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Justin Bieber Went to Moulin Rouge with Pals and More Celebrity News

Justin Bieber Went to Moulin Rouge with Pals and More Celebrity News

Restaurant Buzz

Kristen Stewart had a fun evening at El Arco Iris Restaurant in Los Angeles with pals. The group ordered chicken soup, a pitcher of the strawberry margaritas and a pitcher of the house special margaritas, and finished off with a round of tequila shots. [People]

Justin Bieber headed to the famous Moulin Rouge during his visit to Paris. The singer went to the cancan show with Cody Simpson, Alfredo Flores, and a few other pals. [People]

True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard dined solo at Pimai Thai in Loz Feliz, Calif. [US]

A ton of stars came out to West Hollywood's Fig & Olive for JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Nick Swisher's baby shower. Cameron Diaz, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Lance Bass, Jennifer Morrison, and Reba McEntire were all in attendance to nosh on truffle mushroom croquettes, fig and olive salads, lamb skewers, and paella. [US]

Best friends Kim Kardashian and LaLa Anthony had dinner at Beverly Hills' restaurant Crustacean. [Celebuzz/KimKardashian]

Selena Gomez watched a Lakers game with cheese fries and soda at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. [US]

Seen & Heard

Justin Bieber tweeted a photo of what looks like ham(?) with the caption: "If they brought this out to u would u eat it?" [Instagram/JustinBieber]

Ben Affleck picks up Starbucks coffee for two in Brentwood, Calif. [People]

Shia LaBeouf picked up Danny Seo eco-friendly food-storage containers at New York City's Upper West Side TJ Maxx. [NY Post]

Top 10 Inspiring Dance Movies Ever

Dancing has always been a movie metaphor for celebrating your spirit and following your dreams. I think that is why shows like &ldquoDancing with the Stars&rdquo and even the cheesy ones like &ldquoSo You Think You Can Dance?&rdquo are so successful right now.
So I started thinking about all the great dance movies of years gone by. Here is a list of my favorite and most inspiring movies of all time. I didn&rsquot count Broadway musicals adapted to screen, so that leaves out classics like &ldquoWest Side Story&rdquo and &ldquoChicago,&rdquo but I still had plenty of interesting choices to consider. Feel free to add to my list by posting to in the comment box below.
10. &ldquoSinging in the Rain&rdquo: Maybe it&rsquos not technically a dance movie, but it certainly has some of the most famous dance numbers ever put on celluloid.
9. &ldquoWhite Nights&rdquo: Okay, this is actually a pretty lame movie&mdashnot to mention outdated&mdashbut the dance sequences between Gregory Hines and Mikhail Baryshnikov are unparalleled.

8: &ldquoFame&rdquo: The 80s were full of awesome, yet cheesy, dance movies and this idealized picture of life at a performing arts school in New York had energy and sass in addition to all the camp.
7. &ldquoStomp The Yard&rdquo: Again, maybe not the best plot line but some amazing dance sequences featuring some of the folks from that hit off-Broadway show &ldquoStomp.&rdquo
6. &ldquoFootloose&rdquo: Come on, despite the hokey storyline, no one can outdo Kevin Bacon dancing to a peppy Kenny Loggins soundtrack
5. &ldquoMoulin Rouge&rdquo: Again, perhaps it doesn&rsquot fit the mold of a true dance movie, but that&rsquos why I liked it. The dance numbers defied convention and were full of razzle-dazzle.
4. &ldquoMad Hot Ballroom&rdquo: One of my favorite documentaries of all time, this movie looks at a ballroom competition for inner-city kids and how it helps them rise above their circumstances.
3. &ldquoBilly Elliot&rdquo: Boxing and ballet go toe to toe as a young Irish lad must choose between the two. It is a great story about family loyalty and going against expectations. (I also can&rsquot wait to see the Broadway version!)

