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Tort '' nabadaios ''

Tort '' nabadaios ''

Wheat: Mix the egg whites well with a pinch of salt, then add the sugar, little by little and mix vigorously until you get a very strong meringue. Add the starch and vinegar and mix, finally add the ground walnuts, stirring gently. Wallpaper a tray with baking paper and draw a circle with a diameter of 24 cm, put the meringue in a posh and form a round sheet, make 2 such sheets that we put in the preheated oven, let the oven open to dry the meringue . In the remaining meringue, add flour and cocoa and form a round top with the same size as the meringues. Bake this sheet as well, but close the oven, it is ready when it passes the toothpick test.

Cream: Put the egg whites in a saucepan and mix them well, add the sugar and mix until it becomes a hard meringue, then place the pan on a steam bath and mix continuously for about 20 minutes. Let the meringue cool, then add the raspberry jam, mix well. After mixing well, add mascarpone and walnuts. Separately prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the package and then incorporate it into the cream.

For decoration: Mix the cream well with the whipped cream until it hardens.

Assembly: Place the first sheet of meringue on a plate, put the removable ring in the shape of a cake, add half of the cream, then the brown sheet, the rest of the cream and the meringue sheet. Let the cake cool for about 4-5 hours. After it has cooled, remove the ring from the form and decorate as you like with whipped cream and then with melted chocolate.

May you feel good when I taste the "nabadaios" cake .....

Tudor Chirilă: "I would not like to accept that this people can be led by this type of elite, that it is about the media, that it is about politics"

The launch of the volume “Two brooms is talking” took place on Thursday. Romanian scenes ”by Radu Paraschivescu. The author, Lidia Bodea, Sever Voinescu and Tudor Chirilă spoke at the launch event. Starting from the message of the book that presents the Romanian political scene, one that forces you to irony, as its author says, the actor and singer Tudor Chirilă urged indignation.

Tudor Chirilă explained at the launch event of the book “Two brooms are talking. Romanian scenes ", by Radu Paraschivescu, published by Humanitas, that reading the book," you risk a dangerous thing, to position yourself only in the camp of the good ".

At the end of the reading, the actor says that you can only wonder how much each of us contributed to the situation that led to the birth of such a volume.

"I think that Radu Paraschivescu's drama is a very big one, because the characters he writes about at eight in the morning are ridiculed by other characters who appear at nine in the evening. Very soon there will be material for a second volume ", said Tudor Chirilă.

The conclusion for any normal person after reading the book, believes the actor and the singer, “is that the CNA (National Audiovisual Council n.r.) if it should not be abolished, should at least be reorganized. But the big problem is that those who could abolish the CNA or even reorganize it are the characters of the book, and they do not seem to resonate in any way or look in the mirror set by Radu Paraschivescu ".

"Two brooms are talking. Romanian scenes ”catches you, continued Chirilă, in a slightly schizoid posture. "& # 8230 laugh and then you feel guilty for laughing. You ask, yes, I laughed, and what happened? ”

"Ion Iliescu looks like a kind of Muppets & # 8230 looking at him compared to what happens to newer characters & # 8230

It would be good, continued Chirilă, for this book to reach the young generation because reading it sends you into an area of ​​despair, but also of the question “what else to do?”. ”Humor saves from total despair. ”.

"I would not want to accept that this people can be led by this type of elite, that it is the media, or that it is politics. My question to myself, after reading it, was where I went wrong, what could I fix? How selfish am I not doing certain things that I might have to do in order to change something? What kind of change in us and those around us and without dictates like this - be the change you want to see in the world & # 8230 what should really be done? ”

If someone were to look at us through this book, it would be awful in Tudor Chirilă's opinion. "It is incorrect to say that this is Romania, but at the same time, it is correct to say that this is Romania."

At the end of his speech, Tudor Chirilă says that Paraschivescu's volume should invite us to indignation.

"According to the news that strikes from the Parliament towards us, from the televisions towards us, we are in an area with a foot in the pit", Chirilă also said. Eventually, the actor called for outrage. "I think outrage is the best solution."

How to assemble the delicious Banoffee Cake

Place the first cake top in a clean baking dish over which half of the amount of caramel is spread. Spread half of the mascarpone cream with whipped cream over the caramel and place thin slices of bananas on the entire surface.

Cover with the second top and again spread a layer of caramel, one of mascarpone cream with cream and banana slices. Decorate the edges with pieces of biscuits and grated chocolate. The cake thus assembled is cooled, preferably from one day to the next, only then it is removed from the form and portioned.

Mistakes that you are NEVER allowed to make

Do you think that the way you write does not matter but only the transmitted idea matters? Think again, because sometimes the idea can be compromised by the way it is written.

Regardless of the platform used: forums, facebook, online magazines, the exchange of experiences takes place in writing and that is why we should review our grammar, take it to a check to see how it is with health, so to speak.

Of course, writing flawlessly grammatically is not a condition for asking for or giving advice on the internet and not all people who communicate online have attended "high school", which does not affect the rest of their qualities, of course.

A minimum of respect for the language we speak and especially write, because in writing all the "escapes" are visible is not too much effort and it is never too late to correct yourself. We do not want to criticize you, but to help you in the most explicit way possible, without making you start over by reading the grammar compendiums.

Let's see what are the most common grammatical mistakes and what are the correct forms:

Extra hyphens. Some people, just in order not to be accused of not knowing spelling, put extra hyphens, which is a mistake as gross as the lack of hyphens.

It was raining with messages like: "we will go to sea you sheep seek doctor's advice /you to take treatment ”.

When you are tempted to write like this, think: can that "v" that you separated by a hyphen be replaced by "you"?

Did you mean, "You go to the sea, you ask the doctor for advice, you get treatment"? If not, write them together, as is coect: "we will leave, Vol ask, will take "as opposed to"I asked for advice (you), you have thought of something (you).

Also when you write "write your a diversification scheme "the meaning is"write your yourself, yourself ”are you sure that's what you want?

If not, then don't get complicated and write normally: "write”. And when you feel like writing "you have given antibiotics to the child? ” think about how you would write "I have given ": somehow"I have dat ”? No, so it is. "you dat, you dat, have dat ”.

Wrongly written words. It is correct "service", not "service". "To feel" not "to feel." "Absence", not "absence". "Optional" not "optional". "Adequate" not "adequate" as well as "frequent" not "frequent" and children are on the "slide" not on the "slide".

Pleonasmele. For example, the baby is "breastfed", not "breastfed".

"I" plus or minus. It is "child" in the singular, "children" in the plural and "children" when stressed.

If in the singular it is “father-in-law” in the plural, only “u” is changed to “i”, without adding another one, so: “I know many parents in law decent ”not“ many parents in law decent ”.

That extra "i" only appears when we emphasize: "father-in-law."it my "so" mother-in-lawand my". Also think that if in the singular it is "blue" not "blue", "meter" not "meter" then in the plural it is "eyes" blue" not "Blues”And“ 2 Metra of canvas ”no“ 2 meters”.

And verbs suffer hard because of the "i's" plus or minus.

Important to remember: verbs in the infinitive tense are written with a single "i", therefore "to want", "to read", "to love" and so on, these are the correct forms.

It is a new fashion among semi-agrammatists, not to mention the plague, to write "I would like, I would love it, you will read, you will receive" nothing more unpleasant for a retina accustomed to grammatical correctness.

And of course the most "nabadaios" verb is "to be", many people not knowing for sure when it is with one "i" and when with two. This verb is written with 2 i only in the imperative, so you tell the child "sons careful!" don't "be careful!", in phrases like: "I would like you to be careful, I would like you not to be ugly" and in forms like "you will be rewarded, you will not be scolded", “I: don't be careless, I will be careful, I would be careful, I would have been careful, I can be careful.

Let's not forget the classic "he has only a little fever".

If you want to use an affirmative verb, use "only" or "only": "he has only a little fever, he is only two years old".

"Than" it is used only if you also use "no", meaning: "I ONLY have two lei".

Of course, there are dozens of possible grammatical mistakes, broken words, bad expressions and we can't list them all without writing a novel-river, but the important thing is to correct the most common ones and pay more attention to the way we write. , especially since it is easy to check with online tools.

But why is it important to write as accurately as possible, even on topics about diapers or diversification?

To show respect for other users and not to subject them to terrible torments in case they venture to read your messages.

There are people who manage to provoke amazement, indignation or even micro-trauma by writing in a way that hurts the retina of the participants in the discussion.

A post written like: "hello mamyci ke putetzi sami say about dermatyta atopik, kare kredetzi k e cel may boon treatment shy where it is found" will only gather comments like "?!" instead of object answers.

The excuse "I've been living abroad for 20 years so I don't know Romanian very well" or "I only have 4 classes, what's the problem, I'm not allowed to ask for advice if I don't have school?" A person who massacres the language in this way does it out of infantilism, the desire to look "interesting" or maybe even wants to provoke, other explanations are not found.

To facilitate communication. Many times mistakes are made that completely change the meaning of the message or make it impossible to decipher.

Real case: a mother asked for help, advice, for her baby who had been diagnosed by the doctor as a "racetrack".

Of course, the cry for help went unanswered until the mother returned with explanations that "she doesn't hold her head too well, she doesn't turn on her own" so that other mothers could guess that the baby was in fact "hypotonic" and in no case racehorses did not run on them.

It's not a shame not to know a word or to misunderstand what the doctor is telling you, but a simple search on the online dictionary that the mother would have corrected the error before causing confusion and many laughs.

Another misunderstanding resulted when a mother asked how to make her more "big" and other mothers, after envying her that she was so weak that she had to gain weight, recommended sweets, flour, hearty meals until it became clear that she believed that the word, "full-bodied", means "with a beautiful body" and not "with a strong, fat weight".

Not to mention the many mothers who want to raise their children "libertines" without knowing that this means "unbridled, indecent, light-hearted" and not "free" as they think based on the simple resemblance of words.

To have credibility. If you think you know a lot about a topic and would like to share your rich information with others, you will not be taken seriously by many people if your messages abound in misrepresentations.

How do you want to look "informed from scientific sources", even learned, if the expression is at the level of a first grade child and grammar mistakes do not seem to suggest that the one who issues the ideas is worthy of consideration as credible?

The way you write is like a business card. So, pay more attention to the details of correct writing!

We start with the sheets for the countertop, four sheets of cocoa without flour. Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites sprinkled with salt, then gradually add 125 g of sugar. The yolks are mixed with a pinch of salt and 125 g of sugar. Combine the two compositions and incorporate the cocoa.

In a baking tray lined with baking paper lay a sheet of cake sheet composition 1 cm thick. This will result in four sheets baking for 15 minutes at 190 degrees. Leave the sheets to cool, then cut them with the 24 cm cake ring.

For the mascarpone cream, froth the mascarpone with the sugar and a pinch of salt, then mix with the whipped cream.

For the salted caramel cream, caramelize the sugar with the water until it turns amber. Add the liquid cream and mix well until smooth, then add the butter cut into small pieces and mix again until the cream is smooth. At the end, add salt to taste. Allow the salted caramel cream to cool well before assembling the delicious salted caramel cake.

The cake will be assembled inside the circular shape with which we cut the sheets. Place the first sheet of cocoa at the base and spread 1/4 of the caramel cream over it, then 1/4 of the mascarpone cream. Next is the second sheet with cocoa, and caramel, mascarpone and so on, resulting in four uniform layers of sheets with delicious creams on top.

From the leftover leaves left after cutting, we make small cubes with which we decorate the delicious cake with salted caramel, on top. The result will be an extremely delicious and good-looking cake, which we will refrigerate for at least 2 hours before slicing, so that the layers can be placed well and nicely.

This article originally appeared in the April 2016 edition of.

Fitness Crush: Heather Lilleston

Who is: Strong, bendy (and beautiful!), Lilleston founded Yoga for Bad People in 2012. "Bad" is a reminder that it's good to bring some irreverence to yoga - as Lilleston does in classes and retreats around the world. While students hold a long Pose chair, they might joke about going through it to find love on Tinder… many things take longer than you want, she laughs.

Why we love her: Sensitive movements are always on file (see three below), and YFBP factors have fun in retreat hours - dancing, surfing, local cuisine and cocktails.

Class: Travelers do morning meditations, athletic Vinyasa (up to Outkast and Bob Dylan) and restorative evening sessions. "We don't have to be serious all day," says Lilleston. "It's important to have spontaneous moments, too."


1. Triangle - hold 5 to 8 breaths repeatedly

Stand with your legs wide, your left leg turned 15 degrees, your right leg out at 90 degrees. Extending your arms sideways to shoulder height, touch your right hand to the floor and your left hand to the ceiling. Gases on the left hand (as shown) hold five to eight breaths. Repeat switch buttons.

2. Dog up - hold 5 to 8 breaths

Lie face down, palms flat next to your chest, toes. Straighten your arms (as shown), keeping your shoulders over your wrists, to raise your chest and thighs, pressing your toes to the floor. Gas the tip of your nose. Hold three to five breaths.

3. Seated side fold - hold for 5 to 8 repetitions

Stand with your right foot turned, with your left knee bent, your foot clinging to your inner thigh. Flex your right leg and press your right forearm on the floor, palm flat, touching your left arm above your head (as shown). Hold for five to eight breaths. Repeat switch buttons.

Cook Spiral Cake with Chocolate Cream


  • For a 28/42 cm roll sheet:
  • 6 large eggs
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 225 gr flour
  • 50 ml oil
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • For cocoa cream with butter:
  • 4 large eggs
  • 250 gr powdered sugar
  • 100 gr cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 teaspoons rum essence
  • 400 gr butter with 82% fat
  • For decoration:
  • whipped cream
  • chocolate spirals

Method of preparation

How do we prepare the delicious spiral cake with chocolate cream?

We start by turning the oven to 180 degrees to bake the roll sheet.

To prepare the dough for the roll sheet, first separate the egg whites from the yolks. Sprinkle salt over the egg whites and leave them at room temperature for at least 10-15 minutes. Rub the yolks with a little salt, then with the oil until smooth. Mix the egg whites until they become frothy, then add, spoon by spoon, the sugar and mix them to the maximum level until a firm meringue results. We give up the mixer and now use a silicone spatula. Add the egg yolk composition to the eggplant meringue. Mix with a spatula, using circular movements, from bottom to top. Incorporate the flour, gradually and with the same circular movements. Roll out the dough for the rolling sheet evenly in the tray lined with baking paper. Bake the sheet for 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees. We immediately turn it over on a damp kitchen towel and roll it, keeping the baking paper. Let it run like this until it cools completely.

While the roll is baking, prepare the chocolate cream.

Break the eggs in a saucepan, sprinkle salt on them and add sugar. Then we mix them until the sugar is diluted and the composition becomes frothy. Put the pan on the water bath over medium heat. Stir continuously until it thickens like a pudding, about 15 minutes. Extinguish the fire, add the cocoa in the cream and mix intensely until the composition is incorporated and homogenized. Add the essence and give the cream cold, covered with fresh foil.

