a symptom of other diseases, as a consequence of aggressive drug treatments or can be transmitted genetically. Below you can find out something about each one:

  • Diet and lifestyle - it is believed that diet is a factor in 12% of cases of gout. High amounts of alcohol (beer and spirits are more dangerous than wine), carbonated drinks with sugar, red meat, seafood, dried mushrooms, seaweed, excess salt and brewer's yeast contain purines and can contribute to uric acid buildup.
  • Cauze genetice – nivelul acidului uric din sânge este influențat în proporție de 60% pe cale genetică (dacă cel puțin unul dintre părinți a avut probleme cu acumularea acidului uric sunt șanse mari ca acest lucru să fie transmis copiilor). Anumite mutații genetice cresc și mai mult riscul de gută
  • Hiperuricemie – studiile spun că circa 10% dintre persoanele care au hiperuricemie vor dezvolta gută la un moment dat
  • Alte afecțiuni – în mod frecvent guta apare în combinație cu alte probleme medicale. Afecțiuni precum hipertensiunea articulară, diabetul de tip 2, apneea în somn, bolile metabolice sau de rinichi și obezitatea abdominală apar în circa 75% din cazurile de gută
  • Unele medicamente – consumul unor medicamente poate crește riscul de apariție al gutei. În această categorie intră niacina, aspirina, inhibitorii enzimatici, medicația pentru hipertensiune articulară și ciclosporinii

De asemenea, printre factorii de risc în apariția gutei se numără problemele de metabolism, noile schimbări în alimentație apărute în ultimii 50 ani și speranța de viață crescută.

Dezvoltarea gutei este cu atât mai probabilă în cazul persoanelor care sunt hipertensivi, obezi și au un nivel ridicat al colesterolului și trigliceridelor.

20 feluri de mancare memorabile pe care sa le incerci intr-o viata

Te invitam intr-o scurta calatorie culinara in jurul lumii si te invitam sa degusti cele mai bune mancaruri specifice fiecarei tari in parte.

De la pizza din Napoli, la sushi facut de celebrul Jiro Ono, cel mai bun sushi chef din lume, pana la El Diablo - o mancare gatita la caldura unui vulcanul, iata ce mancaruri speciale trebuie sa incerci macar o data in viata.

1. Pho, supa vietnameza cu noodles si carne de vita - Hanoi, Vietnam

2. Paella in restaurantul faimos Can Majó, situat pe o plaja in Barcelona.

3. Pizza in Napoli, Italia

4. Feijoada, mancarea nationala a Braziliei, o tocana format de carne de vita, carne de porc si fasole neagra

5. Gelato in Italia - Roma, Florenta, Milano, Venetia

6. Poutine, o specialitate cu cartofi prajoto cu sos brun si branza in Montreal, Canada. Localnicii iti recomanda sa o incerci la "La Banquise"

7. Sushi la Sukiyabashi Jiro, restaurantul faimos din documentarul "Jiro Dreams of Sushi."

8. Noodle soup, in Penang, Malaesia

9. Sachertorte - un tort cu ciocolata bogat, in Viena, Austria

10. Currywurst, mancarea de strada din Berlin

11. Fish and chips in Londra

12. Moules-frites in Bruxelles, Belgia

13. Arroz con pollo, un orez cu carne de pui, legume si fasole neagra, in Havana, Cuba

14. Croque madame, sandvisul pe care trebuie sa-l incerci in Franta

15. Bouillabaisse, supa cu peste, crustacee si legume, in Marsilia

16. El Diablo - mancare gatita la caldura vulcanului in Parcul National Timanfaya de pe insula Lanzarote

17. Orez dulce cu mango in Thailanda

18.Ratatouille, un deliciu pe care trebuie sa il incerci in sudul Frantei

19. Lablabi, un fel de mancare ce are consistenta intre supa si tocanita, in Tunisia

20. Vatapa, o tocanita cu creveti, lapte de cocos, paine, uleiul de palmier, in Brazilia

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Turul Burgerilor: World Burger Tour 2016 la Hard Rock Cafe

Ca și anul trecut, la Hard Rock Cafe au fost introduse temporar în meniu niște rețete noi de burgeri, în cadrul World Burger Tour. Îi găsiți acolo în iunie și iulie. Eu i-am “găsit” zilele trecute, după ce-am văzut reclama pe un autobuz RATB, și am făcut o pauză de la salate ca să încerc doi dintre ei.

Atomic Burger, cu specific american, este cel mai bun, e un burger gustos și echilibrat. Conține carne de vită, ceapă prăjită, ardei jalapenos, salată rucola, roșie și brânză, plus ceva maioneză făcută cu Sriracha. Poate sta oricând în meniu alături de cei normali.

Greek Burger conține carne de vită, sos Tzatziki, salată rucola, roșie și un amestec de branză Feta cu capere, măsline negre, ardei gras și ceapă. Bunicel și el, dar nu extraordinar. Dacă ar fi să alegeți unul, mergeți pe Atomic.

Mai există în meniu un burger spaniol, dar era cu brânză de capră și nu l-am vrut, plus unul indian, care-i vegetarian.