Rihanna Is Always Bikini-Ready

Rihanna put her bikini body on display when she hit the beach in her native Barbados on Wednesday. The singer is back on her home turf after taking a short break from her Diamonds world tour. Aside from frolicking on the beach with her pals, Rihanna has also been getting in family time during her latest trip to Barbados, as she threw a birthday party for her 85-year-old grandfather, Bravo, last night. The proud granddaughter shared many photos of the family-friendly party on Instagram, including a shot of her and her grandfather wearing matching gold ensembles and the two sharing several dances together. Rihanna also shared a bit of her family history on Instagram yesterday, writing to her grandpa, "If it wasn't for you buying out the whole tray of mangoes from gran gran Dolly that one day you got off your ship in Guyana, and charmed her with that smile laced with a gold cap, NONE of us would be here!"

This isn't the first bikini stop that Rihanna has made during her tour. She also hit up the Dead Sea in Israel two weeks ago and has made beach visits in Monaco and Poland over the Summer.

Kevin Spacey Spotted Back in Los Angeles

  • Kevin Spacey was photographed at a popular meeting spot in Los Angeles. See the photos. – TMZ
  • Lucy Hale begins production on the Riverdale spinoff and shares pics from set – Just Jared Jr
  • Will there be superhero romances in Avengers: Endgame? – Lainey Gossip
  • Wendy Williams wants Lori Loughlin‘s character killed off Fuller House – TooFab
  • Kendrick Lamar‘s new profile pic has fans speculating about a new album – MTV
  • Ben Affleck is defending his big back tattoo – Popsugar

From Our Friends

Patti LaBelle: 5 Things On R&B Singer Battling Gladys Knight In A ‘Verzuz’ Battle

Verzuz is getting ready to welcome two incredible iconic singers on Sept. 13 when Patti LaBelle, 76, faces Gladys Knight, 76, in a highly anticipated battle! The &ldquoGodmother of Soul” will listen to some of her biggest hits alongside Gladys at the Fillmore in the streaming special, which will be shown on Verzuz TV and Apple Music, and we can guarantee it’s going to bring back some seriously soothing nostalgia. Verzuz TV‘s Instagram announced the exciting news in a post on Sept. 8.

“The Master Class we&rsquove ALL been waiting for! @MsGladysKnight vs. @MsPattiLaBelle 🔥 Live from The Fillmore in Philly this Sunday at 5PM PT/8PM ET. The ultimate Verzuz!” the caption for an event photo, which featured the two ladies, read. “Leave ya church clothes on all Sunday and pull up to the affair of all affairs. Y&rsquoall gotta get dressed up in ya Sunday&rsquos best for this one.”

Patti LaBelle, seen here during a previous public appearance, is set to battle Gladys Knight in a ‘Verzuz’ battle on Sept. 13. (Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

As you gear up to watch the battle, here are five things you should know about Patti and her successful career.

1. She’s a chart-topping legend. Born Patricia Louise Holt, Patti began singing after joining a local church choir in her native home of Philadelphia. Since her first single in 1962, Patty has gone on to win two Grammy Awards, a ton of Lifetime Achievement Awards and, in 2004, she was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. She’s best known for her songs “On My Own,” “Stir It Up,” “The Best Is Yet To Come” and “New Attitude.”

2. Patti began as part of a girl group. Long before Beyonce and Destiny&rsquos Child or Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony, there was Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. The group scored a hit with 1962&rsquos &ldquoI Sold My Heart To The Junkman.&rdquo They would rename themselves as simply Labelle in 1971, and would find their first No. 1 song with the original &ldquoLady Marmalade.&rdquo The song would later be covered by Christina Aguilera, Lil&rsquo Kim, Mya, and Pink for the film, Moulin Rouge. Labelle was so successful, they became the first African-American vocal group to land on the cover of Rolling Stone, according to

Patti LaBelle looking gorgeous on a red carpet. (Elijah Nouvelage/Invision/AP)

3. She went solo in 1977. Patti decided to go it alone in the late 󈨊s, releasing her self-titled debut. It was a critical success, and since then, she has continued to record and perform, making her a staple of R&B and soul music. She earned her first No. 1 album in 1986 with Winner In You, thanks in part to the power of the &ldquoOn My Own&rdquo single. It&rsquos also her best-selling album to date, going on to sell more than 8 million copies.