When it is completely cold, froth the soft butter with the mixer, kept at room temperature. Incorporate the cream in it, adding it spoon by spoon and mixing until well blended.

How do we assemble the wonderful spiral cake with chocolate cream?

Unwrap the roll sheet from the damp towel and remove the baking paper. We cut the sheet into 5 equal strips, in width, or 3-4 in length.

Spread a layer of cream over the first strip, roll it and place it on a plate. Grease the second strip with cream and roll it following the first sheet. We continue like this with all the strips, then we decorate the cake with the remaining cream and cream.

Let the cake cool for 3-4 hours, then we can cut it and serve it with our loved ones.

Don't forget to access the photo gallery to see the recipe in pictures!

VIDEO! Collection images: Mircea Badea and Fuego, at Silviu Prigoana's wedding!

The most wonderful wedding in Romania overturns all the fairy tales, but also the myth of the reheated soup. Four weddings and three divorces - this is how the love story between Adriana Bahmuteanu and Silviu Prigoana can be summarized.

A frosty January day, 8 years ago. It was Adriana Bahmuteanu's second wedding with Silviu Prigoana. She, among the most commented and courted journalists, he - a famous businessman. In a terrible cold, their love warmed the stones.

The story begins in the morning, in front of the registrar. Mr. Prigoana looks more excited than ever, and Adriana shines in a red fur coat like the fire of their love.

Helped by fashion specialists, bridesmaids all chosen on the eyebrow and decorated, Adriana wants to get everyone ready.

The groom, elegantly, also makes the last preparations. He carefully arranges his bow tie, takes another look in the mirror and does not miss the opportunity to pose next to his sons, Honorius and Silivius.

A few hours later, in the arms, to the applause of the nurse, the bride and groom make their entrance on the dance floor. That's how they started an alms party! Everything was varied and matched in red, yellow, orange and cream weddings. Among floral arrangements, balloons and silk accessories, the most sophisticated foods and liqueurs waited to be enjoyed.

Cakes and pies

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2 light carrot cake recipes

Traditional carrot cake


  • 7 cups chopped carrots
  • 2 cups flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 cup white granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • A pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons yeast

Glaze ingredients:

Method of preparation

  • First, you will need to wash, clean and grate the carrots. Then preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  • Mix the flour, salt, cinnamon and yeast in a large bowl. We recommend sifting the flour.
  • Then, in another bowl, beat the eggs with the white sugar and brown sugar until the sweetener dissolves.
  • Now, add the egg mixture little by little to the bowl with the dry ingredients. Mix well with a handkerchief until you get a homogeneous dough.
  • Then, add the carrots and mix to integrate them into the dough.
  • Now it's time to put the oil. Add a little, mixing well.
  • Grease the pan and pour the dough. Put it in the preheated oven and let it bake for 14 minutes.
  • For best results, use a 20 cm tray. This way, you will get a tall cake, which you will have to cut in half later.
  • When the cake is well baked, take it out of the oven and let it cool.
  • In the meantime, you can prepare the icing. All you have to do is mix the cream cheese and powdered sugar with a hand blender.
  • Once the cake has cooled, cut it in half horizontally. Then spread half of the icing over the bottom half of the cake. Put the top half back.
  • Finally, use the remaining icing to cover the top of the cake. Put it in the fridge to cool and then… enjoy it!

Vegan carrot cake


  • 2 cups wholemeal flour
  • 1 1/3 cups brown sugar
  • 6 cups chopped carrots
  • 1 cup water
  • 3/4 cup olive or sunflower oil
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Seeds from a vanilla pod

Method of preparation

  • First, wash, clean and grate the carrots. Also preheat the oven to 180 ° C.
  • Then, sift the flour into a bowl and add the sugar, salt, yeast, cinnamon and ginger. In other words, all the dry ingredients except the vanilla bean. Stir well.
  • In another bowl, place the oil, vanilla and water and mix well.
  • Then slowly add the contents of the second bowl to the bowl with dry ingredients. Mix until you get a smooth dough.
  • Put the grated carrots and mix well with a spoon.
  • Now grease the baking tray and pour the mixture into it. Then put it in the preheated oven and let it bake for 40-45 minutes.
  • Once the time has passed, take the cake out of the oven and let it cool.

As you can see, both recipes are easy to prepare. All you have to do is mix the ingredients and put them in the oven!

In addition, if you want to give a special note to the dessert, you can add almond slices on top of the carrot cake. Almonds also add flavor and are nutritious. If you are not a fan of almonds, raisins are another great option.

In any case, we are sure that you will enjoy any of these light carrot cake recipes. Enjoy them with coffee with friends or family!

Reading for dwarfs

I opened this thread for the little ones, where you can post stories, tales, events, fairy tales, legends that you have or find, written by famous or less famous authors or. even by you.
The idea came to me when, surfing the net I found an electronic book with "I have no idea" and I found it very funny.
Enjoy your reading!

[url = http: // goto = hab] The adventures of Habarnam and his friends

# 2 Maya

[b] Youth without old age and life without death

Once upon a time, if it weren't for that, it wouldn't be talked about since the poplar was making pears and the little wickers had been said since the bears were fighting in the tails since the wolves were grabbed by the necks and the lambs were kissing, fraternizing with each other. when the flea was shod at one foot with ninety-nine iron geese and threw itself into the glory of heaven to tell us stories
Ever since it was written, the fly on the wall.
Liar who does not believe.
Once upon a time there was a great emperor and an empress, both young and beautiful, and, wanting to have children, he did several times all he had to do for it, he went to the healers and philosophers, to look for the stars and to Guess if they will have children but in vain. Finally, hearing that the emperor was in a village near a clever uncle, he sent for him, but he replied to the envoys that: whoever needs it, let him come to him. So the emperor and the empress got up and, taking with them some great boyars, soldiers and servants, went to their uncle's house. Uncle, seeing him from afar, went out to meet them, and said to them,
"Welcome, healthy ones, but what do you know, Emperor?" Your desire will bring you sorrow.
"I did not come to ask you this," said the emperor, "but if you have any medicine to make us have children, give it to me."
"Yes," replied the uncle, "but you will have only one child." He will be Handsome and Loving, and you will have no part in him.
Taking the medicine and the empress, they returned merrily to the palace and a few days later the empress felt pregnant. The whole kingdom and the whole court and all the servants rejoiced at this.
But before the hour of birth came, the child began to cry, so that no healer could reconcile him. Then the emperor began to promise him all the goods in the world, but even so it was not possible to silence him.
"Shut up, dear father," said the emperor, "that he will give you this kingdom, this or that, shut up, son, that he will give you a wife for this or that for the emperor, and many other things at last, if he sees you." he saw that he was not silent, he said to him: shut up, my child, that he will give you Youth without old age and life without death.
Then the child was silent and was born and the servants dig in the time and in the fields and in the whole kingdom there was great joy for a whole week.
Because he was raising a child, he was becoming smarter and bolder. It deterres him from schools and philosophers, and all the teachings that other children learn in one year, he teaches them in a month, so that the emperor died and rose from joy. The whole kingdom boasted that they would have a wise and prosperous king like King Solomon. For a while now, however, I don't know what he had, because it was still galley, sad and thoughtful. And when it was day, just as the child was fifteen years old, and the king was at table with all the boyars and servants of the kingdom, and were rejoicing, Handsome Boy arose and said:
- Dad, it's time to give me what you promised me at birth.
When the king heard this, he was exceedingly sorrowful, and said unto him,
"Well, son, how can I give you such an unheard of thing?" And if I promised you then, it was just to reconcile you.
"If you, Dad, can't give it to me, then I have to roam everyone until I find the promise I was born for." Then all the boyars and the king fell to their knees, praying that they would not leave the kingdom because the boyars said:
"Your father from now on is old, and we will uproot you in the chair, and we will bring you the most beautiful empress under your wife's sun."
But it was not possible for him to turn him away from his resolve, remaining steadfast as a stone in his words, and his father, if he saw and saw, allowed him and arranged for him to cook snacks and everything he needed. .
Then Handsome Boy went to the royal stables where the most beautiful stallions in the whole kingdom were, so that he could choose one, but as he put his hand and grabbed one by the tail, he slammed them, and so all the horses fell. Finally, just as he was about to go out, he glanced at the stable once more and, seeing in the corner a ragged and bubbly and weak horse, went to him and when he put his hand on his tail, he turned his head and said:
"What do you command, master?" Thank God he helped me get there so that a strong man could get his hands on me.
Stiffening his legs, he stood straight like a candle. Then Handsome Boy told him what he was going to do, and the horse said to him:
- To get to your wish, you have to ask your father for the knife, the spear, the bow, the quiver with the arrows and the clothes he wore when he was a lad and for me to take care of me with your own hand for six weeks and the barley for me. you boil it in milk.
Asking the king for the things that the horse had commanded him, he summoned him to the court and ordered him to open all the thrones with clothes to choose the ones that his son would like.Handsome Boy, after rummaging for three days and three nights, finally found, at the bottom of an old throne, his father's weapons and clothes from when he was young, but very rusty. He began to clean them of rust with his own hand, and after six weeks he managed to make the weapons shine like a mirror. At the same time, take care of the horse, as he had told her. He had a lot of work to do, but either way.
When the horse from Handsome Boy hears that his clothes and weapons are well cleaned and ready, he shakes once, and all the bugs and rattles fell from him and he remained just as his body had done to him, a fat horse. four wings, seeing him as a Handsome Boy, said to him:
"We're leaving in three days."
"Live, my lord, I am ready to command you today," said the horse.
On the third day, the whole court and the whole kingdom were filled with mourning. Handsome boy, dressed like a brave man, with a palisade in his hand, riding on the horse he had chosen, said goodbye to the emperor, the empress, all the big and small boyars, the soldiers and the all the servants of the court, who, with tears in their eyes, begged him to stop making this journey, lest he should perish at the loss of his head, but he, giving spurs to the horse, went out of the gate like the wind, and after him the chariot with snacks, with money and about two hundred soldiers, which the emperor had ordered to accompany him.
After passing out of his father's kingdom, he arrived in the wilderness. And he went on his way eastward, and went, and went, three days and three nights, until he came to a plain that was full of people. Sitting to rest, the horse said to him:
"Know, my lord, that we are here on the estate of a Gheonoaie, which is so bad that no one steps on its estate without being killed." She was also a woman like all women, but the curse of her parents, who did not listen to her, but still bothered her, made her be Gheonoaie at this moment is with her children, but tomorrow, in the forest you see her, she will we meet coming to destroy you, it's great: but don't be afraid, but be ready with the bow to shoot it, and keep the stick and the spear at hand, so that you can serve them when necessary.
He stretched out to rest, but lurked from time to time. The next day, at dawn, they were preparing to cross the forest. Handsome Boy deceived and restrained his horse, and tightened his belt more than ever, and set off when he heard a terrible knock. Then the horse said to him:
"Hold on, my lord, it's ready, that's when Gheonoaia is approaching." And when she came, uncle, she felled the trees: she was going so fast and the horse climbed like the wind up to her and Handsome Boy took her leg with the arrow and, when he was ready to hit her with the second arrow, she shouted:
"Wait, Handsome Boy, I'm not hurting you!" And seeing that he does not believe her, he writes them down with his own blood.
"Long live your horse, Handsome Boy," she said to him, "like a scoundrel, for if it weren't for him, I'd eat you fried now, but you ate me to know that no mortal has dared to this day." to tread my borders so far a few madmen who have dared to do so have scarcely reached the plain where you have seen the many bones.
They had gone to her house, where Gheonoaia was feasting on Handsome Boy, and treated him like a traveler. But while they were at the table and rejoicing, and Gheonoaia moaned in pain, he suddenly took out the leg he kept in his bag, put it back and immediately healed. Gheonoaia, for joy, dined for three days, turned and asked the Handsome Boy to choose as his wife one of the three girls he had, beautiful as fairies, but he did not want to, but he told her clearly what she was looking for then. said:
- With the horse you have and your bravery, I think you will succeed.
After three days, they prepared for the journey and set off. He walked Făt-Frumos, he walked and he walked again, a long and longer way, but when he had to cross the borders of Gheonoaia, he had a beautiful plain, on the one hand with flowering grass, and on the other hand scorched. Then he asked the horse:
- Why is the grass burnt? And the horse answered,
- Here we are on the estate of a Scorpio, sister with Gheonoaia of evil that they are, they can't live together the curse of their parents has reached them, and that's why they became lighioi, as you can see their enmity is terrible, they need a head , they want to snatch her land from each other when Scorpio is badly troubled, she pours fire and tar, it can be seen that she had an argument with her sister and, coming to chase her from her land, she burned the grass where she passed she is worse than her sister and has three heads. Let's get some rest, my lord, and be ready early tomorrow morning.
The next day they prepared, as if he had reached Gheonoaie, and set off. When they heard a scream and a howl, as they had never heard before!
"Be ready, my lord, for the scorpion is approaching Scorpio."
The scorpion, with one jaw in the sky and the other in the ground and pouring flames, approached like the strong wind and the horse climbed as fast as an arrow to the top and leaned on it to the side. Handsome boy shot an arrow and flew her head when he was about to take another head, Scorpio prayed with tears to forgive her, that she did nothing to him and, to entrust him, she had them inscribed with her blood . The scorpion feasted on Handsome Boy and more than Gheonoaia, and he owed her back the head he had taken with the arrow, which clung as soon as he put it back, and after three days they went on.
Crossing the borders of Scorpio, they went, went, and went again, until they came to a field of only flowers, and where it was only spring, every flower was especially proud and with a sweet smell, a drunk was pulling you drunk. who barely says goodbye. Here she sat down to rest, and the horse said to her:
- We pass as we pass so far, master we have another hop: we have to come across a great danger and, if God helps us to get rid of it, then we are strong. Before here is the palace where he lives Youth without old age and life without death. This house is surrounded by a thick and tall forest, where all the wildest beasts in the world live, day and night they guard sleeplessly and there are many of them. to force ourselves, if we could, to jump on top.
After resting for about two days, they prepared the horse again, holding his breath, and said:
"Master, tighten your strap as long as you can, and, riding, hold on tight to the stairs, and hold my legs close to my mane, so that you won't make me stumble in my flight."
He climbed up, tried, and in a minute was close to the forest.
"Master," said the horse, "now is the time to feed the beasts of the forest, and they are all gathered in the yard to pass."
"Let us pass," replied Handsome Boy, "and may God have mercy on us."
They climbed up and saw the palace shining like this, from the sun you could look, but at him. They passed over the forest and, just as they were about to descend to the stairs of the palace, they barely, barely touched the top of a tree with their feet, and suddenly the whole forest began to move. . They hurried downstairs, and because the lady of the palace was not outside, giving food to her cubs (for that was the name of the legions in the forest), she was undoubtedly destroying them.
More than glad that they came, she escaped because he had never seen a human soul around her before. He stopped the cattle, tamed them, and sent them back. The mistress was a tall, superstitious and pretty and beautiful fairy, in great need! As Handsome Boy saw her, he froze. But she, looking at him with pity, said to him:
- Welcome, Handsome Boy! What are you doing here?
"We seek," he said, "Youth without old age and life without death."
"If you're looking for what you said, here it is."
Then he dismounts and enters the palace. There he found two more women, one as a young woman, the older sisters. He began to thank the fairy for saving him from danger, and they, out of joy, cooked a pleasant dinner and only in golden pots. He lets the horse graze where he will, and then they make him known to all the legions, so that they could walk in peace through the forest.
The women begged him to live with them from now on, for they said he hated them, sitting all alone, and he did not wait to tell her again, but received all the thanks, as one who was looking for her.
Slowly, slowly, they got used to each other, told her story and what steps to take until they reached them, and not long after she was accompanied by the youngest girl. When they accompanied him, the mistresses of the house forbade him to go through all the surrounding places, where he would only go to a valley, which they showed him, they told him not to go, because it would not be good for him. that that valley was called the Valley of Weeping.
He spent time there forgotten, without catching the news, because he had remained as young as he had come. He passed through the forest without even clearing his head. He rejoiced in the golden palaces, lived in peace and quiet with his wife and sisters-in-law, enjoyed the beauty of the flowers and the sweetness and purity of the air, like a happy man. He often went hunting, but one day he went after a rabbit, he shot an arrow, he shot two and you didn't hit him angrily, he ran after him and he shot the third arrow, with which he hit him but the unfortunate one, in He had not noticed that, running after the rabbit, he had passed into the Valley of Lamentation.
Taking the rabbits, he was returning home when, what do you see? Suddenly he misses his father and mother. He did not dare to tell the master women, but they knew him after the sadness and restlessness he saw in him.
"You have passed, unfortunate, into the Valley of Lamentation!" they told him, utterly frightened.
"I passed, my dear ones, without wanting to do this foolish thing, and now I am melting on my feet by the longing of my parents, but I cannot bear to leave you either." I have been with you for several days and I will not complain of any sorrow. But I'm going to see my parents one more time and then come back so I can never go again.
- Don't leave us, my dear parents, I haven't lived for hundreds of years, and even you, going, we are afraid that you will not return and stay with us: because it tells us that you will perish.
All the prayers of the three women, as well as of the horse, were not able to satisfy the longing of his parents, which dried him up completely. At last the horse said to him:
"If you don't want to listen to me, master, whatever happens to you, know that it's all your fault." I'll tell you a word, and if you get my bargain, I'll take you back.
"I receive," he said with all his gratitude, "say it!"
"When we get to your father's palace, let me take you down and I'll come back, if you want to stay at least an hour."
"So be it," he said.
They prepared to leave, hugged the women, and, after saying good-bye to each other, set off, leaving them sighing and tears in their eyes. When they reached the places where Scorpio's estate was, they found cities, the forests had changed into plains, asked each other about Scorpio and her home, but they replied that their grandparents had heard from their ancestors about such trifles.
- How can something like this? Handsome Boy called them, the day before yesterday I passed by and he told me everything he knew.
The inhabitants laughed at him, as if he were fooling around or dreaming smartly, and he, angry, went ahead, not noticing that his beard and hair had turned white.
Arriving at Gheonoaia's estate, he asked questions as well as at Scorpio's estate, and he received such answers. He couldn't help himself: how have things changed in a few days? And again, angry, he went with a white beard to his waist, feeling his legs tremble a little, and reached his fatherly kingdom. Here other people, other cities, and the old ones were changed because he didn't know them anymore. Eventually, he reached the palaces where he had been born. As he got down, the horse kissed his hand and said:
"Stay healthy, my lord, for I am returning from whence I came." If you want to go too, ride it and we'll help you!
- Go healthy, because I hope to return soon.
The horse leaves like a fast arrow.
Seeing the ruined palaces with weeds growing on them, he sighed, with tears in his eyes, to remember how brightly lit these palaces were once and how he spent his childhood in them two or three times, researching each one. In the pantry, every nook and cranny that reminded him of the past, the stable in which he had found the horse, then descended into the cellar, the cradle of which had been blocked by fallen debris.
Searching to one side and the other, with his white beard to his knees, raising his eyelids with his hands and barely walking, he found only a fragrant throne opened it, but found nothing in it: he lifted the lid of the little girl, and a voice weakly he said to her:
- Welcome, because you were late, and I was perishing.
A slap fell on him. His death, which had dried from falling into a hook, fell dead, and at once became dust.
And I rode her and told you that.