Meniul vine și cu niște cartofi prăjiți noi. Cei lăudați, cartofi poutine, sunt oribili, cartofi prăjiți peste care s-a dat cu un sos gravy, sos care nu are ce căuta peste cartofi. I-am luat și nu i-am putut mânca, n-au fost deloc pe gustul meu. Mai costă și “doar 6 lei în plus” ar trebui să fie la jumătate de preț față de cei normali! Dacă vreți cartofi speciali, luați din ceilalți din meniu, vă recomand cartofii cu ierburi și usturoi.

Există și băuturi noi în cadrul World Burger Tour. Crisp Sipper este bunicel, e făcut cu gin Hendrick’s (care-i un gin foarte bun, vi-l recomand) și garnisit inclusiv cu rozmarin. Black Cherry Lemonade este o băutură fără alcool care nu merită banii, este o apă cu un pic de sirop de cireșe. Beți altceva dacă sunteți cu mașina, poate un Berrylicious, poate apă plată.

Hard Rock Cafe: site oficial Bulevardul Kiseleff 32, sector 1 orar D-J 12-24 V-S 12-1.

Mâncărurile naționale sau populare ale unei țări sunt rețete păstrate prin tradiție, de la străbuni, care au devenit consacrate, caracterizând preferințele culinare ale populației respective. Vizitatorii unei țări se interesează, de obicei, de mâncărurile specifice și de bucătăria zonei, dorind să guste mâncărurile tradiționale sau felurile de mâncare considerate naționale. Am evidențiat aici unele din mâncărurile populare pentru câteva țări, cu o scurtă descriere.

1. Australia

Adesea folosită ca un remediu perfect pentru mahmureală și ca o mâncare în timpul iernii, plăcinta australiană este preparată din carne, în stil australian, și se servește într-un castron cu supă groasă de mazăre verde. Este uneori acoperită cu sos de roșii, oțet, sare și piper.

Specific austriac este șnițelul vienez, preparat dintr-un cotlet de vițel foarte subțire, care se dă prin pesmet și apoi se prăjește. De obicei, este servit cu lămâie și pătrunjel, fiind însoțit cu o garnitură din cartofi sau orez.

3. Argentina

Asado este termenul generic folosit pentru a descrie delicioasa friptură din carne, diversă, la grătar. Argentina este unul din cei mai mari exportatori de carne din lume, iar o friptură preparată de un asador (grataragiul argentinian) este savuroasă.

4. Arabia Saudită

Deși se găsește peste tot în Orientul Mijlociu, kabsa este deosebit de popular în Arabia Saudită. Se prepară din orez, de obicei cu bob lung, împreună cu o mulțime de condimente, cum ar fi cuișoare, cardamom, șofran, scorțișoară, piper, nucșoară, frunze de dafin, etc. Este, de regulă, amestecat cu carne și legume, pentru a rezulta o masă copioasă.

Moules-frites (midii cu cartofi prăjiți) sunt disponibile și în alte țări, cum ar fi Franța și SUA, dar combinația belgiană cu cimbru le face mai delicioase. Midiile sunt pregătite în diverse moduri (fierte cu vin, trase în unt sau fierte într-un suc de roșii, cu diverse alte ierburi) și se servesc cu cartofi prăjiți pai, sărați și crocanți, și spălate cu bere belgiană.

Brazilia este o țară mare, cu bucătărie variată, fiind dificil în a alege doar un singur fel de mâncare. Dar, probabil, feijoada poate fi numită mâncarea tradițională caracteristică. Feijoada este o tocană din fasole neagră cu carne de vită și de porc afumată, servită de obicei cu orez, varză, farofa (făină de manioc prăjită), sos iute și o felie de portocală, pentru a ajuta digestia.

Originară din zona Quebec-ului și răspândită apoi mai în toată Canada, poutine este o mâncare delicioasă, spun cunoscătorii, pe bază de cartofi prăjiți, acoperiți cu un sos brun specific și cu brânză de vacă proaspătă și grasă.

De asemenea, este dificil de a selecta doar un singur fel de mâncare pentru o astfel de țară mare și variată, cum este China, dar găluștele xiaolongbao sunt cu siguranță unul dintre alimentele tradiționale ale acestei țării. Originare din zona Shanghai, găluștele sunt de obicei umplute cu carne și sos de bulion și aburite într-un coș de bambus.

Molokhia se servește în toată Africa de Nord, dar este deosebit de populară în Egipt, de unde se crede că a provenit. Egiptenii folosesc frunze de molokhia (o planta cu gust amar) tocate fin și preparate cu coriandru, usturoi și alte ingrediente. În general, este servită cu carne de pui sau de iepure și, uneori, cu miel sau pește.

Khachapuri este o pâine bine rumenită umplută cu bucăți de brânză, ou și cimbru, considerată mâncarea națională din Georgia.

Heringul marinat se prepară din file de hering crud care se conservă într-un amestec de cidru de mere, vin, zahăr, plante medicinale și alte condimente. Se consumă pe pâine proaspăta, acoperit cu ceapă tocată.