4. She got shady about American Idol years before performing on it. &ldquoSome of the judges, I don&rsquot think they&rsquore qualified to even judge,&rdquo Patti said about Idol in 2010, per Today. She wouldn&rsquot really explain which judge she was talking about, and at the time, it was Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres picking the winners. Patti said she asked to be a judge on the show before Paula Abdul joined, but a rep for the show at the time declined to comment on the claim.

&ldquoThe comments that were made,&rdquo Patti said about the judges&rsquo remarks, &ldquothey could make you like wanna kill yourself. If you believe in yourself, just go for it. What do you have to lose? And when people tell you &lsquoYou can&rsquot,&rsquo you have to say, &lsquoI can.&rsquo &ldquo

She went on to appear on the finale of the show in 2018 and sang “Lady Marmalade” with drag queen contestant Ada Vox.

The one and only @MsPattiPatti is joining us during our 2 Night Finale Event! Don't miss out! #AmericanIdol #IdolFinale

&mdash American Idol (@AmericanIdol) May 19, 2018

5. You might have seen her in a Walmart commercial. In addition to music, Patti has branched out into acting and writing. She wrote her autobiography Don&rsquot Block The Blessings in 1997, and following a diabetes diagnosis, a diabetic cookbook, LaBelle Cuisine: Recipes to Sing About. She also appeared in movies A Soldier&rsquos Story and Beverly Hills Cops, as well as the television shows A Different World and American Horror Story. She also has starred in Patti LaBelle’s Place for two seasons on the Cooking Channel. In 2015, a vlogger named James Wright, posted a hilarious review of Patti’s brand of sweet potato pie, according to Fox News. The 8 million hits led to Patti starring in her own commercial for the pie, which shows off her sass as well as her cooking skills.

Dine and Drink in Sinatra’s seat this December at The Golden Steer Steakhouse in Las Vegas

Beginning Dec. 1, The Golden Steer Steakhouse, Las Vegas’ iconic and longest-running steakhouse, will offer a special menu dedicated to Frank Sinatra, who would have turned 100 on Dec. 12 (Pictured: Frank Sinatra’s booth at The Golden Steer Steakhouse).

The carefully selected 3-course menu was created based on what Sinatra ordered when he regularly dined at the restaurant in the 󈨀s while performing with the Rat Pack. “Frank’s Menu” will be available until Dec. 31, 2015.

Clams Casino, New York Strip Steak and Jack Daniels

Priced at $100* per person, guests who experience “Frank’s Menu” will dine in his actual booth (table 22) which seats up to four guests. His menu will include:

  • Clams Casino: from Narragansett Bay, this dish is prepared with clams on the half shell, baked with white wine, bacon, diced red and yellow peppers and bread crumbs.
  • New York Strip Steak, 16 oz.: served with sautéed diced tomatoes, garlic and white wine and medium rare, just like he ordered it.
  • Bananas Foster: the house specialty, The Golden Steer is one of the few restaurants in Las Vegas able to stylishly serve this dessert tableside as a flambé.
  • Jack Daniels: the drink will be prepared just as he drank it – with three fingers of Jack and two ice cubes.
  • Italian red wine.
  • One classic Zippo lighter, engraved with The Golden Steer logo and the date of Sinatra’s 100th birthday.
  • One ticket for admission to The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, where guests can learn more about Sinatra’s history with the mafia including FBI photos regarding the kidnapping of Sinatra’s only son, Frank, Jr. (see below for more information) and his ties to Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana and the Cal-Neva lodge.