# 3 Maya

Once upon a time, etc.
He was once an emperor. That great and mighty king had beaten all the kings around him, and had subdued them, so that he had stretched out the borders of his kingdom where the devil had weaned his children, and all the defeated kings were obliged to give him a son. serve for ten years.
At the edge of his kingdom was another emperor who, when he was young, did not allow himself to be beaten when a fire fell on his country, he made himself a boat and a bridge and got rid of his country again. In his old age, he also obeyed the king of the great and strong, because he had nowhere to go. He did not know how to do, how to correct, to fulfill the will of that king to send one of his sons to serve him: because he had no boys, but only three daughters. From this he thinks. His great concern was not to make the king think that he was a bastard, and he dared to send him a son, for which reason he would come to take his kingdom, and he and his daughters would die in wickedness, poverty, and shame.
Seeing the girls angry with their father, they also thought, and they did not know what to do to cheer him up. If she saw that she didn't like anything, the eldest girl took her heart in her teeth and asked him one day at the table why he was upset:
- Do you like our behavior? she told him. Are the subjects of your greatness wicked and grumpy because it causes you so much sorrow? Tell us, father, who is that viper that does not give you peace and poisons your old age, and we even promise to sacrifice ourselves if it can alleviate your sorrows somewhat: for only you, father, are our consolation. as you well know, and we never went out of your word.
- That's why I have nothing to complain about. You never broke my command. But you, my dear ones, cannot alleviate the pain that penetrates my soul. You are girls, and only a boy would get me out of my need.
"I do not understand," said the big girl, "why you are hiding from us the source of your sorrows. Father, I say that I am ready to lay down my life for you."
"You know what I'm going to do, my dears!" Ever since you were in this white world, you have walked with a fork, with a needle, with war: You know how to spin, sew, weave. Only a brave man can save me, who knows how to turn his mace, to wield his sword with twists and to ride like a kite-parallel.
"Anyway, Dad, tell us, just don't make a hole in the sky if we know what makes you bitter." If the emperor saw that the girls were intensifying his prayers, he said:
- Here, my children, why am I still sad. You know that no one has been able to touch my kingdom while I was young, without getting the hang of it and without being ashamed of where it came from. Now the old-fashioned swimmers have dried up all my whirlwind, my arm is weakened, it can no longer turn the blade to shake the enemy. My son-in-law, for whom I was about to lose my life until I acquired it, also grew old: he is a rascal, he is barely dragging his life from today to tomorrow. I used to barely show up in front of the enemy and, hold on, you bastard! They were squeaking, the heels in front of my face, but today, what more can you say? You know that I have obeyed the greatest and most powerful king on earth. But it is his custom for all the subjects of the kingdom to send him a son, to serve him for ten years, and I have only you.
"I'm going, father," said the big girl, "and I'll do my best to thank you."
"I'm afraid you won't come back without a feat." Who knows what confusion you're going to make over there, lest anyone give it a head start, how bad!
"All I know, Dad, and I promise myself, is not to be ashamed."
- If so, get ready and go.
When the girl heard that her father was letting her go, she could no longer rejoice. He was also planning for the road and was only returning on his heels, when he ordered and arranged his travel. He chose his foremost horse from the royal stables, his proudest and richest clothes, and snacks to last him a year.
After his father sees her ready to leave, he tells her parents' stories of how to behave, how to make sure she doesn't find out she's a girl. He teaches her all that a brave man who goes to such a high office must know, and how to avoid gossip and gossip, lest she be hated and ignored by the other sons of the king. Then he said to her:
- God forbid, my daughter, and remember my teachings.
The girl came out of the yard as the lightning no longer held her to the ground of joy in an instant she could no longer be seen. And if she hadn't stayed further to wait for her boyars and carriages with snacks, they would have been lost, because they couldn't keep up with her.
On the other hand, the emperor went out to them, further to the edge of the kingdom, without knowing it, he immediately set up a copper bridge, made himself a wolf and hid under a bridge. When her daughter was about to cross, she suddenly came out from under the bridge, her teeth gritted and her teeth chattering in horror, she looked straight at her with eyes that shone like two torches, and rushed at her to tear her. The girl, who had frozen her blood in fear, had lost her composure, and if the horse did not leap aside, the wolf would claw at her, but she would take her back. Her father, who had turned before her, went out to meet her, and said to her,
"Didn't I tell you, my daughter, that not all flies make honey?"
"That's right, Dad, but I didn't know that when I went to serve an emperor, I would fight wild and mad beasts."
"If so," said the emperor, "sit at home to see your spindles and spindles, and may God have mercy on me, lest I die in shame."
It wasn't long before the middle girl was asked to go too, and she promised that she would do her best to finish her job well.
After many prayers and promises, his father bent down and let her go, but she also walked like his big sister, and when he met her father, when he returned, he said to her:
"My daughter, didn't I tell you not to eat everything that flies?"
"It's true, Dad, that's what you told me, but that wolf was too great." Where he had opened his mouth to suddenly swallow me, and where he looked with eyes from which it seemed as if arrows were coming out of my heart!
"You're sitting at home," said the emperor, "because of the broomstick and the vegetables in the kitchen."
And now the little girl said to her father, one day, as they were sitting at the table:
- Dad, let me do a search too: let me, please, let me go and try my luck.
"Since your older sisters couldn't get it out, I'm amazed at how you feel about talking to yourself, who don't even know how to eat polenta."
He tried in every way to cut off his desire to leave, but in vain.
"For your love, father," she said, "I'll do the hell on all fours, only to succeed, but if God wills it against me, I'll come back to you again, and without shame."
He still resisted his father, he still coded: but his son overcame him with prayers. After all, the emperor said:
"If so, I'll let you know, let's see what you can do to me." How I would love to see you turn your nose down!
"You will laugh, Dad, as you laughed at my sisters, without diminishing their honor."
The emperor's daughter, if she saw that her father allowed her, first thought of which of the old boyars to take as ruler. And one by one, she remembered her father's youthful bravery and his horse. So she went to the stable to pick a horse. He looked at one, he looked at another, he looked at all the horses in the stables, and no one caught his eye, even though they were the best stallions and horses in the whole kingdom. At last he was on his father's horse from his youth, ragged, booby, and lying on his ribs. When she saw him, she looked at him with pity, and as if she could not bear to walk away from him.
The horse, if he saw it, said to him:
"It is evident that for the love you have for the emperor, my lord, you look at me like that." What a strong baby he was in his youth! We both did a lot of success! But since he got older, no one has ridden me. And if you see me as a cigarette, it's because he has no one to feed me like him. Today, look, if someone cared for me how to take care of me, in ten days I would do it if I didn't give ten like that.
Then the girl said:
- And how should he take care of you?
- To wash me every day with fresh water, to give me barley boiled in sweet milk so that I can gnaw it, and every day a penny of embers.
- When you know that you will help me to finish what I was thinking, more than to do as you say!
"Master," said the horse, "do this search, and you will not repent."
The horse was naughty.
The emperor's daughter took care of the horse just as he had told her.
On the tenth day, when the horse was once shaken, he became beautiful, fat as a watermelon, and sprinting like a deer. Then, looking cheerfully at the king's face, he said:
"May God give you good luck and success, my mistress, for caring for me and making me the world I wanted to be."
Tell me what your step is, and tell me what to do.
"I want to go to the great and strong emperor, our neighbor, to serve him. I need someone to guide me." Tell me which of the boyars to choose?
"If you go with me," said the horse, "you have no idea you don't need anyone." I will serve you, as I have served your father. Just listen to me.
"If so, we're leaving in three days."
"Even now if you command," the horse replied.
The emperor's daughter, as she heard this, set all this in motion for the road. He took some clean clothes, but without ornaments, some snacks and some money, rode the horse, and, coming before his father, said to him:
- Stay with God, Dad, and let me find you healthy!
"Good way, my daughter," said his father. All in all, only the stories I gave you will never be forgotten. And in whatever need your mind may be nailed to God, whence comes all good and all help.
After promising to do so, the girl set off. As with the other girls, his father, on the other hand, went ahead of him, laid the brass bridge again, and waited for her there.
On the way, the horse told the girl what tricks his father was going to try on his manhood, and told her what to do to get away with it. Reaching the attic, where a wolf rushed upon her with troubled eyes, and shivering in the bones, with a large mouth and a tongue like a raging breath, with grinning fangs and swaying as if he had not eaten for a month. days and when to stab her tearing claws, the girl treads on the horse, and where she rushes on the wolf with the stick in her hand to make small pieces of it and, if the wolf does not fall on her side, he was not joking, because he had put his faith in God, he wanted him to willingly or unwillingly do the job he had taken on.
She crossed the bridge proudly like a strong man. His father marveled at her bravery, and, on the other hand, went out before her, set up a silver bridge, made a lion, and there waited for her.
The horse told the girl what he was going to do and taught her how to get rid of this temptation. As the girl reached the silver bridge, where the lion came out before her with a gaping mouth, to swallow her with a horse, with fangs like ivory and claws like sickles and the roar of the woods trembled, and the plains roared. Take your hearing. Only if someone looked at his head as big as a penny and at that ridge that was uprooted and torn would be frozen in fear. But the king's face, cheered by the horse, rushed into him once with the sword empty in his hand, so that if the lion did not run under the bridge, he would do it in four. Then she crossed the bridge, thanking God and not knowing what to expect.
The emperor's daughter, who had not left the house since she had made her, marveled and stood in awe, seeing the beauties of the field.Here she wanted to dismount to gather a bunch of flowers from that crowd that covered the valleys and hills, flowers she had never seen before, here she wanted to shade under a tall and bushy tree, in which thousands of birds they sang all sorts of songs, so tender, that they were able to put you to sleep, and then to go to a sip of water as clear as a tear that flowed from a corner of a stone in the hillsides the murmur of these springs made her to look at them naked, and he liked to see their winding stream sliding on the ground, surrounded by a multitude of popcorn and spring greenery. But at all this the horse encourages her and gives her the go-ahead to go ahead and find her way. He told her that the strong do not look at these things until they have completed their affairs. He also told her that he would find another race that his father would give him, and he would teach her how to make it victorious this time as well.
The girl listened with all her ears and acted like a horse, because she saw that all his teachings worked well for her, and she did not deviate from his word.
His father, as if in turn, stood on the other side and stepped forward, placed a golden bridge, made a large dragon with twelve heads, and hid under that bridge.
When the girl was about to pass, where the dragon came out before her, slapping her tail and curling up in her mouth, a flame of fire came out, and her tongues played like burning arrows as the girl saw that she was so great, so cool. They grabbed him and made his hair stand on end in fear. The horse, if you feel that the girl is losing her temper, encourages her again and reminds her of what she had learned to do to the emperor's daughter again, after taking no more heart, tightening the horse's bridle with her left hand, he gave her heels. right, he rushed at that dragon.
An hour kept fighting. The horse figured out how to get to the side to cut off some of his head, but the enemy guarded himself quite well. Finally, you manage to hurt the girl. Then, turning his head three times, he became a man.
The girl could not believe her eyes when she saw her father in front of her, and he, taking her in his arms and kissing her on the forehead, said to her:
"I see that you are strong, my daughter, and you did well to take this horse, for without it you would have returned as well as your sisters." I have high hopes that you will accomplish the job you have voluntarily undertaken. Just remember my stories and don't get out of the word of the horse you chose. Let's see each other healthy!
"May God hear you, father," the girl replied, "and I will find you healthy."
Then, kissing his father's hand, they parted.
After a long, distant journey, he reached some high and high mountains. Between the mountains he met two dragons who had been fighting for nine years and could not prove each other. The fight was dead or alive. As they saw her, thinking she was strong, one said to her:
"Handsome Boy, Handsome Boy, come and cut off this enemy of mine, because I've ever been good at something." And the other said,
"Handsome, Handsome, come and get me rid of this enemy idol."
The girl asked the horse, which of the two to get rid of, and the horse told him to get rid of the one who had promised to give him the Sun Yellow, that he was a more industrious horse than he was, being his younger brother. When the girl rushed to the other kite with the stick, and in one fell swoop she broke it in two!
The kite, if it escaped, embraced its savior and thanked him, and then went home to give the Sun-Yellow to the Handsome Boy, as he had promised. The kite's mother could no longer rejoice when she saw her son safely, and she did not know what to do to thank the Handsome Boy for saving her child from death.
The emperor's daughter shows her desire to rest from the toil of the journey she had made. He gives her a pantry and leaves her alone. She, pretending to want to take care of the horse, asked him if anything was going to happen to him, and the horse told him what to do.
The mother of the dragon thought that some devil was playing here in the middle. She told her son that the strong man who had saved him from danger must be a girl, and that such a brave girl would only be good for him to marry. His son said that with his head he could not believe such a thing, because it was not possible for a female hand to twist the palate as well as Handsome Boy did. Then the kite's mother said she would search. For this he placed in the evening at the head of each of them a bunch of flowers: where the flowers will wither, he is a man, and where he will remain green, he is a woman.
The emperor's daughter, after the horse's command, got up overnight about daybreak, when the sleep is sweeter, and, well, well, at her fingertips, she entered the kite's chamber, put her bundle of flowers, took hers and, putting at the head of his bed, he goes to bed and sleeps.
In the morning, as the kite rose, she went to her son in a hurry and saw the bright flowers. After the emperor's daughter got up, she went to her and, seeing that hers had faded, I still don't think she's strong. She told her son that she could not be a man, because the word flowed from her mouth like honey, the ox was so gentle that she wanted to drink it in a pool of water, her thin, bushy hair fell on her shoulders in where, his face has those big, beautiful and lively eyes that make you sick, that little glove and the fairy's foot, and finally everything could only be present, at least it was hidden under the veils the strong ones. Then they decided to give it another try.
After saying good morning, as usual, the kite took the girl and they went to the garden. Here, the kite shows her all kinds of flowers she had, and she invites her to smell them. The emperor's daughter remembered the horse's stories and, knowing the cunning, said a little harshly why she had brought him to the garden in the morning to praise a woman for her flowers with a few words, when she should have gone to the stables first. , to see how he takes care of the horses there.
Hearing this, the kite told me, but she still could not believe that he was a boy. Finally, the kite talked to her son to make another attempt. any weapon adorned with valuables, let it be known that it is a girl.
In the afternoon, the kite took the Handsome Boy to the weapons chamber. Here all sorts of weapons were neatly arranged: some adorned with jewels, others just like that, without ornaments. The emperor's daughter, after looking and examining all the weapons, chose a rather rusty sword, but with the iron that bent to make a pretzel. Then he told his kite and mother that he wanted to leave the next day.
When the mother of the dragon hears what kind of weapon she has chosen, she realizes at the hour of death that she could not discover the truth. She told her son that, although she seemed to be a boy after his seizures, she was a girl, and still the most pretentious.
If he saw that he had nowhere to go, they went to the stable and gave him the Sun Yellow. And after he had said good-bye, the king's daughter went her way.
Still on his way and trying to get there, the horse said to the girl:
- Mistress, so far you've listened to me everything I told you, and everything went well for you. Listen to me this time too and you won't be wrong. I'm old from now on and I don't stumble. Take my Sun Yellow Brother and travel with him. > trust him as you trusted me and you will not repent. He is much younger than me and more agile, and he will teach you what to do in times of need.
"It's true that I succeeded every time I listened to you." And if you didn't know how faithful you were to my father, this time I wouldn't listen to you. But I will trust your brother as you do, after he proves to me that he wants the best for me.
"Trust me, my lord," said Sun-Yellow, "for I will be proud to ride a brave man like thee, and then I will force myself not to miss my brother, for I will spare him, too." the poor man, because he is old, of the troubles and dangers of the journey you want to make, because, you must know, over many needs you will meet and you will meet many dangers. But by the will of God, and if you will listen to me, you will overcome them all and bring them to fruition.
The emperor's daughter then mounted the Sun Yellow and parted from her horse, weeping. They were walking, they were walking, a long way, far away, when the emperor's daughter saw a golden mower. Stop the horse and ask him if it's okay to take it or leave it. The horse replied:
- If you take it, you'll regret it if you don't take it, and you'll find ways again, but it's better to take it.
The girl took it, put it in her breast and left.
They passed hills, crossed mountains and valleys, left behind thick and green forests, fields with flowers that the girl had never seen before, springs with clear and cold waters, and reached the court of the great and strong emperor.
The other sons of the emperors who served there went out to meet her. They could not detach themselves from her, for her words and face were glued.
The next day he appeared to the king and told him why he had come. The emperor could no longer rejoice that such a strong, handsome, handsome man had arrived. He liked too much the answers he received to his questions, it was obvious that he spoke with wisdom and obedience. Seeing such a good young man, the emperor fell in love with him and took him by his side.
The emperor's daughter could not befriend all the other sons of kings, because most of them were naughty, lazy, and debauched, and they had become jealous of her for this, and because she had seen that the emperor took her well in his name.
One day she was cooking her own food and sitting at the table when two of the other sons of emperors came to see her. So they all ate and ate. These sons of kings liked food so much that they licked their fingers when they ate. They praised her for her cooking skills and told her that since they were, they had not eaten such good food.
When they met with the other sons of the kings, they told them that they had dined with the emperor's son who had just arrived, that they had eaten as the emperor did not eat, and that the dishes had been cooked by him.
Then all the king's sons chose her to cook their food one day. And behold, on that day the cooks of the court got drunk, or I do not know what they did, that the fire was not made on the hearth either. And so, being earnestly prayed for, she also began to cook some frightening dishes. When he brought them to the king's table, he could not get enough to eat. And if he calls the cook and orders him to cook the same dishes, he says who cooked that day. The emperor thought.
Then came the other sons of the emperors, and told the emperor that the king's son, who had just arrived, would have boasted of a party they had all had, that he knew where Ileana Simziana was, mowed with gold, the field was green, the flowers were in bloom. she has a mow from her mow. When the king heard this, he ordered him to be called, and at once said to him:
- You knew about Ileana Simziana and you didn't say anything to me, at least I showed you love and honored you more than the others.
When he asked, he saw the lock of hair, and said to him,
- Emperor's command to know that you will bring me the mistress of this mower because otherwise, where your soles are, your head will be. The poor girl tries to say something to the emperor, but the emperor cuts her off. Then he went to tell the horse what was happening. The horse said to him:
- Don't be scared, mistress. Tonight my brother even told me that a kite had been stolen from the owner of the mower because she didn't even want to love him in the first place until she brought her herd of mares and that the kite hit her head. how to fulfill his wish. She is now in the open seas. Go to the king and ask him to give you twenty ships, and take the most beautiful cargo to put in them.
The emperor's daughter did not wait to say twice to him, and went straight to the emperor:
- To live, enlightened emperors, and to have your face honest. I have come to tell you that I will do the job you have entrusted me with if you give me twenty ships and money to buy the most beautiful, and most expensive goods to put in them.
"Let it be done as you say, only to bring me Ileana Simziana," replied the emperor.
As the ships were cooked, they loaded them with cargo, and the emperor's daughter and the Sun Yellow entered the most beautiful and left. Neither the winds nor the waves of the sea could withstand them, and after a journey of a few weeks they reached the ends of the seas. There he stood. The emperor's daughter and the Sun Yellow came ashore and walked along the shores, but when they came out, they took from the ship a pair of wires sewn only with thread and adorned with precious stones. As they walked around, they saw