În India, bucătăria variază foarte mult în funcție de regiune, așa că este aproape imposibil de a alege doar un fel de mâncare pentru a caracteriza țara. În partea de nord, felurile de mâncare sunt mai grele, bazate pe carne, bogate în curry și servite cu pâine aromată, pe când în partea de sud se gătesc mai mult mâncăruri vegetariene, cu condimente intense. Totuși am ales pui tandoori, bazat pe carne de pui, care este condimentată cu tandori-masala (amestec indian de condimente, realizat adesea din peste 20 de mirodenii prăjite și râșnite) și prăjită într-un cuptor lut, cuptorul indian tradițional (tandoori). Este adesea servit cu legume, sos de iaurt și orez.

13. Indonezia

Martabak manis este o clătită indoneziană groasă și dulce. Părțile superioare și inferioare sunt practic aluat de clătită, în timp ce mijlocul se umple cu orice, după preferință, numai să fie dulce.

Sushi ar fi alegerea evidentă pentru mâncarea japoneză tradițională, dar katsudon este aproape la fel de popular. Katsudon este un cotlet de porc, crocant, prăjit în ulei, acoperit cu ou și multe condimente și servit peste o garnitură de orez.

Cu până la 100 de ingrediente, sosul mole este unul dintre cele mai complexe și aromate sosuri din lume. Originar din regiunile Puebla și Oaxaca, sosul mole este bogat, cremos, de culoarea ciocolatei și cu aromă picantă, fiind pus aproape peste orice.

16. Norvegia

Rakfisk este fel de mâncare făcut din păstrăv, care a fost sărat și fermentat timp de câteva luni sau chiar până la un an. Este consumat fără a fi preparat, de multe ori însoțit de ceapă și smântână.

17. Filipine

Adobo este un fel de mâncare care preparat din carne (de porc sau de pui), fiartă în oțet, sos de soia, usturoi, boia de ardei, oregano și ulei, care determină o explozie de arome.

18. Portugalia

Francesinha este un sandwich portughez făcut cu pâine, șuncă afumată de porc și friptură, care este acoperit cu brânză topită și udat cu sos de roșii cald. Se servește cu o porție de cartofi prăjiți și o bere rece.

Orice vizitator al Rusia este „obligat” să încerce un borș de sfeclă. Este, în general, servit rece, deși mulți îl preferă cald, cu 2-3 linguri de smântână deasupra. O vodcă înainte este obligatorie.

Jamón ibérico este produs mai ales în Spania din pulpa din spate a porcilor negri, crescuți în anumite zone, după sărare, uscare, spălare, iar uscare și afumare (procesul poate dura până la 48 de luni). După înțărcare, purceii sunt îngrășați cu orz și porumb timp de câteva săptămâni, iar apoi sunt lăsați liberi în plantații de stejar, ca să se hrănească în mod natural cu iarbă, plante, ghindă și rădăcini, până la momentul sacrificării. Jambonul este servit în mod tradițional cu un pahar de vin consistent, pâine proaspătă, brânzeturi, măsline sau chiar fructe proaspete.

Varenyky sunt un fel de găluște din aluat umplute cu piure de cartofi, brânză, varză (acră sau dulce), ou fiert tare sau carne sau o combinație a acestora. Se fierb timp de câteva minute și apoi se stropesc cu unt, grăsime de porc sau alte topping-uri, dar și cu ceapă și smântână.

22. Țara Galilor

Clark’s Pies, poreclite cu drag „Clarkies” sau „Clarksies”, sunt niște plăcinte cu carne originare din zona Cardiff. Rețeta exactă a umpluturii este un secret bine păzit, dar ele conțin sigur carne de vită, legume și un sos.

Desi am mancat midii in multe tari, trebuie sa recunosc: nimic nu se compara cu moules frites (midii si cartofi prajiti) mancate in carciumioarele care impanzesc zona pietonala… Read More »

-As dori o shaorma, va rog! -Mica, mare? -Mare. -Sa fie cu… ardei iute, cu usturoi, cu… -Cu de toate! Cati dintre voi ati avut acest dialog, sau… Read More »

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Emmanuel și Brigitte Macron, întâlnire cu președintele rus Vladimir Putin, în Franța

La începutul acestei săptămâni, Vladimir Putin (66 de ani) a făcut o vizită oficială în Franța, la casa de vacanță a cuplului prezidențial.

Președintele rus nu a mers cu mâna goală, ci i-a făcut o surpriză lui Brigitte. Vladimir Putin a impresionat-o pe prima doamnă cu un buchet de trandafiri roz.

Chiar dacă nu s-a simțit perfect, Brigitte Macron (66 de ani) s-a arătat foarte încântată de gestul președintelui rus.

Fosta profesoară s-a acidentat la umăr și a fost nevoită să poarte un bandaj special. În momentul surprinderii fotografiilor oficiale, prima doamnă a renunțat la bandaj.

Brigitte Macron a respectat și codul vestimentar. A purtat o rochie bleu până la genunchi și pantofi nude, asortați restului ținutei.