For guests wishing to dine on Sinatra’s actual birthday, Saturday, Dec. 12, in addition to Frank’s Menu and being seated in his booth, each guest will receive:

  • One roll of dimes: on Dec. 8, 1963, Sinatra’s only son, Frank, Jr., was kidnapped at Harrah’s Club Lodge in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. He was 19-years-old at the time and preparing for his own performance that night. The kidnappers demanded Sinatra call from untraceable pay phones. Following the return of his son, Sinatra began a lifelong habit of carrying a roll of dimes (the cost of a pay phone call at the time) “just in case of emergency.” He was reportedly buried with a roll of dimes, as well as a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of Camel cigarettes.
  • On that night only, there will be a live performance of Sinatra classics.

The price for “Frank’s Menu” scheduled on his birthday will be a minimum of $1,000 per reservation for the four-top. Only three times are available that evening for reservations: 4:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

“This our way of authentically pay homage to the Chairman of the Board as only we can,” says Dr. Michael Signorelli, owner, The Golden Steer Steakhouse. “Very few places in town remain where Sinatra actually dined. He was even known for walking around the restaurant and serenading fellow guests while they ate and drank. We have all served and interacted with Sinatra over the years and it’s an honor to create this once-in-a-lifetime experience his fans will cherish.”

Sinatra became a regular guest at The Golden Steer in the 󈨀s while he was performing with the Rat Pack (Peter Lawson, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joey Bishop). It was Sammy Davis, Jr. who first brought Sinatra to the restaurant. In the 󈨀s, African-Americans could not dine in the hotels and this applied to Davis, even though he was a performer. The Golden Steer welcomed Davis who would stop to eat at the restaurant which was, at the time, located between the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas’ first desegregated hotel and casino, and the Sands Hotel and Casino, where the Rat Pack performed. The Golden Steer honors its repeat and loyal guests by dedicating booths. Thanks to Sinatra’s patronage, the restaurant’s celebrity guest list would expand to begin including regulars such as Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio and John Wayne. The restaurant dedicated booth number 20 to Davis, booth number 21 to Martin and booth number 22 to Sinatra, where all three tables remain next to one another to this day.

10 Years + 10 Hosts: The Most Epic Moments From Late-Night TV

We’ve seen many beloved hosts come and go, move around, and trade places… mostly with each other. The transitions ranged from public beefs like Jay Leno and David Letterman to supportive hugs between Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, and who can forget Jay and Jimmy humorously passing the torch with their West Side Story spoof duet Tonight, Tonight.” No matter how they went out or arrived, these funny men and women (represent, Chelsea Handler!) give us nightly laughs wind down with and an excuse to stay up late, eating a whole pack of ring dings (it doesn’t count if it’s that late, amiright?).

In honor of recent and major changes in late night — Stephen Colbert’s new role as the host of The Late Show as Letterman retires and Jimmy Fallon stepping up for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show — we remember some of the most iconic moments these leading men and women have brought us over the past decade.

10. Seth Meyers The Kanye West Interview (2014)

9. Craig Ferguson CAN CAN Dancing (2011)

8. Conan O’Brien Will Farrell Reveals Anchorman 2 (2012)

7. Chelsea Handler Sofia Vergara “Feuds” With Chelsea (2013)
These two funny ladies absolutely killed it in their “feud” on Chelsea Lately last year. We know it was all in good fun, but the insults from Sofia’s accent to Chelsea’s fake hair were hilariously spot on and amazing. This segment had some competition with other moments on the show like Chelsea awkwardly addressing her relationship with 50 Cent and Cameron Diaz’s pro pubic hair interview, but this skit made us appreciate these hilarious ladies and their willingness to break up the Hollywood stiffness and have fun. Seriously, can we hang out with them? “You Columbian bitch!”

6. Jimmy Kimmel All Of The YouTube Challenges

5. David Letterman Justin Bieber Brawls With David On Late Night (2012)
Did David Letterman make Justin Bieber cry? Kid could use some toughening up anyway… The veteran Late Show host had multiple interviews with the teen pop star, one more awkward than the next, and we couldn’t help pulling up a chair to watch it all go down. In 2011, Letterman gave Bieber a geography quiz that he completely tanked. Letterman busted his chops just a little bit in what was only a preview for a later interview in 2012 when the two got in a physical brawl over Bieber’s newest ink and the star even fired at the host calling him “grandpa.” The interaction was friendly yet awkward and we couldn’t look away. We love Letterman’s chops for giving Bieber a little bit of hell. Go, David! And your precious gapped teeth, too.