some palaces that revolved around the sun, and took it there. On the way they met three kite maids, who were guarding Ileana Simziana. When they saw the lead, their eyes darted after them, and the emperor's daughter told them that he was a merchant who had lost his way on the sea.
Turning her handmaids, she told their mistress what they saw, and when she saw the merchant from the window as she looked at him, her heart began to tickle, not knowing why she was so glad to be able to get rid of the kite. It seems that she was not there then, because she had sent him to bring her her stud with mares. After listening to what the maids told him, he went to the merchant, who was waiting at the gate, to see the leads, but after hearing from the merchant that he had more and more expensive and beautiful goods in the ship, he bowed to our prayers. And he wanted to go and see the goods arriving at the ship and while choosing the goods, he did not notice that the shovels had removed the ship from the land, and God forbid, the ships went like an arrow when he found himself in the middle of the sea. She pretended to be sorry and began to argue with the merchant that he had deceived her, and in her soul she prayed to God to help her escape the dragon's trap.
They had reached the shore with luck, when, what to see! the damned dragon's mother, as she heard from the maids that Ileana Simziana had been stolen by a merchant and ran with her with the ships, went after them and reached the shore, a sight coming after them like a lioness, with a jaw in the sky. in the ground and throwing flames from her mouth like from an oven.
When Ileana Simziana saw her, she realized that she was the kite's mother-in-law, she told the merchant, with whom she was riding on the Sun Yellow, and she began to cry with fire.
The king's daughter asked Sun-yellow what to do, for the flame coming out of the kite's mouth burned her, and Sun-yellow answered:
- He puts his hand in my left ear, to remove the tiles that are there, and throws it back.
That's what the emperor's daughter did. Then they hurried to her feet, while behind them suddenly rose a mountain of stone that touched the sky.
The mother of the kite did what she did and crossed the mountain, climbing from corner to corner, and, follow them! Seeing that Ileana Simziana was about to reach him again, she told the merchant and he, after agreeing with the horse, took a brush from his right ear and threw it back. Immediately a great and thick forest was formed, so that no beasts could pass through it.
The mother of the kite gnawed at the trees, clung to the branches, jumped from top to top, slipped in, and still after them, running like a whirlwind! If they saw that this time he was about to catch up with her, the emperor's daughter asked the horse again what to do, and he told her to take the engagement ring in Ileana Simziana's finger and throw it back. As he threw the ring, a flint wall rose to the sky.
The mother of the dragon, if she saw that she could not climb on it and pass over it, nor gnaw on this wall, she could not, in spite of herself, and as she was gray and bitter, she climbed up and reached the hole that had left her ring. It remains, and it blows fire from her mouth, the filthy path of three hours to reach and burn them, but they sat down at the root of the wall and cared nothing for the fire of the kite.
The kite blows what it blows and, if it saw that it could not destroy them, nor put its hand on them, it cracked the gall in its trouble, it fell and cracked like the unclean and they waited until the worm died well, then the wail to the ring, as the Sun Yellow had taught him, and the wall perished as if it had never been before, and the ring remained in his finger. After looking at the dragon's antler and making fun of him, they left him to the crows and went on and on, until they reached the royal court.
Arriving, they appeared to this emperor and received Ileana Simziana with great honor. He could no longer rejoice and fell in love with her as he saw her. And Ileana Simziana struggled and grieved in her soul that she had no tripe. How could she, she said, end up in the hands of some and others, whom she could not see as ugly as they were? Her heart and eyes were still on the Handsome Boy who had saved her from the kite. But when the king forced her to marry him, she said to him:
- Enlightened emperors, may you rule your kingdom with luck, but I cannot marry until the mare stud is brought to me, with its stallion and everything.
When the king heard this, he immediately called the king's daughter and said to her,
- Go and bring me the mare's stud, with her stallion and everything, of my girlfriend, because if not, where your legs are, your head will stay too!
"Glorious emperors!" You put me in charge of a job I just did, with my head in play. You have so many brave sons of kings at the court of your greatness, and because they all hold you to be a righteous man and in the fear of God, I think it would be right to give this service to another. What do I know how to do, and where can I get you the stud you command me?
- I don't know. From the ground, from the green grass, go and get my stud, and don't you dare say a word. Then the king's daughter bowed and went out. She went to tell Sunflower what she had been told. And the horse answered,
- Go find new buffalo skins, grind them and put them on me. Do not be afraid, for with the help of God, you will bring it to a head and the service with which the king has burdened you. But you must know that he will bitterly come to him, after all, for his deeds.
The emperor's daughter did as her horse had told her, and they both set off. After a long and difficult journey, they reached the land where the mares grazed. There he met the kite that had stolen Ileana Simziana, wandering like a bezmetic and not knowing how to bring the stud. He told her that Ileana was no longer his and that he had gotten me out of trouble, because he had not been able to save his girlfriend from the kidnapper.
Hearing this kite, he caught fire and looked angry, troubled by trouble and could no longer see before his eyes. Then, after realizing that he was dealing with the kidnapper of his beloved, losing his temper of anger and bitterness, and roaring like a lion, he went to battle with the king's daughter, who kept his nature and the horse he was riding. On the king's face the horse was protected from the blows of the kite because, when he saw that the sword was rooting to give, once it was raised above the kite, and he gave in the wind and when he brought the girl the pale, the horse fell quickly on the horse of the kite and she gave in the flesh life. After they were fighting to get the earth to sink beneath her, I don't know how the emperor's daughter would be. Then, leaving the ant to the crows and the crows, they went until they reached the place where the stud was.
Here the horse told the emperor's daughter to climb a tree that was there, and watch their fight. After the girl climbs the tree, the yellow-sunflower growls three times and the whole mare herd gathers around him. Then suddenly the mare's stallion appeared, full of foam and snoring with rage. And seeing the Sun-Yellow in the midst of the mares, he rushed at him with rage, and a struggle to keep you from God was heated! When the stallion is given to the Sun Yellow, it bites from the buffalo skins and when it is given to the stallion, it bites from the living flesh, and fights, and fights until the stallion, torn, harassed from top to bottom and full of blood, it was broken and defeated, and Yellow-Sun had escaped safely, because the buffalo skins had been harassed. Then the girl got down from the tree, rode up, and took the stud, shoveling it from behind, and the stallion was barely crawling after her.
After inserting the stud into the king's court, he informed him. Then Ileana Simziana comes out and calls them by name. The stallion, as he heard her voice, immediately shook and pretended to be the first, without any sign of wound on him.
Ileana Simziana told the emperor to have someone milk her mares so that they could both bathe. But who could approach them? that they were throwing hooves from the hoof where they were hitting. If no one could, the emperor ordered the emperor's daughter to milk them again. The king's daughter, with a heart broken with grief and tired of putting her to the hardest things, and being pure in her mind, prayed to God in faith to help her finish this service well. And where it started to rain like it was pouring with a bucket, the water immediately reached the mares' knees, then froze so that they could not move. Seeing this miracle, the king's daughter first thanked God for his help, then began milking the mares.
The emperor melted in love with Ileana Simziana and looked at her like a ripe cherry, but she didn't even pay attention to him, but still day after day, with all sorts of words, she got married. Finally, he said:
"I see, enlightened emperors, that all I have asked for has been fulfilled." We need one more thing, and then you know we're getting married.
"My dove," replied the emperor, "my kingdom and I are obedient to your commandments." Ask what you have to ask for an hour sooner, because here I end up in love with you. I arrived like a fool, I dreamed smartly, I don't know what to do, when I look into your beautiful and longing eyes.
"If so," said Ileana Simziana, "bring me the baptismal vessel which is kept in a little church across the Jordan River, and then we will be married."
When the emperor hears this, he calls the emperor's face again and orders her to do what she does and how she will know how to bring him what Ileana Simziana had ordered.
The emperor's daughter, as she heard it, went to tell Yellow-Sun, and he answered:
- This is the last and hardest job you have to do. But you have hope in God, master, for the king has been fulfilled.
They cooked and left.
The horse knew all this, for he was not fond of apple blossoms. And he said to the king's daughter,
- That baptismal font is on a table in the middle of a small church and is guarded by some nuns. They sleep neither day nor night. From time to time, however, a hermit comes to them to command the holy things for the Lord. When they are obeyed by the hermit, only one lurks. If we could hit at that time, it would be better not to, who knows how long we have to linger, because otherwise there is no face.
So they went, crossed the Jordan River, and came to that little church. Luckily, that was when the hermit arrived and called all the nuns to listen. Only one was left guarded, and she, tired of her long stay, fell asleep. But so that no one knows what will happen, she lies on the doorstep, thinking that no one will be able to enter without her feeling.
Yellow-yellow told the emperor's face how to get his hands on the baptismal font. The girl went smoothly, slipped along the wall and, step by step, at her fingertips, to the door. Here he once jumped like a cat lightly over the threshold, not even touching the nun the sleepman had stolen: and putting his hand on the vessel, you get out as he entered, he rides on his horse and here is your way!
The nun felt, jumped up once, and, seeing that the vessel was missing, began to weep as her pity broke. Immediately the nuns gathered and whimpered at the fire that had reached them. The hermit, if he saw that he had washed his hands of the baptismal font, as far as the emperor's daughter was flying with Sunflower, and, raising his hands up and kneeling, cursed her, saying:
- God, holy God! make the wicked who dared to put his defiled hand on the holy vessel with baptism to become a woman, if he is a man and if he is a woman, to become a man!
And immediately the hermit's prayer is heard. The emperor's daughter became a lad because you loved the world to look at him.
When he reached the emperor, he was surprised and did not know what to think in his eyes, noticing that he had changed, it seemed to him that he was no longer as he was when he left, but that now he was more handsome and proud. As he holds the vessel, he said:
"Great Emperor, I have done you the duties you entrusted me with." I think I'm done now. Be happy and reign in peace as the mercy of the Lord wills you!
"I am pleased with your services," said the emperor, "know that after my death you will ascend to the throne of my kingdom, for I have no heir so far." And if God gives me a son, you will be his right hand.
All the counselors and sons of the kings were present when the king spoke these words.
Ileana Simziana, if she saw that this will was fulfilled, decided to take revenge on the emperor, because she also sent her beautiful Son to all the hard services, which could be answered because she believed that he would be himself. go and bring him the baptismal font, because he could do it more easily, since everyone obeyed his command.
She ordered the bath to be warmed, and the king and her to bathe in the milk of her mares. After entering the bathroom, he ordered the stallion to bring him fresh air.And if he came, the stallion blew with one nostril towards his coolness, and with another nostril towards the emperor's fiery air, so that he boiled the mats in him, and he was left dead on the spot.
There was a great commotion in the kingdom when the death of the great emperor was heard, and loudly all from all sides gathered together and made a funeral for the empresses.
After that, said Ileana Simziana Fătului-Frumos:
"You brought me here, you brought my stud, you killed the kite that stole me, you brought my baptismal font, you made me a man." We help to bathe and get married.
"I'll take you, if you choose me," replied Handsome Boy, "but know that in our house I will sing the rooster, not the hen again."
They agreed and went into the bathroom. Ileana calls her stallion to bury the milk in which they will bathe. Call the new king the Sun Yellow. And so both horses competed with each other to make the bath more suitable for the warmth of his master, and more suitable for breeding.
After bathing, they got married the next day. Then they ascended to the throne. For three weeks the merriment lasted, and everyone rejoiced that God had given them such a brave king, who had done so many deeds.
And he reigned in righteousness and in the fear of God, protecting the poor and oppressing no one, and he reigns even today if they did not die.
I was there too, and my mouth was open on the outside, on all the holidays, because I didn't want to be invited either, and then it is known that the unwelcome chair doesn't have one.
You rode her and told yourself that.

# 4 Maya

Once upon a time, etc.
He was once an emperor. He had turned gray, and he had not deserved to have even a child. He melted on his feet, poor king, so that he, like all men, would have at least a son-in-law, but in the desert.
When, just in his old age, he endured good luck with himself and acquired a childhood love, to see him and never forget him. The emperor named him Aleodor. When he was baptized, the king gathered the East and the West, the South and the Midnight, to rejoice in his joy. For three days and three nights they kept the parties and enjoyed themselves and enjoyed, as long as they lived.
Why did the boy grow up, that's why he became smarter and more skilled. It was not long before the emperor reached the edge of the pit. When he was about to die, he took the child on his knees and said to him:
"My dear father, God is calling me." It's time to dump her. I see that you will become a great man. And even dead, my bones will rejoice in your burial. I have nothing to tell you about the rule of the kingdom, for you, with your skill, know that you will do well. One thing I have to tell you: You see the mountain over there, don't let the sins take you to hunt there, because you need a head. That mountain is the estate of Half-man-riding-half-lame-rabbit-and whoever steps on his estate does not go unpunished.
That being said, he opens his mouth three times and holds his soul. He, too, went like all the breath of the earth, apparently not since the world and the earth.
His people mourned him, the boyars mourned him, mourned him, and in the end the people had to bury him.
Aleodor, after getting into his father's chair, although a child, set the country in motion like a mature man. Everyone was happy with his reign, and the people boasted that he had been given from above to live in his day.
Aleodor often went hunting to spend the hours he had left on the affairs of the kingdom. He remembered what his father had told him and forced himself to keep his words to himself.
One day, I don't know how he did it, being thoughtful, he slipped on the ground of the man's pen. He didn't take ten, twenty steps, and then he found himself in front of him.
Now it was not his because he had passed on the land of the disgusting slut, but he was ashamed as to trample on his father's words he had told him with death.
The pocitania of the earth said to him:
"All the wicked who tread on my border fall into my bondage."
"You must first know," replied Aleodor, "that I have inadvertently and unwittingly trampled on your contents, and I have no evil thoughts about you."
"I thought you were different, but I see you're going to forgive me like all the cowards."
"God forbid!" I have told you the pure truth, and if you want a fight, choose: in the swords we will cut ourselves, in the maces we will hit each other, or in the fight we will fight.
- Neither. But there is no other way to escape punishment than to go and bring me the face of Emperor Verde.
Aleodor wants to codify himself somehow, because the affairs of the kingdom do not forgive him to make such a long journey, because he has no guide, yes, one, yes, but another gift! where he wants to know all this! He kept her one, to bring the face of Emperor Verdeº, if he wanted to get rid of the shabby thief, the violator of the rights of another, and to remain with his soul in his bones.
Aleodor was guilty. Although against his will, but he knew he had sinned by stepping on the slut's estate. He also knew that the man of the devil, to give and get rid of. Don't be in the loop or up your sleeve with him. He finally promised to do the job he was assigned.
Half-man-riding-half-rabbit-half-lame He knew that because Aleodor had promised him, then he would keep his word, as one who was a man of humanity, he said to him:
- God forbid, and help you come to fruition.
Aleodor leaves. And as he walked, he thought and changed his mind about how to do his job better, for he had given his word, he found himself on the edge of a hill, and a pike was struggling to death on land.
When he saw her, he went to take her to alleviate his hunger with her. The pike said to him:
- Don't kill me, Handsome Boy, but better let me go in the water, because it catches you very well when you don't think about it.
Aleodor listens to her and puts her in the water. Then ºtiuca said to him:
- Hold this scale, and when you think of me, I'll be with you.
The young man leaves earlier and marvels at such an incident.
When, here he meets a raven with a broken wing. Wanting to hunt the raven, he said to her:
- Handsome Boy, Handsome Boy, than to load your soul with me, you'd better tie my wing, because it catches you very well.
Aleodor listens to him, because he was a brave and good boy, and he tied his wing. When he was about to leave, the raven said to him:
- Hold this pen, warrior, and when you think of me, I'll be with you.
Aleodor took the pen, and on his way. But he didn't do it for a hundred paces, and here he is, over a ton. When she was cooking to crush him with her foot, the tuna said:
"Spare my life, Emperor Aleodor, and I will save you from death." Keep this fluff on my wing, and when you think of me, I'll be with you.
When Aleodor heard some of these, and that he had called them by name, he once lifted his foot and let the tuna go his way.
And going on, I don't know how many days, he leaves the palaces of Emperor Verde. When he got here, he stood at the gate and waited for someone to come and ask him what he was looking for.
He stays one day, stays two, and for someone to come and ask him what he wants, yes. And it came to pass on the third day, that the king called to the servants, and gave them a sign.
"How is it possible," he said to them, "for the man to stay at my gate for three days and no one to go and examine him?" Is that why I pay you membership? Is that why I'm here for you?
The servants went from corner to corner and did not know what to answer. Finally, he summoned Aleodor and brought him before the emperor.
"What do you want, lad," said the emperor, "and what are you waiting for at the gate of my courts?"
"What do you want, my great king," he replied, "I am here to ask for your daughter."
- All right, boy. But first we have to get in touch, because that's the custom in my yard. You are allowed to hide where you want, for three days in a row. If my son finds you, his head will be cut off and he will be put in the hair that is left, out of a hundred, without a head. And if he does not find you, then you will take it from me with royal honor.
"I trust in God, great kings, that he will not let me perish." We will be able to give our hair something other than a human head. Let's make the connection.
- Aa?
- Oh.
They made the connection, wrote the book, and strengthened it.
Coming face to face, it is clear that the next day he will hide as he knows best. And if he saw it, he was left in a state of agony that tormented him more terribly than death. He was thinking and changing his mind about how to hide better. You see, it was his head, and nothing else. And as he was thinking and planning, he remembered the pike. He took out his scales, looked, and thought of his mistress, when, behold, the pike had come to him, and said to him:
"What do you want from me, Handsome Boy?"
- What do I want? Yeah, yeah, what happened to me. Don't you know something to teach me what to do?
- Stop worrying. Leave it to me.
And immediately, striking his tail, he made Aleodor a basket and hid it on the bottom of the sea, among the other baskets.
When the girl got up, she took her ocean and looked with it in all directions. She didn't see him. From where the others who had come to ask her to marry hid in the cellars, in the houses, in the straw, or in an abandoned ditch, Aleodor hid himself so that the girl would take care to be defeated. What came to her, she looked at the ocean and in the sea, and saw it on the bottom of the sea, among the shells. Her eyes were wide.
"Get out of there, thief," she said with a laugh. What did you do to me like that? From the cockroach man you became a Cossack and hid in the bottom of the sea.
He had nowhere to go.
And she said to the king,
"It seems to me, Dad, that this lad has come to hack me." And a lot of nurliu and darling. Even if he finds out until the third time, forgive him, father, that he is not as stupid as the others. His ox shows him to be something more special.
"We shall see," replied the emperor.
The next day, what came to him, he thought of the raven. He was immediately in front of him and said,
- What else do you want, master?
"Look, you idiot, what happened to me? You don't know anything to teach me?"
- Let's search.
And striking him with his wing, he made him a raven and thrust him into a flock of crows that had risen to the raging wind.
As the girl got up, she took her ocean and went around it again. It's not. Look for it on earth, it's not. Look for it in the water and the seas, it's not. The girl thought. When, towards the middle, what came to her, she looked up. Seeing him in the glory of heaven among the flock of ravens, he began to do with his finger, and said to him:
"Guide, guide, what a thief you are!" Get out of there, man, what have you done to me like a bird? You can't get rid of me in heaven either!
He gets down because he has nothing to do. The emperor began to marvel at Aleodor's cleverness, and he listened to his daughter's prayer.
But because the connection was to be hidden up to three times, the emperor said:
- Great, let's see where he has to hide ?!
On the third day, early in the morning, he thought of the tunes. It came in a soul. After he had told her what he wanted, the tuna said:
- Leave me alone, and if you find her, I'm here.
He licked it and hid it right in the girl's tail, without her feeling it.
Rising her face and taking the ocean, she looked for him all day, and, to find him, not how much. She was on the verge of death, for she could feel him, she was shown to be around, but she could not see him. As for the ocean through the sea, over the earth, through the air, but he saw it nowhere. Towards evening, tired of so much searching, she cried out:
- But show them once. I feel like you're close, but I don't see you. You defeated me, yours to be.
If he hears that she is defeated, he pulls himself down from her tail and shows himself. The emperor didn't have anything to say either, and he owes his daughter. When they left, he spent them with great honor and procession, all the way out of his kingdom.
On the way, they stopped to stop. And after they had eaten something, he put his head on her lap and fell asleep. The emperor's daughter, looking at him, rolled her eyes at his beauty and his ox. Her heart was pounding and she couldn't stop, but kissed him. Aleodor, as he wakes up, slaps him on hearing the dogs in Giurgiu. She wept and said,
- I! Dear Aleodor, but you still have a hard time!
- I slapped you for the deed you did because I did not take you for me, but for the one who sent me.
- Well then, bro, why didn't you tell me so from home because then I knew what to do but let it go, it's not the time now either.
From here, too, they arrived safely at the Half-Man-Riding-Half-Lame-Rabbit.
"Here I bowed," said Aleodor, "and I will leave."
The girl, when she saw that pond, trembled with disgust and did not want to stay with him with her head.
The slut stood beside the girl and began to flatter her with blackish words and to take the good with her. But the girl said to him:
- Skins before me, satan, for sending you to your mother, Hell, who spilled you on the face of the earth.
Neom's service melted away from the girl's love, he lay on his stomach on the ground and walked with his arms, with the lures to bend over to take him as a man.
But, yes! Keep the little saint from approaching her! for she was staring at him with her eyes wide open. He did not take him out of Satan, out of the pit, and out of the filth.
- Skin, unclean, from the face of the earth, let the world get rid of a plague and a cholera like you.
He insisted more and more, and if he was so confronted, the jasmine burst into trouble, as if he were so much insulted by a woman's blanket.
Then Aleodor spread his cupboard over the estate of Half-man-riding-half-lame-rabbit, married the daughter of Emperor Verde, and returned to his kingdom.
When the crowds saw him coming safely, with a laughing wife and the stars of beauty, they received him with great joy and ascending again to the throne of the kingdom, gentlemen and lived happily ever after.
And I rode her and told you that.