4. Jay Leno Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Political Announcement (2003)

Good Morning America GMA

Good Morning America (GMA) is a two hour morning show that is a combination of news, interviews, weather, human interest and pop culture segments.

Good Morning America GMA Broadcast Time

Good Morning America broadcasts weekday mornings at 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM on ABC Network and on other ABC affiliates.

Good Morning America GMA Host Profile

Robin Roberts - host (2005-present) former ESPN sportscaster

George Stephanopoulos - host (2009-present) former White House Communications Director and political correspondent

Lara Spencer - host (2011-present) former journalist and television host of The Insider and Antiques Roadshow

Amy Robach - news anchor (2014 -present) former anchor of Weekend Today

Ginger Zee - Weather anchor (2013-present) former weekend weather anchor.

Good Morning America GMA Background

ABC's Good Morning America is more of a pop culture and entertainment show than its main competition, The Today Show on NBC, which skews to lifestyle programming. GMA's laid back and popular hosts keep things rolling along as they move from one segment to another, many times a segment will be shot from where the audience is standing in Times Square. A normal show could have a segment on gossip, shopping deals, what's trending on YouTube and a celebrity guest appearance or a performance. GMA broadcasts from the heart of Times Square and anyone can attend the show. If you want the best place to stand, you need to get there by 6:30am, braving the elements and gathering crowds. If you look interesting or if you have an interesting story, you may be picked as one of the lucky 100 audience members who get to go inside the studio. This is a great chance to be up close and personal with your favorite GMA hosts and guests but plan on standing, as there are no seats. For the rest of the audience standing outside, they can see the show through the floor to ceiling windows onto Times Square or on the huge LED monitors above. The hosts always take time to chat with the audience and will occasionally pick a audience member to be part of a segment or surprise makeover.

Good Morning America tapes in front of a live studio audience

Conceived in 1975 as AM America, the show was created as competition with NBC's popular Today Show. After failing to find an audience, they turned to one of their affiliates for the answer. The Morning Exchange, out of WEWS Cleveland, was a laid back morning show that focused more on human interest, entertainment and pop culture than it did on the news. It was broadcast from a set made to look like a living room, not a newsroom. ABC adopted this style and format and debuted as Good Morning America in November 1975.

Over the years, Good Morning America has gone back and forth in a ratings war with its rival, the Today Show which airs on NBC. The show has had a string of popular hosts beginning with its first host being David Hartman, who anchored the show from 1975-1987. During his tenure, GMA became the highest ranking morning show. Other popular GMA hosts from the past include Jane Pauly, Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson.

Good Morning America GMA Notes

Noteworthy Dates for Good Morning America:

January 1975 - AM America launches

November 1975 - AM America re-launched as Good Morning America with David Hartman as host

October 1980 - Joan Lunden joins show

August 1986 - Spencer Christian joins as weather anchor

May 1987 - Charles Gibson joins and Gibson-Lunden team propels GMA to number one morning show

June 1997 - Lunden leaves, replaced by Lisa McRee

April 1998 - Gibson leaves, replaced by Kevin Newman ratings plunge

July 1999 - Gibson returns with co-anchor Diane Sawyer

September 1999 - Move from Lincoln Square to Times Square studio, enabling inclusion of live studio audience 2000-2005 New graphics, on location tapings and Gibson-Sawyer team lead to higher ratings

May 2005 - Robin Roberts promoted from news anchor to Co-host

June 2006 - Gibson retires after 19 years as anchor

August 2006 - Sam Champion becomes weather anchor

December 2009 - George Stephanopoulos replaces Diane Sawyer

April 9, 2012 - After 16 years, GMA topples the Today Show from number one rated morning show

2012-2013 - Roberts takes medical leave due to a rare bone marrow disease

2013 - Ginger Zee replaces Sam Champion

2014 - Amy Robach replaces Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer promoted to Co-anchor.