# 5 Maya

Petre Ispirescu

The enchanted turtle

Once upon a time, etc.
He was once an emperor, and he had three sons. And it came to pass, when the time was come for them to marry, that the king said unto them,
- My dear children, you have grown up looking for your bears, so that you too can join the ranks of the people.
"Your words, Dad, are to us like an icon we worship," the children replied, and after kissing his hand, they prepared, more or less, to leave sooner.
The eldest son dressed in the clothes he had best, took an army with him and enough money.
On his way east, he came to the court of an emperor who had a daughter, alone with her parents. She left her father, the emperor, and the agreement was made.
Likewise, the middle one, after deciding as he knows best, also goes west. He also came to the court of another emperor, who also had a daughter. They talked, and quickly, quickly, he got engaged to her too.
The youngest son, however, did not have the heart to go to the fish. But he had nothing to do with his head, because his father was always sending him to try to get it too. He took some clothes, but the girl didn't say she hadn't cooked, at the expense of not flowing on the water, and he left, you know, a little longing for the lily.
But where to go? He didn't know either. He moved his legs lazily, one after the other in front of him, only to say that he was walking, grabbed a path he met on the way, and walked on it, without realizing where he was going. When, what do you see? The path he had taken took him straight to a large hill. On the way he saw a long hazelnut stick he was taking, like an apple blossom, without knowing what he was going to do with it.
Reaching the edge of the ridge, he also sat down there, and, looking at himself in bewilderment, he only took it to say that he was doing something, he danced with the stick through the water, and made fun of how the water splashes when he hit it. Then he began to think. He saw that every drop of water, when it falls back to the queen, becomes an Armenian (circle) around it, and why it goes, it grows, until it enters again in the breast of the queen from where it came out, without later he knows neither the place where the drop fell, nor the extent of the Armenian around him, but everything remained as before, that is, the face of the water shone like a mirror.
He was carried away with his thoughts. He looked and couldn't see, he kept sticking his wand in the water, and he didn't know what he was doing. He could no longer feel if it was, or was no longer. When a turtle came out on the surface of the water, he looked at him. Where he struck with the stick, and where the waves that surrounded the top of the rod opened, there, you bastard! And she didn't take his eyes off him anymore.
She looked at him as if to look at him. But he could not see, he could not hear. That's all there was to it.
Finally, how, how, he notices that a turtle is holding on to the tip of his wand. He looked at her, too, and his heart seemed to say something to him, but he understood nothing.
When he awoke well from his thoughts, he saw that the sun was setting. He got up well, not caring, and went home. The next day he did it again, without slapping his head on the head and without remembering that he had gone to the fish.
On the third day, as he gets up, he leaves again at the edge of the hill. Pasamite was pulling him to his bear.
And as he sat there and played with the stick in the water, and the tortoise kept jumping in front of him and looked at him with longing, he remembered, after all, that he was gone in the fish, and that his brothers were they return the next day with their fiancées.
Just when I want to get up and go to try his luck, the frog snaps once more, and he casts his eyes at her more carefully. He looked straight into the frog's eyes, and he felt a I don't know what, in his heart, something seemed to be shooting at him. Sit down again. He wanted to leave, but it was as if someone had nailed him. He still wants to do something somehow to get away, but in the desert. The legs do not move, as if they were stumped.
He marvels at this laziness. And, throwing her search at the frog, she saw her eyes, they seemed to glow with a fire that she felt touched him. Then he took his heart in his teeth and shouted:
- That should be my fiancée.
"Thank you very much, my dear darling," the frog replied. Your word shattered all the charms that kept me chained. You are the bear of my heart. I will follow you until I have life in me.
The emperor's son was somewhat frightened when he heard the frog talking.
He would have broken her on the run, but her sweet speech and the sticky verse that made him keep his feet glued to where he was. The frog lay on its head three times and became a gentle fairy, limp and beautiful, as if it were no longer in the sun. He wanted the lad, dear, to suck her in a spoonful of water. But he stopped, and made no move, so as not to upset or harden the fairy to come after him, for he felt that, from now on, he would not be able to live without her.
They talked, and they didn't know what they were talking about. Here they began one, here they left another, until it was mentioned that it was dusk. And because the next day the brothers were coming with their fiancées, he told the fairy that he was going to tell his father-in-law that he would bring his fiancée as well. The frog enters the elite again, and he goes to the royal court. He was walking, but it was as if someone was stopping him in his tracks, it seemed to him that someone was pulling him from behind his clothes. He kept looking back. He couldn't see anything, but he kept turning his head and looking. Luckily, his path was shortened and he got home, because, if he kept going longer, he was surprised that he didn't stay with his crooked neck, because he looked back so much.
When he arrived and found all of them gathered at his father's, he began to tell them the irritability of what had happened to him. When he came to tell them that he had said to the frog, "Be my fiancée," they all burst into laughter at once, and began to take him by the leg with two-toothed words and unsalted jokes. He wanted to tell them who the frog was, but they didn't give him time, because they were talking to him, and they were giving him a bit of talk with more and more deceptive words.
When he saw it, he fell silent and swallowed the shame that his brothers had done to his father. He thought, "Now a thousand words a penny doesn't make. Let him," he said to himself, "let us see that whoever laughs afterwards laughs more usefully."
The next day each young man flies to his fiancée. And the emperor decorated the palace and the fortress as beautifully as possible, so that he could receive his daughters-in-law. The people marched in groups, in groups through the city, as if on a feast day, the soldiers cooked like processions, until the children rejoiced in the king's joy.
One by one the eldest sons of the emperor and their fiancées came. That's right, they were beautiful too, the clothes seem to have been poured on them. Each had brought him a large dowry: slaves, horses, chariots, and the emperor had received them properly for kings and sons of kings.
And when they were gathered together, they brought again the word of their younger brother's frog, and they began to talk about him with their fiancées.
Their father hated them, because, no matter what they said, his son was his little one, and his heart ached when they laughed at him, but they all stole in the desert, because, although they no longer spoke of evil, they did. In front of the emperor, upside down, however, they beat their beggars, as they wished, gave themselves elbows to laugh, and even talked, both brothers and their fiancées, to make their little brother laugh and insult him when he came. with the turtle in front of the emperor.
If the emperor's youngest son went to fetch his fiancée, the turtle would come out of the hut to him, shake his head three times, and become a man like all men. They talked what they said, then the emperor's son told him to get ready to go. Then she answered,
"My dear fiancé, you must know that I too am a king, and still a great emperor, and strong." But the cursed charms covered our palaces with this dirty water, our kingdom was taken away by our enemies, and it made me as you saw me.
Her sweet words, her pleasant verse, which seemed to anoint your heart, nothing else, had somewhat confused the poor emperor's son, but, keeping his nature and not losing his temper, he said to her:
- Leave these now. Once I have chosen you, you are mine, let the world know what it wants. Get ready, I tell you, we help him, because his father is waiting for us, with my brothers and sisters-in-law.
- It is our custom, adds the fairy, to bathe before going to the wedding.
"We'll bathe in my father's palaces," he said.
- Why do some shit there, take a bath here. And making a sign with his hand, the water of the elect drew to one side and to the other, and in its place were seen some palaces, shining with ornaments, so that you could look at the sun, but at them. The gold with which the poles and the beads on the sidewalk were polished shone to catch your eye.
The fairy took the emperor's son by the hand and entered the palace. You see, he was left with blue eyes, like one who, though he was the king's son, had never seen such precious things.
And when the baths were ready and the water was frozen only like milk when he milked it from the sheep, they each went into a bath and bathed.
The emperor's son did not dare to tread on the bathroom floor and on the precious veils that were spread across the palace, out of pity not to ruin their beauty.
The bathroom was paved with all sorts of polished marble and brought in such a craft that it imagined all sorts of flowers, birds, and all kinds of nodes. The water flowed from the gilded pipes and took it with rags and golden spoons. The towels were of silk and woven with fine thread and pearls.
After they came out of the bathroom and got dressed, they passed through the garden, where the smell of flowers intoxicated them.
The fairy ordered and pulled up a gold-covered cart with four fire trucks. The cart was adorned with precious stones that shone in front of the sun, like who knows what great thing. They climbed up. As he stood beside her, a star sat on her forehead, and so she shone blindly on those who looked at them.
They were both dressed in expensive and very beautiful clothes. The horses started. But they flew as if they did not touch the ground, and not as if they were walking. In an instant they reached the emperor, the boy's father, who was waiting for them and was surprised by such a delay.
When they saw them, they all understood that she was a woman from another realm, and she praised the emperor's son for such a right and unexpected choice. The older brothers weaved it, seeing so much beauty and so much wealth. Greater brilliance and tenderness than this had never been seen before in the sun and at the gentlemen until then. They began to bend their elbows, to come to their notice, and to repent of the laughter they had made of their brother.
The emperor could not help but rejoice when he saw that his youngest son was bringing him the miracle of miracles. The fairy behaved with great kindness, and spoke in such a way as to enslave all hearts. The guests did not take their eyes off her and their ears did not listen to other words than her words, because they were very sticky.
The emperor's eldest sons instructed their fiancées to do whatever they saw on the fairy she was doing, both at the wedding and at the table.
The emperor fulfilled the lust of his heart. He had wanted, you see, to marry all his children in one day, and he did.
The emperor was happy for this, what a great thing.
After the emperor's sons were married to the bridesmaids they had chosen, they were caught in the choir and played, as at an emperor's wedding. The others played, did not play, but the fairy when she played did not seem to touch the ground. The world watched and her heart filled with pride, for their emperor's youngest son had brought such a fairy to rule her. People thought that even in heaven there was no greater beauty than what they had before their eyes.
In the evening he came, and a table was set for the kings. Around the royal table, many other tables were set for nobility, merchants, and foolishness. They sat down at the table.
The emperor's great daughters-in-law kept their eyes on the fairy to see what she was doing, according to the orders of their husbands. The fairy, from every kind of food that was brought to the table, took some crumbs and put them in her breast. So did her sisters-in-law. They ate and rejoiced as much as their hearts demanded.
When he got up from the table, the fairy went to his father-in-law, kissed his hand, thanked him, and, taking out of his breast, from where he had put the food, a bunch of fragrant flowers, he gave it as a sign of fiasco love.
Once they filled the place with such a beautiful and strange smell that the people of that place had never smelled before. Then they all shouted, "Long live our lady and our empress," and she, without pride, pulled herself before the emperor in utter humility, and sat down beside her husband.
In its path, it began to flow from the wrinkles of its pearl garment, to fill the place, and the diners, good and foolish, went down and gathered them.
As the emperor's eldest daughters-in-law went to thank him, they also kissed his hand. But when they saw that they had taken out of the breast what they had put on during the meal, they noticed that their clothes were dirty and stained with food, so that they no longer looked like clothes put on a man, but other breaths, and he laughed with pity. in their whole wedding, so that they left humiliated in their chambers to change, because there was no way to stay so frozen at the wedding.
Then the multitude, small and great, and the king with her, cried out in a word, that these husbands should reign from henceforth. The king got out of his chair, and his youngest son went up with his wife.
This empress, with her gentle purpose, her restrained demeanor, made love to her sisters-in-law. And the king's son, with the sharpness of his mind, the natural wisdom and the stories of the empress, his wife, ruled in peace, quiet and joy all his life.
I was there too. And because I also got a bone to eat, I decided to tell you, your boyars, things that, if it were believed, would lie to me and you would ride on it, etc.

# 6 Maya

Petre Ispirescu

The wild wolf and the Handsome Boy

Once upon a time, etc.
He was an emperor and a queen. They had three children. They also had a very beautiful garden next to their palaces. And the flowers of this emperor were so dear to him that he himself reluctantly watered and cared for them in the garden. At the bottom of this garden grew an apple entirely of gold. The emperor could no longer be glad that there was such a tree in his garden as it was not found in all the world. She kept turning to him and looking at him from all sides, her eyes dripping. When, one day, he saw that the tree was budding, blossoming, the flowers were shaking and the fruits were showing up in the evening. He smiled at the emperor's mustache and left his mouth watering, when he thought that the next day he would have golden apples at his table, something that had not been heard before.
The next day had not dawned well, and the emperor was in the garden to see the golden apples and to reconcile his insatiability to look at them. But he was out of his mind when, instead of golden ripe apples, he saw that the tree had sprouted again, and the apples were nowhere to be found. Still there, he saw the tree blossom, the flowers fall, and the fruits appear again.
Then his heart came back and he waited until the next day. The next day, take the apples from where he is not. The emperor was angry, in great need, and ordered the guards to catch the thieves. But you! where is that alms!
The tree blossomed every day, the flowers shook, the fruit grew, and in the evening it sprouted. It was baking at night. Someone came then and took them, without catching the king's men. It seemed to be a done deal: the one who took the apples was making fun of the emperor and all his guards. It was no longer to this emperor that he could not have golden apples at his table, the greatest thing was that he had not even seen the stalk of this tree. This saddened him to such an extent that he was about to get out of the throne and give it to the one who would bind himself to catch the thief.
The sons of this emperor, astonished that they felt his thought, for they came before him and begged him to let them lurk. Great was the king's joy when he heard from his son's mouth the greatest connection he had made to seize the thief. So he allowed them, and they set to work. The eldest son lurked on the first day, but the shame that had befallen him and the other ambushes before him suffered.
The next day he stalked the middle one, but he was no longer angry, but turned to his father with his nose down.
They had said that they would go on as they did until midnight, but that after that they could not stand on their feet and fell into a deep sleep, and they knew nothing.
The youngest son listened and was silent. Then, after telling the older brothers what had happened to them, he asked his father to let him watch as well. How sad his father was that there was no warrior to catch the apple thieves, he laughed when he heard him. And after many prayers he bends down. Then the youngest son prepared for the ambush.
When evening came, he took his quiver with his arrows, his bow, and his staff, and went into the garden. He chose a lonely place away from any trees and masons, so that he would not have to lean back. He decided to stand on a cut tree trunk so that when he would fall asleep and fall asleep, he would fall down and wake up. He did so, and after falling twice, his sleep became frightened and he remained awake and haunted by pirouette.
When, about the day, when the sleep is sweeter, he heard a flutter like a flock of birds approaching.
He listened and felt someone cut the apple tree in half. He took an arrow out of his quiver, put it in his bow, and, Thracian! He shot an arrow and made no move. Stage fright! he pulled one more and nothing again. When he pulled the third one, the flutter was heard again, and he realized that the flock of birds must have flown. He approached the golden apple and saw that the thief had not had time to take all the apples. He had taken what he had taken, but he still remained. As he sat there, he thought he saw something shining on the floor. He bows down and picks up that shining thing. When, what do you see? two feathers all and all of gold.
As it was day, he picked a few apples, put them on a gold hat, and with his feathers on his hat went to show them to his father. When the emperor saw the apples, he was about to go mad, but he kept his nature. He shouted throughout the city that his youngest son had managed to bring apples and find out that the thief was a bird.
Handsome Boy told his father to let him look for the thief now. His father no longer wanted to know about the thief, because God helped him see the much-desired apples. But the emperor's youngest son did not leave himself alone, but persevered until the emperor allowed him to go and look for the thief. He prepared for the journey again, and when he was about to leave, he took the golden feathers from his hat and gave them to the empress, his mother, so that she could wear them until he returned.
He took his fine clothes and spending money, hung his quiver with his arrows on his back, his club on his left thigh, and, with the bow in one hand and the other around his believer's neck, set off. And aide, and aide, he walked a long way, until he reached the desert. Aci paused and, consulting with his faithful servant, found a way to the east. After traveling a long way, he came to a thick and bushy forest. Through this forest bungee they were walking on the bushes, for otherwise it was over, they saw in the distance a terribly large wolf with a brass forehead. They immediately prepared for defense. When he stole an arrow from the wolf, he put the bow to the handsome boy. Seeing the wolf like this, he shouted:
- Wait, Handsome Boy, don't shoot me, because it'll catch you very well.
Handsome Boy listens to him and lowers his bow. As the wolf approached and asked him where he was going and what he was looking for in such impenetrable forests, Handsome Boy told him the whole story about the apples in his father's garden, and that now he was going to look for the thief.
The wolf told him that the thief was the king of birds. That when he came to steal apples, he would gather the sharpest birds in flight and with them in the flock he would pick them. That bird is in the kingdom at the edge of this forest. He also told her that all the witches were complaining about the thefts she was doing to the trees in the gardens, and she was showing them the nearest and easiest way. Then, giving him a beautiful cranberry in plain sight, he said to her:
- Here, Handsome Boy, this cranberry. When you ever need me, look at him, think of me and I'll be there right away.
Handsome Boy received the cranberry and put it in his bosom, then, saying goodbye, he set off with his believer and, crossing the thickets of the forest, reached the fortress where the bird was. He searched the city and was told that the king of that place kept it in a golden cage in his garden.
That was enough for you to know.
He circled the royal court and took note of all the details surrounding the court. As it was evening, he came with his believer to a corner and waited there, waiting for all those in the courtyard to calm down. Then, as his believer lay down, Handsome Boy climbed on the ridge of the wall and jumped into the garden. When he put his hand on the cage, once the bird screamed and, as you say, he saw himself surrounded by a crowd of birds, some smaller, some larger, screaming at their tongues. And there was so much noise that all the servants of the king awoke. And coming to the garden, they found the Handsome Boy with the cage in his hand and the birds coming to him to tear him apart, and he defended himself.
The servants put their hands on him and took him to the king, who had risen to see what had happened. When the emperor saw him, he met him and said,
"I'm sorry, Handsome Boy, about this incident." If you had come with the good, or with prayers, to ask for my bird, I might have been tempted to give it to you of my own free will, but now, caught with my hand in the sack, as they say, according to our customs, with death you have to die. And your name will be defiled with the robber's robe.
"This bird, enlightened emperor," replied Handsome Boy, "has plundered us several times the golden apples from the tree that my father has in his garden, and that is why I have come to seize the thief."
"What you say may be true, Handsome Boy, but in our country, I have no power against our customs." Only a meaningful service to our kingdom can save you from shame and death.
- Tell me what job I'm going to do for you, and I'll dare.
- If you manage to bring me the syrup mare that is at my neighbor's court, you will escape with a clean face, I will give you the bird with the cage.
Handsome boy. And on that very day he leaves with his faithful servant.
Arriving at the court of the neighboring emperor, he became acquainted with the mare and the fence of the court. Then, as evening came, he sat down with his believer in a corner of the courtyard, where it seemed to him to be a place of fire.
He had seen the mare walking by two servants, and marveled at her beauty. It was white, with a gilded bridle and adorned with precious stones, as bright as the sun.
In the middle of the night, when the sleep is sweeter, Handsome Boy told his believer to get up, and he climbed on it, then on the wall, and jumped into the king's court. He walked on his fingertips and at his fingertips until he reached the stable and, opening the door, he put his hand on the bridle and pulled the mare after him. As the mare reached the door of the stable, where the air once sniffed and the whole yard and palaces roared. At once they all jumped up, seized the Handsome Boy, and took him to the king, who had also risen. He, as he saw Handsome Boy, knew him.
He confronted him for the evil deed he was about to commit, and told him that the customs of his country were stealing from the dead, and that he had no power against those customs.
Handsome Boy told him all the irony about apples, the bird, and what the emperor, his neighbor, had told him to do.
Then said the king to him,
"If you can, Handsome Boy, bring me the Golden Fairy, you may be able to escape death and your name will remain undefiled."
Handsome Boy dared, and taking his believer with him, he left. On the way he remembered the cranberry. She pulled him out of her breast, looked at him, and thought of the wolf. And while you wiped your eyes, the wolf was here.
- What do you want, Handsome Boy? he told her.
"What do I want," he replied. Here, here, here's what happened to me. How can I now return with good deeds?
- Is that why you're here? Leave it to me, it's almost over. The three of them set off for the Christmas Fairy.
When they stole near the Christmas Fairy, they stopped in a forest where the fairy's bright palaces could be seen. It is agreed that Handsome Boy and his believer will wait at the trunk of an old tree until the wolf returns.
The fairy also had proud palaces, great. The wolf himself marveled at the beauty and good order that was there. When he arrived, he did what he did and snuck into the garden.
What do you see? No tree was green anymore. Their leaves, and their legs, and their twigs, had fallen as if they had been stripped naked. On the ground, the fallen leaves were turned to dry ash. Only a bunch of roses was still leafy and full of buds, some in bloom and some open. In order to reach him, the wolf had to walk on his fingertips so as not to turn the dry leaf, and hid in that flowery grove. Sitting there and lurking, the Fairy Fairy comes out of the palaces, accompanied by twenty-four wheelbarrows, to walk through the garden.
When the wolf saw her, p-aci, p-aci was to forget what he had come for and give up but mastered himself. For she was so beautiful that she was never seen and would not be seen on the face of the earth. He had a hair, uncle, all gold. Her long, bushy mowers beat her thighs. When she looked at someone with her eyes as big and black as blackberries, the sick one had well-arched eyebrows, apparently written, and a skin whiter than milk foam. After walking around the garden with the wheelbarrows behind her, she came to the rose bush to break some flowers. When the wolf, who was hiding in the grove, once rushed, he took her in his arms and this was your way. And the handmaids, like fear, parted like partridge chicks. In one soul runs the wolf and a fainting finger in the arms of the Handsome Boy. He, as he saw her, lost his temper, but the wolf reminded him that he was strong, and he came to himself. Many emperors wanted to steal it, but they were killed.
Handsome Boy had taken pity on her, and he couldn't give it to anyone else.
The Fairy Crăiasă, after waking up from fainting and seeing herself in the arms of Făt-Frumos, was caught saying:
"If you're the wolf who stole me, I'll be yours." Handsome Boy replied:
"Be mine, inseparable until death."
Then they understood each other's words, and each told the iridescence of his story.
Seeing the love that had warmed between them, the wolf said:
- Leave it to me, I'll make them all to your liking. And they left to return to where they had come from.
On the way, the wolf lay three times over his head, and he became just like the Golden Fairy. The wolf was in a daze.
They talked, that the believer of Handsome Boy would sit with the Christmas Fairy on the trunk of a big tree in the forest, until Handsome Boy returns with the syrup mare.
Reaching the emperor with the mare, Handsome Boy holds the pretended Fairy Christmas. As the emperor saw her, his heart softened and he missed her, which cannot be told.
The king said to her,
"Your worthiness, Handsome Boy, has saved you from reproach and death." Now I reward you for this, giving you the mare as a gift.
As he laid his hands on the mare and the wonderful bridle, Handsome Boy took her to the healthy one and, putting the Fairy on horseback on the mare, set off with her and crossed the borders of that kingdom.
The emperor immediately gathered his advisers and went to church to be married to the Fairy. When she was at the door of the church, the pretended Fairy stood over her head three times and turned into a wolf again, who, clenching her fangs, showed her teeth grinning at the emperor's courtiers. They, as they saw it, suddenly froze in fear. Then, after they woke up, they followed him with shouts and uideos. But the wolf, hold on, you bastard! He struggled for a long time, went away, softly, so that he would no longer hold his hand. And reaching the Handsome Boy and his people, he walked with them. When he was near the king's court with the bird, they acted like the other king. The wolf, changed into a syrupy mare, was taken to the king, who, seeing the mare, no longer knew the joy.
After receiving the Handsome Boy with much humanity, this emperor said to him:
"You escaped, Handsome Boy, both from shame and death." And I will keep my word, and my thanksgiving will always be with you.
Commandments, and immediately the bird comes to her, with all her cage. Receiving it, Handsome Boy, he said good morning and left. Arriving in the forest where he had left the Golden Fairy, the mare and his believer set off together for his father's kingdom.
The emperor who had received the mare ordered all his army and the elders of his kingdom to go out into the field, where he wanted to be shown riding on the famous mare.
When the soldiers saw him, they all shouted.
"Long live, Emperor, that you have acquired such an odor!" Long live your mare, which makes you look so great! And indeed, uncle, the mare with the emperor came to her, if she did not give him the feet of the earth, but as if he had flown.
They competed. But there was no mention of anyone approaching this mare, for he left them all behind.
When he was at a good distance, once stood the mare, slammed the emperor, stood over his head three times, and became a wolf again, and broke it in flight, and fled, and fled, until he reached the Handsome Boy.
When they stole to part, the wolf said to Handsome Boy:
- Look, this time all your cravings have been fulfilled. Beware in your life of not coveting things beyond your power, for you will not suffer well.
Then they parted, each going his own way.
Arriving at his father's kingdom and hearing that his youngest son was coming, you went before him with greatness, with smallness, to receive him, as he deserved.
Great was the joy of the community when they saw him with his wife as he was no longer on the face of the earth, and with smells as he had never been mentioned before. When he arrived, he ordered Handsome Boy and made a masterful stable for the mare, and put the cage with the bird in the garden.
Then his father made arrangements for the wedding. And after a few days the Handsome Boy was crowned with the Christmas Fairy, spread a large table for good and for evil, and kept the joys three days and three nights over.
Then they lived happily ever after, because Handsome Boy had nothing to crave. And they will be alive today, if they did not die.
And I rode her, and so on.