The list of the special correspondents currently includes many famous names including:

Dan Abrams, Richard Besser, Emeril Lagasse, Cameron Mathison, Brian Ross, David Muir, Sara Moulton, Michael Strahan, Tim Tebow, and Wolfgang Puck.TV

Studio Tours:

GMA no longer provides studio tours to guests, even if ticketed for a special musical guest show.


(Virtue and Moir’s competitive heights)

Olympic gold: 3 (2010, 2018)

Olympic medals: 5 (2010, 2014, 2018)

World Championship gold: 3 (2010, 2012, 2017)

Four Continents gold: 3 (2008, 2012, 2017)

Grand Prix Final gold: 1 (2016)

Skate Canada gold: 7 (2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017)

Canadian championship gold: 8 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017, 2018)

Junior worlds gold: 1 (2006)

Junior Canadian championship gold: 1 (2004)

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue are welcomed by their excited fans after arriving at London International Airport Monday from the Winter Olympics where they won gold in the ice dance competition. Hundred greeted Moir, of Ilderton, and Virture, of London, who took the time to pose for photos and sign autographs for the crowd. (Free Press file photo)

It was nobody’s business, but everybody’s obsession . . .

When the Winter Olympics rolled round in February, Canadians took to the internet to search for answers to their most pressing questions.

They wanted to know why NHL players were not participating this time, how come so many Russian athletes were banned, and a lot of us just needed a refresher on the rules of curling.

But the most sought-after information in Canadian sports this year revolved around the relationship status of two beloved champion athletes. — Australia’s leading news site

Collingwood might be struggling on the field but Nathan Buckley is well and truly winning off it after locking down a new relationship.

Anti-vaxxers are now running Australia

Australia has managed to do what few other nations around the world have done. But now that could all be undone by two groups.

Prince Harry blasts the royals

Prince Harry has blasted the royal family, accusing “The Firm” of trying to “smear Meghan Markle” in a bombshell documentary.

Property advice young Aussies are ignoring

As the property boom continues, there is one saying that young Australians are still listening to. But it’s time to ignore it.

Man invests $100k inheritance in crypto

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a hot topic right now, but for Australians looking at diving in, there are some added risks.

Inside Australia’s sick house of horrors

When police officers walked up the path of 31 Greendale Street, they had no idea about the macabre scene that lay beyond the front door.

Suburb that was wiped from the map

It was once one this city’s most thriving suburb, alive with culture. But a terrible decision, and decades of dithering, has left a “desolate” scar.

Bizarre semicircle house Aussies want

It’s the uniquely-shaped house where every room has stunning view – and it turns out that Australians just can’t get enough of it.

Stranger’s bus stop act saved mum’s life

A simple question from a stranger at a Queensland bus stop saved a mum and her kids after years of horrific abuse at the hands of her partner.

‘Stop using’: Urgent recall of unsafe drink

A drink product has been pulled from Australian shelves after an investigation found it posed an unacceptable risk to pregnant women.

‘Grave concerns’ for untrustworthy star

Brisbane Lions’ big name recruit Joe Daniher come to the club with high hopes but an AFL great questioned if he’s the man for the big moments.

What income you need to land a home

The career path you take could determine where you live, and the home you can buy, as property prices continue to soar.

Just In


The one type of divorcee you should never date


It wouldn’t be a good idea to pair Netflix’s latest blockbuster movie with a heaving bowl of creamy pasta.

Vomitous, over-the-top Netflix movie

Kendall Jenner’s ad for her 818 Tequila has been slammed, with fans accusing the model for capitalising on the stereotypes associated with Mexican farmers.

Kendall Jenner slammed over venture

Princess Diana’s sons have issued emotional statements after it was found she was duped into giving an explosive interview – but Harry’s response overlooks the painful truth.

Key Diana detail Harry is ignoring

US-based Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies has blasted Channel 7, Manu Feildel and Australia’s Got Talent in an explosive radio interview.

Comic rips into Manu in scathing rant

Prince William’s choice of two words in his Princess Diana statement show a stark difference in how the royal brothers are thinking.


graham smith on July 19, 2020:

Jackie is not only beautiful and talented but I love her sense of humor and all the 7 attributes above. so young and thoughtful. I really wish i could meet her but that will never happen. I&aposll always be a fan. Stay as sweet as you r.

Larry Knetzger on February 12, 2018:

This article is so true and it brings out Jackie as she is and what we adore about her. So very real.

AprilB on February 12, 2017:

I would say that the 2% that think Jackie won&apost continue to be a star haven&apost seen her in concert. Her video&aposs and cd&aposs although quite good don&apost do her justice. Her voice is crystal clear and resonates throughout the concert hall. She&aposs poised, graceful, polite, and happy to be performing for you. She&aposs a natural at what she does. She will be a around for years to come because her voice mesmerizes you and her personality reels you in to her world. I love listening to Jackie, her voice and choice of music calms me as well as rejuvenates me. I hope to see her in concert again in the future.

Major Smith on February 12, 2017:

joe duerr on June 05, 2016:

For the 2% that don&apost think she&aposll be a star when she came to Costa Mesa at Segerstrom Concert Hall it had only been in existence a little over 6 years and it was the first time it had ever sold every seat. I have also read that she is the youngest artist to ever go platinum. She is amazing as a person and a performer.

Bill Child on June 04, 2016:

I read every word in this page and many times felt the words stated have been my own relative to her incredible voice from the beginning only to get better with every new year. And, that all along, Jackie has been such a refreshing breeze of joy, inspiration and endearing humble personality! I find myself many times saying "Bravo Evancho!!" I find it very interesting that her music has matured, and she has become a beautiful young woman, but maybe most of all, she, herself is far ahead of the norm, in that I&aposve heard that music strengthens and adds to brain cells and connections, especially between the two hemisphere&aposs, and I think because of the caring, exceptional and beautiful music she delves so deeply and joyously into, her whole personae is one of a truly exceptional humble human being, one that with God and her family, and fans behind her, supporting her, the loving and caring gifts she is capable of sharing with all others on this "tiny blue marble" will exceed many times what some other great musicians, philanthropically generous benefactors, for real causes, for real people have provided to the better world. And she&aposll do it as a humble and true friend to all good people, with lots of smiles, and hugs, and gentle words and spirit moving songs. She won&apost have to part great bodies of water with dramatic flair and pomp. just her smile and quiet laughter will move even mountains of doubters to understand. I have followed Jackie&aposs career from the original Youtube submission, until today, and yet I have not seen her in concert, sick last year and my daughters college graduation this year (which of course took precedence) on the same date of her Morristown concert. One day. It is certainly one of the top items to do on my bucket list. Maybe I should say "Come What May" I will get there!

Thank you Jackie, the whole Evancho family, David Foster, and anyone else who helped give her wings to fly, but tempered he rise to star status, that kept her from rising above anyone else, but aiding in their own rise to self realization and joy! Bravo Evancho!!

rogeraphil on June 04, 2016:

This is such a wonderful explanation of many of the reasons that Jackie Evancho is an extraordinary young lady. There is much to be admired, and learned about how to treat other people from her. Jackie has certainly inspired my way of life. Thank you for publishing this article about her!

Mitchelgordon (author) from Durant, Oklahoma on March 19, 2015:

Thanki you so much for your insight :) and I will make sure I revise that )

Saffron Lowe on March 19, 2015:

Lovely and well-written article! One minor error: Although Jackie did audition for previous seasons, and was 9 when she sent in her YouTube audition (for Season 4), she had turned 10 several months before appearing on America&aposs Got Talent.

Watch the video: Justin bieber live #menoumespiti##stayhome# (January 2022).