# 7 Maya

Petre Ispirescu

The mighty one and the golden apples

Once upon a time, etc.
He was once a strong and great emperor, and beside his palaces he had a beautiful garden, rich in flowers and a great need! Such a garden had never been seen before, over there. At the bottom of the garden he had an apple that made golden apples, and since he had it, he had not been able to eat ripe apples from the tree, for, after seeing them blooming, growing, and ripening, someone would come at night and steal them. just when they were about to ripen. All the guards in the kingdom and the best soldiers the emperor had put in place to watch could not catch the thieves. At last the emperor's eldest son came and said to him:
- Dad, I grew up in your palaces, I walked through this garden so many times and I saw very beautiful fruits in the tree at the bottom of the garden, but I could never taste them now ripened, let me that these nights I may guard myself, and I catch myself seizing that robber who robs us.
"My dear," said his father, "so many strong men have guarded and done no good." I long too much to see at my table at least one apple from this tree that has kept me so much money, and that is why, behold, I bend down and leave you to lurk, at least I can't believe you will succeed.
Then the king's son lay in wait for a whole week: the night lurked, and the day rested. if he could not stand on his feet, as sleep later overwhelmed him and he fell like a dead man, unable to wake up until the sun had been lifted by two spears, and then he saw that the apples were missing.
His father's grief was untold when he heard this being told.
Out of compulsion, out of pity, he had to wait another year to do the will of his middle son, who urged his father to let him lurk, and bound himself to him. he will catch the thieves who made him so sad.
The time came, the apples began to ripen then his middle son guarded and he as well as his older brother.
His father, in despair, had thought of cutting him off, but his youngest son, Prâslea, came in prayer to his father, and said to him:
- Dad, you kept it for so many years, you suffered so much trouble after this tree, let it go, please, and this year, let me try my luck too.
"Run away, you reckless man," said the emperor. Your older brothers, so many strong and needy people, couldn't do anything, and will you, a mucus like you, succeed? Can't you hear what the abyss is saying to your brothers? There must be some spells here.
"I dare not," said Prâslea, "catch the thieves, but I say that an attempt by me, too, cannot bring you any harm."
The emperor bows down and leaves the tree uncut for another year.
Spring is coming: the tree blooms more beautifully and binds more than ever. The emperor rejoiced at the beauty of the flowers and the multitude of his fruits, but when he thought that even this year he would not have his golden apples, he thought that he had left him uncut. The young often went through the garden, went around the apple and kept planning. Finally, the apples began to ripen. Then said the king's youngest son,
- Dad, now it's time I'm going to stalk too.
"Go," said the emperor, "but you will surely return ashamed as your older brothers."
"It's not going to be such a shame for me," he said, "because I'm not only younger, but I don't tie myself up to have lunch with robbers, I'm just trying to do something."
When evening came, he went, took his reading books, two spikes, his bow, and his quiver with his arrows. He chose a place of ambush in a corner by the tree, struck the thorns in the ground and stood between them, so that one would come before him and another behind him, so that if he fell asleep and fell asleep, he would hit himself. with a beard in front of him and if he turned his head on his back, he would hit his neck in the back.
Thus he lurks until, one night, about after midnight, he feels that the mist of dawn, which intoxicates him with its pleasant smell, is slowly touching him. He stared at it until, at dawn, a faint rustle was heard in the garden. Then, with his eyes fixed on the tree, he took the bow and was ready. Next to the tree, and then there was a dead silence, and as it dimmed, he picked some apples from the tree, put them on a golden tip, and took them to his father.
The emperor never felt greater joy than when he saw at his table the golden apples he had never tasted.
"Now," said Prâslea, "let's look for the thief."
But the emperor, satisfied that he had touched the golden apples, did not want to know about the thieves. His son, however, did not give up one or two, but, showing the emperor the trail of blood that had left on the ground the wound he had inflicted on the thief, told him that he was going to look for him and bring him to the emperor right from the snake hole. And on the morrow he spake unto his brethren, that they should go in thither, and catch him.
His brothers were jealous of him because he was more worthy than they were, and they were looking for an opportunity to lose him, so they were happy to go. They prepared and set off.
So they followed the trail of blood and walked, walked, until they came out into the wilderness, from there they walked for a while until they came to a precipice, where their trail was lost. They circled the precipice and saw that the trail of blood was no longer advancing. Then they understand that in that abyss must live the theft of apples.
But how to get inside? They immediately ordered whirlwinds and thick ropes, and they immediately cooked. They set them down, and the elder brother left them.
"But," he said, "when I shake the rope, get me out."
That's how they do it. After the older brother, the middle one came down and did the same as the first one, only to be lowered a little.
"Now it's my turn to fall into the abyss," said Prâslea, seeing that the big brothers are coding when I move the rope, you will let me down, and after you see that the rope is no longer going downhill, put guards, and when he sees that the rope moves against the edges of the pit, pull it out.
He left the youngest of the brothers and, why did he move the rope, so he left it below, they let it go, they left it, until they saw that the rope was no longer stretched, as it is when it has something hanging from it. its end.
Then the brethren gave counsel, saying,
"Let's wait until we see if he succeeds, and then, for better or worse, let's lose him, so that we can cleanse ourselves of someone like him who makes us ashamed."
The offspring reached the other realm, looked shyly in all directions, and with great astonishment saw all things changed, the earth, the flowers, the trees, the otherwise made legions were there. For the time being he was a little afraid, but, getting upset, he took a path and walked to the tops of some palaces entirely of copper.
Seeing no human being to ask him anything, he entered the palace to see who lived there. In the doorway he was greeted by a handsome girl, who said:
- Thank God you came to see another man from our land. How did you get here, brother, she asked: here is the estate of three brothers of dragons, who kidnapped us from our parents, and we are three sisters and daughters of the emperor from the land where you are from.
Then he briefly told the whole story of the apples, how he had wounded the thief, and how he had come after the trail of blood to the pit where he lay down on it, and asked her what kind of people those dragons were, and whether they were strong.
She then told him that each of the dragons had chosen one of them and was forcing them to take them as men, and they continued to oppose him with all sorts of words, asking them both in the moon and in the sun, and they become boats and bridges to fulfill all their wishes.
"They are really strong," she added, "but with God's will you may be able to overcome them." But hide another one, woe is me! Somewhere, don't let the kite hit you in his house, because he's naughty and he's a lion. Now is the time when he will come for lunch, and he has the habit of throwing his mace on the way to a mansion and knocks on the door, on the table and puts himself in the nail.
He didn't manage to finish the word, and he heard something hissing, knocking on the door, en masse, and the mace appeared and sat down on the nail. But Prăslea took the mace, tossed it back farther than the kite, and when it was right, touched it on the shoulders.
The kite, frightened, stood still, looked for the mace, went to pick it up, and returned home. When he was at the gate, he began to shout:
- Come on! Harness! here smells of human flesh from the other realm, and when he saw the king's son who had come before him, he said to him: What wind has brought you here, man, to keep your bones in another realm?
"I came to catch the wrath of my father's golden apples."
"We are," said the kite, "how do you want us to fight?" Shall we strike in the maces, shall we cut ourselves in swords, or shall we fight in battle?
"She's more upright in the fight," said Prâslea.
Then they began to slam, and to fight and to fight, until the kite put Prâslea in the ground up to the ankles and Prâslea opined once, brought the kite and, slamming it, he put it on the ground up to his knees. head.
The girl, with tears in her eyes, thanked him for getting rid of the kite, and asked him to have mercy on her sisters as well.
After resting for a couple of days, he set off, according to the girl's orders, to his middle sister, who had silver palaces.
There, as at the big one, he was gladly received. , hitting the kite in the head and the kite came upset, he fights with Prâslea like his big brother, and he was left dead too.
The girl, after thanking him, told him how to get out of captivity and their little sister.
"Although he is stronger," said the girl, "than his brothers whom you killed, but with God's help, and especially since he is a little sick from the blow you gave him with the arrow when he tried to steal the apples, I hope You will come to hack him.
For a whole week they reveled in both girls, and Prâslea, resting from the toils she had tried, set off for the third kite.
Seeing the golden palaces in which the little kite lived, he was a little pensive, but, taking his heart in his teeth, he went inside. When the girl saw him, she begged God to save her from the kite, which, she said, was so hard that, as soon as she became well, he would force her to accompany him anyway.
He had barely finished speaking, and the mace, knocking on the door and on the table, was nailed. The chick asked how powerful the kite was and told him to throw the mace three way mansions then he threw it further, hitting him in the chest.
The kite, troubled with rage, immediately returned home.
- Who dared to step on my borders and enter my house?
"I am," said the Baby.
"If it's you," the kite replied, "I'll punish you bitterly for your recklessness." As you wished, you came but you will not go as you will.
"With God's help," replied the Kid, "I have your coat, too."
Then they will fight to the right,
And they fight,
And they fight,
summer day
until evening
and when it was about noon, they both fired twice, and so a raven fought, but he kept going around them, croaking. Seeing him, the kite said to him:
- Raven, raven! take the nail in your nails and put it on me, because I will give you this poison.
- Raven, raven! And he said to her, "If you put my tallow on me, I will give you three antlers."
- Where does God allow such a typhoon to fall on me! I'd be fed up with my whole room.
"My mouth really speaks," said the Kid.
The raven, without delay, brought his tallow into his nails, placed it over the brave Prâslea, and seized more power.
Towards evening the kite said to the emperor's daughter, who was watching them fight, after they had become men again:
- My beauty, give me some water to cool off, I promise to get married tomorrow.
"My little beauty," said the Kid, "give me water, and I promise to take you to our land, and there we will be married."
"May God hear your word, strong one, and fulfill your thought!" she replied.
The emperor's daughter gave water to the baby and took more power, then she hugged the kite, lifted it up and, when she let it down, put it up to her knees in the ground, the kite stood up and lifted it up. The calf and, leaving him down, tucked him up to his waist, putting all his strength into it. He cut off his head and the girls gathered around him in joy, took him in their arms, kissed him, and said to him:
"Be our brother from now on."
They were then told that each of the palaces of the dragons had a whip, with which it struck in their four corners and made apples. So they did, and each of the girls had an apple. So they are preparing to return to our realm.
Reaching the pit, he shakes the rope to hit all the edges of the pit. The guards upstairs understand that they have to pull the rope. They whirled and pulled out the big girl with her brass apple.
As she reached the top, she showed a riot to her son, in which she wrote that she was going to marry her older brother. The girl's joy was unspeakable when she saw herself again in the world where she had been born.
They left the rope again and took out the middle girl, with her silver apple and another letter, in which she decided to be the wife of the middle brother.
They let go of the rope and took out the little girl: she was Prâslea's fiancée, but her golden apple did not hold him, but kept him to himself.
He had felt before that his brothers wore them on Saturdays, and when he let go of the rope to lift him up, he tied a stone and put his hat on it, to look for his brothers again if he saw the hat. that he is their little brother, they weaken their whirlwinds and let go of the rope, which is lowered with great rapidity, which led the brethren to believe that the Offspring had perished.
So they took the girls, took them to the emperor, told him with feigned sorrow that their brother had perished, and married the girls, as Prâslea had ordered. And the youngest did not want to get married or take another.
The kid, who was sitting on the floor, saw the stone that had fallen with a bang, thank God he had missed his days, and was thinking of what to do to get out. As he thought and complained, he heard a scream and a howl that filled his heart with mourning, looked around and saw a dragon curled up in a tree and climbed up to eat some scorpions. He took out his Palea sledgehammer, hurried to the dragon, and immediately tore it to pieces.
The puppies, as they saw it, thanked him and said:
- Come back, brave man, let's hide you here, because if our mother sees you, she will swallow you with joy.
They drew a feather from one of the chicks and hid it in it.
When the squirrel came and saw that big pile of dragon pieces, she asked the chickens, who did this good to them?
"Mother," they said, "is a man from the other realm, and he's headed east."
"I'm going," she told them, "to thank him." She started like the wind towards the side where the chicks had told her that the man had grabbed her. After a few minutes, he returned:
"Tell me straight," he told them, "where he went."
- To the west, Mom.
And in a short time, as if I were telling you, he crossed the four parts of the lower realm and turned deserted. She asked him to tell her immediately. At last the chicks said to him:
"If the man showed it to you, Mother, do you promise not to do anything to him?"
"I promise you, my dears."
Then they pulled him out of the feather and showed him again, and she, with joy, hugged him and swallowed him, if the chicks hadn't covered him.
- What good will you do me, too, because you saved my young?
"Take me out to the other realm," replied the Baby.
"You asked me for a hard thing," said the squirrel, "but because I owe you the salvation of my cubs, I agree to that." Prepare 100 ounces of meat, cut into pieces one by one, and 100 loaves of bread.
Whatever Prăslea did, she cooked the bread and meat and brought them to the mouth of the pit. Zgripsoroaica said:
- Put yourself on top of me with snacks and, whenever he turns his head, give me a loaf of bread and a piece of meat.
They sat down and gave him bread and meat whenever he asked. When it was close, about to come out, the giant bird turned its head to feed it, but the meat was gone. Then the Puppy, without losing his composure, pulled out his palate and cut a piece of soft flesh from the thigh of his upper leg and gave it to the squirrel.
When they reached the top and saw that the Baby could not walk, the little girl said to him:
"If it weren't for the good you did me and the prayers of my cubs, I'd rather eat you." I felt that the meat you gave me back was sweeter than the one before, and I didn't swallow it badly, you did it because you gave it to me.
Then he pulled it out of it, put it back on, spit it out of his, and stuck to it. Then they embraced, thanked each other, and parted.
Leaving for the town where his parents and brothers lived, dressed in bad peasant clothes, he met some hikers and learned from them that his brothers had taken as wives the daughters whom he had sent, as he had decided. they were very saddened by the loss of their youngest son, that the little girl was dressed in black and mourned him and that she did not want to marry even in the rupture of her head, at least that several sons of the emperor had begged her that now, Eventually, his brothers brought her a beautiful son-in-law and they all forced her to take him and she didn't know she would be able to escape.
The young man, hearing of all this, was not a little saddened in his soul, and, with a broken heart, entered the city. Searching further and further down, he learns that the girl told the emperor that if she wished to marry her to the young man who had brought him, he would order her to make and smell a fork with a notebook and a spindle of gold, and to spin it alone. , because that's what the kite had done to him, and he liked that a lot. He also found out that the emperor had called the abbot of silversmiths and ordered him, saying: his head will sit down "and the poor silversmith returned home sad and crying.
Then the Kid went to work as an apprentice to the silversmith.
The young man, seeing his master wailing because he had failed to make the fork by command, said to him:
"Master, I see you sad that you cannot do what the emperor commanded you to do. There are three more days until the sorority he gave you is fulfilled. Let me do it."
The silversmith chased him away, saying:
- So many great craftsmen couldn't do it, and just a trainer like you to do it?
"If I don't give you today's fork in three days," replied the Baby, "do me what you will."
Then they agreed to give him a room to work alone, and to give him a hazelnut cake and a glass of good wine every night.
The silversmith took care of him, because, listening at the door, all he could hear was breaking the anvil on his hazelnuts! And it came to pass on the third day, that he went out of the chamber early in the morning, and took the fork out of the kite which he had taken out of the apple tree that was with him, and gave it to the silversmith to take to the king's daughter.
The silversmith could no longer rejoice, he made him a row of clothes, and at noon, when the emperor's servants had come to call him to the palace, he went and gave him the fork that he twisted alone.
After the emperor marvels at her beauty, he gives the silversmith two sacks of money.
The girl, as she saw the fork, passed a burnt iron through her heart, she knew the fork and understood that the brave Prussia must have come out of the ground. Then he said to the king,
- Dad, whoever made the fork can do another thing that the kite smelled to me.
And the king at once called the silversmith, and commanded him to make him a hen's nest full of gold, stay your head.
The silversmith, as on the other hand, returned home sadly, as if for the first time to Prâslea, who had asked him this time as well, and if they understood each other's words, they agreed, and the work was done well.
When he saw the silversmith's bell ringing and the chicks chirping, all and all of gold and nibbling all my gold, he understood that it must be a masterpiece.
The silversmith took the nest, took it to the king, and the emperor, after marveling enough at their beauty and tenderness, took it to the girl and said:
"Look, your wishes have come true now, my daughter, to get ready for the wedding."
"Father," said the girl, "whoever has done these two things must have the golden apple of the kite, order the silversmith to bring the master who made them."
On receiving this command, the silversmith appeared to the emperor, praying for his forgiveness, and saying to him:
- How am I going to bring the master before your sea, because he is a foolish man, and he is not worthy to see the light of your sea.
The emperor ordered him to be brought in anyway.
Then the silversmith, after washing Prâslea and cleaning him, put him in some new clothes and took him to the emperor, and the emperor presented him to the girl.
When the girl saw him, she knew him. She could not hold back her tears, which had made her very happy, and she said to the king:
"Father, this is the brave man who saved us from the dragons."
And, kneeling, he kissed her hands both on his face and on his back.
Taking into account the emperor, he knew him well, at least he had changed a lot. She hugs him and kisses him a hundred times. But he denied it.
Finally, his heart moved by the prayers of his father, his mother, and the girl who had remained on his knees praying to him, confessed that he was indeed their youngest son.
The calf then told them his whole story, told them how he came out of the ground, and showed them the golden apple of the kite.
Then the emperor, angry, called his eldest sons, but they, as they saw Prâslea, drank it. And the emperor asked Prăslea how to punish them. Our brave man said:
- Dad, I forgive her and take her punishment from God. We will go out to the palace stairs and each one will shoot an arrow up and God, if we are wrong, will punish us.
That's the way it is. Three brothers went out into the courtyard in front of the palace, threw the arrows up, and when they fell, the elders' brothers fell right on top of their heads and killed them, but the youngest fell before them.
And if they buried the older brothers, they had a big wedding and Prăslea took the little girl. The whole kingdom rejoiced that God had brought the youngest son of the king healthy, and he boasted, boasting, of the heroes he had done, and after the death of his father he ascended the throne of the kingdom, and then in peace. And to this day, they will be living.
I went there too and sat down with me at the wedding, where did you get it?
A piece of baton
ª a lame rabbit's foot,
And you rode on it, and you said it to yourself.